Nintendo’s Resurgence Was the Best Tech Story of 2017

Nintendo’s Resurgence Was the Best Tech Story of 2017

"After years of annoying gimmicks, the gaming legends offered the simple pleasures we desperately needed"

This basically made reading anything after that point very difficult. These gimmicks have led to motion controls, rumble, dual screen gaming, a dedicated stick to control the camera movement that every game uses today. Even the Wii U, what most people regard as Nintendo's most gimmicky console was a necessary first step to reaching the Switch we are all crazy about. We should never discourage experimentation.

"Evolution forged the entirety of sentient life on this planet using only one tool: the mistake." - Robert Ford in Westworld

I feel like you're not really getting the point of the original comment. Experimentation, by its very nature, usually involves a whole lot of things that don't quite work but from which elements are later used in something that does work.

Whether or not all of Nintendo's consoles gelled, the company deserves a ton of praise for walking that rather difficult path and not chickening out when things got tough.

I'm a gamer first, and not a fan of any particular console or game company. But the Switch has made me as close to a Nintendo fan as I've ever been.

Tho as the original ps1 controller had no analog sticks, one could argue that Nintendo pioneered the standard use of analog sticks on controllers, and not to mention, basic manual camera control (can't control camera in crash the same way as in Mario 64)

Dual Screen gaming was not a particularly good thing

I straight-up disagree. When it was well-utilized, it was great.

The ability to shuffle off UI elements onto the second screen was a game-changer for handheld games of certain genres, and well executed especially for games like the Castlevania series. Monster Hunter as well, since you were able to dump the area map off onto the second screen.

Resurgence can mean more than amount of stockpiled cash. Market share, namely.

I’m going to read it but the first couple paragraphs paint a picture like Nintendo was on the verge of being obsolete and about to crumble as a company.

If I’m not mistaken don’t they have more liquid cash than Sony and Microsoft’s game division? I think at one point just the amount of money they had in the bank was disgusting even though they still have a failing Wii U.

All of this was read by me a while ago, so if I’m wrong someone can correct me.

They were certainly lacking clout and not garnering a lot of respect in the industry while struggling through the Wii U era though!

That doesn't work.

You can't mention 10 games on PS3 that utilized PS Move.

Why ??

Because making it optional fragments the market, and in turn not viable for developers.

Just say that you don't want motion controls at all, none of this optional bullcrap.

It has never worked in past and it never will.

Sega32X, 64DD, Kinect, PS Move. Or should I mention more?

I appreciate this sub but man, some of you can’t take legitimate criticism of Nintendo’s business decisions. They made some bad moves, but recently they’ve made some great moves.

I thought the Wii U was good in comparison to what they did with the Wii. The screen wasn't an intrusive feature, whereas the Wiimote required all games to be shoehorned and molded around it. If it had a more appropriate number of buttons it would have helped.

You guys are so superficial. Is all you see plastic and copper. SOCs and ram. Nintendo did not invent motion controls but they showed everyone how to use them. They did no invent analogue sticks, but they showed how to utilise them moving a 3D object in space. Even what inevitably became the second analogue stick was given its purpose as a dedicated camera control stick all the way back in Mario 64. No one mentioned Bluetooth or USB type C. These aren't the innovations/gimmicks people refer to when they talk about Nintendo.

I entirely disagree. Trying to play Splatoon with a stick is difficult because motion much more closely mirrors the mouse, allowing actual movement for more accuracy rather than hoping your stick moves the precise amount necessary

I never said motion controls = using a mouse. I gave a very specific example where using motion controls came close to the accuracy of using a mouse. It's clear from all your statements you just can't use motion controls. If something as basic as aiming your bow in BOTW gave you problems then there simply isn't any hope for you. But just because you can't use motion controls doesn't mean there aren't people out there that can in a non VR space. The preferred way of playing Splatoon is with motion controls.

Motion controls, just like traditional controls, need to be done right in order for them to be good. An example is how it is implemented in Splatoon to simply fine-tune your aiming or very quickly turn around. It's the closest thing to using a mouse. Something analogue sticks simply cannot replicate. Motion controls doesn't always mean flailing your hands like a mad man. It can very intricate subtle gestures like the act of picking a lock in Skyrim or aiming a bow BOTW or even simply flicking your hat in Mario Odyssey.

With regards to dual screen gaming, tell that to the 150 million people that got DSs. Btw, did you ever play Hotel Dusk or the world ends with you?

Agreed. The narrative had been that Nintendo was on a decline and that the Wii had been a fluke in a series of decreasing console sales over the last generations. I remember the calls for them to go the way of Sega and stick to making games. That all looks like ancient history right now.

And you're delusional if you think motion controls are anything like a mouse or are in ANY way better than sticks. Sticks are quicker, more accurate, and less sensitive to accidental use than motion controls.

You really aren't presenting your argument as an opinion.

So we can't have a discussion because your points are opinionated? It just looks like you are throwing that word everywhere to keep from having to backup your claims. If you don't want to chat that's fine but just to be clear, well implemented motion controls like the ones in Splatoon, dramatically improve aiming accuracy. This isn't an opinion, this is a fact.

I personally liked the motion control in both BOTW and Splatoon. What makes you think it's so bad?

The original PS1 had no sticks.