NiP Wins eSports Team of the Year!

NiP Wins eSports Team of the Year!

I was watching this, they actually forgot to announce the winner of the eSports team of the year, poor HeatoN..went there for nothing!

NaDeSHoT basically brought competitive CoD to what it is today, though its not on the level of the big esports titles. The people here probably hate anything related CoD. He really deserves, the award, he has been hard at work, streaming, uploading/making videos, building his brand up.

Hopefully I'm not downvoted.

that is a huge bummer, how can one forget to announce a category?

I've no idea. Although, apparently the company that hosts it has a pretty bad rep.


Scale is a funny word to use here because this award was pretty much a popularity contest. If CoD had a problem with scale, a CoD player wouldn't have won. That's my understanding of it.

It's even worse than that

I know this is going to sound harsh, but I personally do not believe the title of best esport player/team of the year should go to a call of duty player/team.

I mean, whenever I compare cod players to people like FlaSh or Jaedong.... It's hard to consider them or their achievements anything notable.

Best online experience: Destiny... WHAT?!

I mean, whenever I compare cod players to people like FlaSh or Jaedong.... It's hard to consider them or their achievements anything notable.

If you don't mind me asking, why not? Why shouldn't Call of Duty be held to the same regard of any other competitive game out there? The game clearly works as a competitive medium, it has a following, a fanbase, developer support, and there are million dollar tournaments.

Doesn't matter. We love both NiP lineups <3

Is this with the new line-up or the old one? Either way, congrats! Well deserved NiP

But the reward is for eSports player. There's very few players out there who have done as much as Nadeshot has for their respective eSport.

Regardless, he isn't the ONLY popular player. Scump is pretty close to him in terms of popularity, BigTymer, Merk, Clayster, Crimsix all have a lot of fans also. Competitive CoD is big in the US because 90% of it's fanbase is there.

I see CoD as American Football and CS as Football (Soccer). Football is a lot more popular but AF is a lot more popular in the USA.

Fanboy vote


To be fair it's a one player difference, I wouldn't call that a whole new lineup, let alone making it seem like there are two lineups when only one player was swapped out.

Congrats to the winners. :D

I'm hoping that Nadeshot's win will inspire CS players to grind Youtube and social media like he did. Nothing and Hiko could easily make C9 the OpTic of CS. :)

I know it's "cool" to diss CoD, but unless you watch it you have no valid opinion on how skilled "NaDeSHoT" is.

I'm disappointment GTR didn't get it too.

The last CoD tournament got more viewers than the last big SC2 tournament. CoD is very sectioned off from the other eSports, but it's not as small as you think it is. Lot's of it has been in the media lately, interviews and such and it will only get bigger throughout this year.

In fact thinking about it now, MLG the other week had more viewers than both the last big two Dota tournaments, including the one on right now.

That 15 second ad that prevented me from reading the page made me quit immediately.

I don't know if you're being sarcastic, people here tend to disregard competitive CoD on console but its a thing and there are people who enjoy watching it.

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Yeah if only n0thing was there and not at the ESEA lan ...

"Wait, Optic didnt win? Ehhh, let's just throw that category out, I never really liked it anyway."

It's like comparing chess and tic-tac-toe.

you want a source:

ABC goodmorning america

Next to that he is also sponsored by Redbull.

Skilled CoD players still destroy lesser skilled players. It's a competitive game, don't be mad.

Nominees - While COD got to nominate their most popular personality by far, the same can't be said about the other games. LoL's most popular player is not Rekkles, Dota's is not Fy, CS:GO's is not GR.

I wasn't too familiar with most of the nominees myself so this is definitely a valid point.

Sample size - Not the whole playing demographic voted, many players haven't even heard of this award and most don't care (as seen by the views this thread or the traffic on their page).

I'd be willing to bet the average CoD player doesn't even know these awards existed. The same argument can be used for ANY game, only a few will know about it and only a few will vote. It's not like the entire CoD player population voted, nor did any game's population.

Dedication - Popularity votes NEVER determine the actual popularity. It always only displays the dedication of that fanbase.

Not true. He could have a fanbase of 10 people that took the time to vote every day (not sure what voting limits were set) but it's unlike he would have won. You NEED a certain degree of scale to win a competition like this.

Popular player doesn't equal popular scene. Just because a CoD player is almost as popular as the scene itself it doesn't mean that game is popular. You can argue about nadeshot's achievement all you want, it's as clear as the sky that CoD are heavy undercompetitors in esports.

While I definitely agree CoD is not the largest competitive scene in the world, I never claimed it was. Of course this doesn't prove CoD is the biggest, but it definitely does prove it's significant, which loops backs to my original question of why shouldn't CoD be considered in the same light as any other esport.

