No... just no. Woman gets fired from Taco Bell for being late and calls it gender discrimination.

No... just no. Woman gets fired from Taco Bell for being late and calls it gender discrimination.

This is how young people are. I teach high school and believe me it gets worse than this. I have had a student and their parent get upset at me because I explicitly didn’t say the student couldn’t cheat on an exam.

This is a great example of how focusing on ‘systematic oppression’ has the opposite effect. When you don’t take responsibility for your actions, you don’t have the need to improve for the next time.

That parent is a criminal.

She's in for a rude awakening. You're not in school anymore, lil lefty.

Unaccountability, which is really what leftism is all about, makes a population worse over time. Probably the whole point.

Get to work on time you fucking slob.

Not legally, but morally yes!

You are lazy and irresponsible....likely a bad employee who has done many other negative things. Nobody gets fired for being an hour late to work ONCE..

Eh, it works in more and more workplaces. It's becoming a common complaint among supervisors. "If I try to teach them or correct anything, I'm suddenly in HR explaining how I'm not a racist/bigot/sexist/homophobe."

Mom worked in a HS, whenever someone played a race card shed just claim her husband/ my dad was that race.

Probably an actual criminal. Only criminals think like this.

Yeah, I have a friend that is a Professor at a very Liberal school. He at one time was one of the biggest Liberals I had ever met. I used to give him shit about it. After being a Professor for years and putting up with bullshit from the students he has switched over to a Trump lover. I have to say that I am amazed. He says these schools are absolutely out of control.

It's exactly what it's about. The sheep are that much easier to cull and control. These people hate individuality - including the traits of accountability and responsibility - with a burning passion.

This is the poster child of snowflakes everywhere. I was an hour late, but I still showed up. NO ONE OWES YOU A JOB, YOU ENTITLED BRAT. Please sue them. It will never even go to court because you were in the wrong!

No, you don’t get it. As a woman, she wants to be treated equal. That’s why you can’t fire her for not doing what everyone else with a job is required to do.

Just graduated and I can confirm. They grade each student on improvement much of the time so a terrible student who becomes mediocre will get an A but a top tier student who stays at the same level for whatever reason will receive a B. It does not prepare people for the real world.

I don't know, an hour is a long time. The shift manager probably had to call someone in or give some else more hours. Even 5-10 minutes will get you fired on the first offence at some entry level jobs I know.

This guy feminists

I heard some teenage girl literally blame trump for "rude customers" in the drive thru that she worked at... Yeah.. rude people is new to the trump era.. Brainwashed children...

You got fired because you were late! What a moron!

This is why we have stupid labels on things

I have fired men and women alike for being 1 hr late. When it's 2 people running a store having one person not there fucks everything up. She needs to wake up and realize it's her attitude about work that is the problem

Let's be honest, if this bitch can't understand how coming in late can possibly get you terminated...... she isn't going to go through the trouble of figuring out how to take someone to court. She is a taco bell worker, eerr, was.

Username checks out. We do really need to turn it back on them.

Along with an uncontrolled/unchecked welfare system that provides no incentive whatsoever to ever get off it, recipe for disaster. Why work your ass off at a minimum wage job to barely make ends meet when you can sit on your ass for roughly the same income?

Just their way of getting more and more slaves on the Democrat plantation.

Teach everyone to externalize all their faults and problems and you disempower them from owning the responsibility for their success. Thus, they become helpless weaklings who are perpetually aggrieved at the system and everyone else.

No.....thats not true....thats imPOSSIBRU


EDIT: Taking flak! The truth is like sunshine to a vampire.

I feel your pain. The stories I could tell working day in day out in K-12 facilities. Had a woman flipping out today cause the breakfast for students ended...2 hours before she brought her child...'I called 2 hours ago and you said breakfast was being served!!!" Thankfully the front office ladies told her off.

Quit teaching and went into property management. I'll take clogged toilets every single time.

I saw the pic and thought this was going to be a tranny post

All here because the parents are too "poor" to afford or make breakfast, nevermind these parents drive better cars than me my spouse and most teachers. The school district here is a cesspool of corruption and waste.

"Excuse me, I was not told, explicitly, that I wasn't aloud to sub-contract out my doctoring exam to a willing third party in a foreign country. Denying my top marks just because someone I chose to do the exam on my behalf is brown is racism and i'm liable to sue you for discrimination against my non-binary self. Fuck you you bigoted fascist."

Ehh... I think that THING is actually a DUDE.

'I explicitly didn't say I couldn't fail you either'...student/parent BTFO

I vote we remove all the warning labels. The problem will sort itself within 2 generations.

Lol getting fired from Taco Bell. Life's hard... it's harder when you're stupid.

What's even worse than this stupid claim is the army of virtue signalers and white knights that will happily reinforce her delusions on fb or wherever she oats this too. I've seen almost this exact same situation in Twitter before and was disheartened by the number of people that were willing to just give the girl a pass and tell her she was right. One of the reasons I hate social media is because it encourages this kind of thing.

Morally bankrupt *

That’s just dumb from a business perspective. Training a new employee costs way more than someone being 5 minutes late.

You can usually even get away with a no show, ONCE. I'm quite sure that this employee had multiple fuck ups and had been warned previously.

The world is unreal. Peak performers frequently are held in place while adroit charlatans advance. It’s often a matter of having the same hobby as the boss, or dressing like him or some other petty stuff. Workplaces require a range of skills. Sociopaths rise. These days interest group status jockeys rule the day. It’s really unreal.


