Nice suggestion, stupid

Nice suggestion, stupid

Yeah, remember ten years ago in America when it was "acceptable" for white people to use the n word? What a dumb fuck.

Twitter in 2006? That was years before anyone else was using it. What a tweeny-bopper faggot.

12 years a child spit slave

12 years of his insightful racial commentary and we're still in this mess?

someone is taking lots of time

Sorry Joe it only took me less than three minutes.

I cannot get my head around how stupid this man is.

Joe really is special. Most people don't dress up like TV show characters unless they are going to a convention, but that's not enough for old Cover Band Cumia.

Twitter search is super quick. I reported Ant ten times in 3 minutes

He spells it 'niggers', and I don't think it was ever 'acceptable' to call for the genocide of them. As he almost certainly has.

Really, Joe? Because it sounds like you are wasting your time.

I'm sure Twitter will accept that as a valid excuse.

Pretty bullshit that he abandoned the image err defense.

Why do you ask these stupid questions all the time?

I really doubt he used nigga back then.

"when it was acceptable"

His generation was exposed to a fucking ton of lead

Good thing he is not a pedophile.

Tss,Tss, M.