Best Shooter - Winner: Far Cry 4

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Sledgehammer/Activision

Destiny - Bungie/Activision

Far Cry 4 - Ubisoft Montreal/Ubisoft

Titanfall - Respawn/EA

Wolfenstein: The New Order - MachineGames/Bethesda

This disturbs me.

För fosterland!

I've played a lot of CoD and CS over the years, which I do agree CS does require a very high degree of skill, CoD doesn't have the "really low" skill ceiling you claim it to have.

Most competition is played with a varient ruleset that removes a lot of the unbalanced and random elements of the game and there's actually a lot of strategy and thought involved in respawn modes to do with spawns. There are roles specifically in CoD that require a player or two to position himself to "control" and influence spawns for his team. It definitely does have it's meta.

That's actually a surprisingly good analogy. Well done.

A competitive CoD player who is by no means the best player, however he is the most popular. The award was a fan vote, he is certainly going to win fan votes with over 1,500,000 subscribers and 800,000 twitter followers. He was the leader in bringing competitive cod to what it is today, his huge following brought a lot of people into the scene. The first tournament in Advanced Warfare, which was last weekend, pulled in 200,000 concurrent viewers WHILE the stream was getting ddosed. CoD champs in Black ops 2 had around 600,000 concurrent viewers from people on twitch and xbox live event viewer app. His team, OpTic Gaming accounts for more than 50% of CoDs competitive following, in a way similar to NiP. Competitive Cod has its own subreddit, /sub/codcompetitive And optic gaming has its own at /sub/opticgaming Its a larger community than you would think, and many of the fans were brought to the scene by seeing nadeshots videos or tweets

Most people in the circlejerk don't.

I've seen comments where people are under the impression that aim-assist in competitive is like the campaign aim-assist, where it literally snaps your aim onto the enemy by pressing l2, that had over 200 upvotes.

Aim-assist slightly slows down your aim when the middle of your cross-hair hovers over an enemy. That's it.

Obviously there is room for a much higher aim/gunskill threshold on PC than console, but I'd honestly argue (coming from top AM competitive cod player in au, and nova master in CS:GO) that snapping on to enemies in medium to long range is harder with a controller than it is with KB+M.

But was Flash or Jaedong nominated ? They are not in their primes anymore. And its "E-sports player of the year" award, not "all-time" they haven't really achieved anything this year as compared to other SC2 pros(Did they win Blizzcon, Flash finishing top16 at GSL, apart from winning ProLeague. As for JD, he did better in 2013, had a string of 2nd places, he did still placed well in 2014, 3rd-4th placing in some tournaments).

IDK about the rest of the nominees, but Rekkles and his team did win the Spring Season for EULCS however had an underwhelming showing at the S4WC(It was the group of death, no one would've expecting LMQ to come out swinging and make RO8).

GeT_RiGhT and his team got to 2 Major Finals(Not counting DHW 2014) and won 1 this year. IDK much about NiP/Can't remember anything but they did do poorly in the rest of the smaller LANs and it was Friberg that carried most of ESL One Colonge.

As for NaDeSHoT and OpTic Gaming, firstly OG has >50% of the CoD fanbase, I think NiP too ? They haven't been winning most of the LANs, it was EG destroying everyone on LAN. The only LAN i can remember they won was, the MLG X-Games. It was the first of its kind, brought alot of Exposure to competitive cod and esports. ESPN also had coverage on it. And next year, we'll be having CS:GO at X-Games in Aspen.

As a whole all the 3 nominees I said, have extremely big fan bases. All won tournaments, you can argue GeT_RiGhT would win in terms of results(Finalist at two majors) as compared to Rekkles(Finalist at 2 EULCS Finals) and NaDeSHoT(won MLG X-Games & CoD World Championship). I can see anybody having a winning the award.

I guess it just went down to NaDeSHoT tweeting out to his followers to vote for him. OG is basically like the TSM of LoL, making VLogs/Videos and STREAMING yes, he streams alot, does GTR or Rekkles do the same ? I know NaDeSHoT is very appreciative of his supporters, he worked at MacDonalds while playing CoD years ago.

Note: CS:GO has 3 major tournaments, both CoD and LoL only have 1.

Edit: One more thing to consider, Nadeshot made competitive cod what it is today, did GTR or Rekkles did the same thing ? He brought so much more viewership to CoD.

SC2 M-GM terran, used to attend LAN events for SC BW in my country. I followed and still follow the esport scene very closely, and I still believe that Nadeshot should get it just because he singlehandedly carried CoD to what it is today.

Though I must say, I love Flash. No homo. 600 apm consistently no homo.

That doesn't mean the game is absent of skill. There is a LOT more to a game than gunskill. It's the same with every shooter, including CSGO.

Aim assist isn't also the aimbot that it's made out to be. Especially in a game like AW where movement is crazy. If you don't know how to aim in CoD, aim assist or not, you're going to suffer.