This is Whitney Wisconsin.. Lmao

This. Not convinced about the whole 'woman' thing.

Capitalism is a lot like mother nature when you think about it. Those that work get to reproduce and those that don't, don't. Put it simply...

Survival of the fittest is present and must always be present in modern society.

She’s stupid.

breakfast for students

What the fuck kind of school serves breakfast?

These type of people make me ashamed to be a millennial

I had a taste of this myself when I heard someone say they shouldn't have to do things at work that they didn't want to do. I asked how they would feel if they went somewhere to order a meal and they told you they didn't feel like taking your order. My jaw hit the floor when the response was that they would expect that to happen.

The Pussification of America knows no generational boundaries. Remember that a lot of these enablers are baby boomer hippies from the 60s.

You know what, let her go to court so a judge can shit on her life.

I grew up poor, but my parents always had enough change to get us bread and peanut butter for breakfast.

Most cases of childhood hunger is parents that don’t give a shit about their kids as long as they get their daily “fix”. I’ve seen young girls drop off their kids with grandmom for “a few hours”, then not show up again for 5 or 6 days because they are fucked up somewhere.

I love working at a small office. Corporate life sucked dong.

The biggest problem in America is a lack of discipline. Look at every successful society, group, or faction in history. The commonality is they all had immense discipline. The Greeks, Romans, Mongols, Chinese, etc. All great empires with very disciplined societies. Not incidentally, all of them were destroyed when their cultures and society became degenerate and undisciplined.

Parents fail their children by letting them grow up entitled like this. This entitlement and total lack of self-actualization by the young people and liberals will destroy our society long before global warming ever could.

Nah, her pussy is all over the Internet. It's Whitney Wisconsin, famous for literally fucking dogs... wish I was kidding.

Depends. Call in advance and have a good reason? Okay.

Don't call and give me attitude when you come in? See ya!

(Not that I work at Taco Bell.)

I no-showed on my very first day of a job once. But it wasn't really my fault -- it was a graveyard job and the schedule they used was confusing to me (I had to be at work at 2am and so I thought when it said Thursday it meant Friday morning). They seemed to understand and forgave it.

But yeah I was a supervisor in fast food for 5 years. I wouldn't really do much about a no-call no show, because whatever, they're teenagers. But if it happened more than once or twice within a short time frame that person was getting fired.

She's going to be laughed at by every lawyer she speaks to, it'll be great. Serves her right for being an undisciplined loser


I work for a huge mega corporation. We never talk to HR. We do joke about HR violations though.

Modern day slavery, all done by way of ideas.

No need for shackles.

Hence entry level.

I've noticed that the longer you work at a place(Assuming you're actually a good worker and aren't late every single day), they'll look the other way if you're late sometimes.

That's from personal experience. I even skipped work a few times(For mostly justifiable reasons), and no one did anything.

Meanwhile I’m a Dad with custody of my kid, and I am struggling to pay bills and feed my kid on a decent job due to my ex ruining my credit in retaliation and the courts won’t do shit about it. Where’s my handout?

‘clogged toilets’ Ha, that’s a good name for the brainwashed zombie minds!

That's what makes this country so great. Each person can create all the wealth they want for themselves and their family/descendants, or not. It's up to them.

It is perfectly fine to want to live a simple, quiet life doing a simple job or simple labor. But make no mistake, you are a cog in someone's plan when you take a job. If you aren't turning when you are supposed to, no matter how simple the work is, you will be replaced.

She should create her own business if she thinks it should be alright to let people come in whenever they feel like it.

I thought the same thing.

I’m gonna be the weird guy that shows up to the party.

This girl is just trolling for attention. She also, and get ready for this one guys.... has sex with dogs on webcam for money. She was also arrested in Florida for having sex in multiple public locations. She’s going by the pseudonym Lynn lew and if you google that it will bring up some relevant info 😂

i do not understand why people, who are loud about fighting for equality, do not see how idiots like this set everyone back

edit: the only explanation i could come up with is they are not fighting for equality. They are just a bunch of cunts looking to argue or bully people

Was that wrong? Should I not have done that?

Amy Lynn Lew is a nasty, scamming Web whore. She has tried sueing other people and places. This chick is a bottom feeding scumbag. PS, She is a dog lover. (Literally).....

Maybe it’s a new employee.

Yep! It is exactly the point!

People who cannot hold themselves accountable do not behave responsibly, and do not work to improve their lot in life.

They constantly blame everyone else for their problems, and constantly ask the government to "fix" everyone else.

The end result is overarching government control.

I'd be arrested for assault if I was a teacher god bless you.

I can justify anything

"But, but, my child got the popular grades!"

Not morally fit to be a parent

All she has to do is apply for a job in corporate. A feminist in HR will hire her and then protect her from ever being fired.

Oftentimes, the welfare pays MORE than a full-time minimum wage job.

Please, for my impression of society, let this be fake news.

"Allowed". Dun hope you cheated in English class boy! :P

Why it's nice to be the manager, HR, hiring manager, and sadly janitor too lol

Small business for the win!

And then she'll try to sue them for gender discrimination as well

But there's an underlying assumption in there: if the taxpayer-funded schools don't feed them then no one will. That's not necessarily true. There are other charitable organizations and individuals that could do it. Teaching these people to turn to the government to solve every problem is a Very Bad Idea.

I wonder if she realizes it costs money and time to sue a company. Since she's been fired she's got the time but probably not the money. Taco Bell definitely has a better lawyer than she can afford.

The injustice is me as the boss waiting on a manager.