Neymar skill vs Peru

Neymar skill vs Peru

I think Neymar should be encouraged for showcasing his skills. It's beautiful to watch

I swear no one used to complain when Ronaldinho was pulling this shit a decade ago..

Suddenly it's disrespectful when it's Neymar. Let the guy do his thing! Sports are meant to be entertaining.

South Americans appreciate that show of skill... in Spain he's literary Hitler for doing that

Channeling Ronaldinho.

literary Hitler

Sounds like a clever gent.

I love this guy. He doesn't give a fuck, he's extremely talented and does stuff like this in a super natural way whether they are winning or losing. Please never change.

On the international stage, Neymar is probably the best player in the world.

I dunno.. I was pretty entertained by brazilian futbol last July.

Neymar disrespectfully beating two Peruvian players until getting fouled.

lol...ibrahimovic is like.... the line is here

I think this pretty much answers the 'Would he do it if the score was 1-1 in the 24th minute' question.

He's on his way to being as good and not many thought he'd cut it at Barcelona.

100% Jesus

Absolutely. Neymar for Brazil is in a another dimension.

Bonus: Neymar removing referee's foam.

Neymar "showing off" vs Peru.

Let us keep these titles consistent people.

Yea i thought he was over-rated as well. Also i was hoping he would fail at barca, but damn he is fucking good.

That's how brazilian futbol used to be a while back too.

that's fucking hilarious

Would he do it if the score was 7-1 in the 90th minute, though?

Now I'm in the limelight cause I rhyme Reich.

Apart from the opposition player who rugby tackles him

He's good but he's no Wilshere

As a note, he did this in the middle of the first half when the game was tied 1-1. So, contrary to what lot of people were saying here sometime ago, he don't show his skills only when the victory is guaranteed just to humiliate the opponent. It's the way he plays.

Amazing. He is an level above than anyone else in the field. So happy that after such a great season he is in full flight for this game.

might be the way he talks, for example " i do that shit too ". it's just urban american slang. it's not necessarily negative.

That was actually his rap name.

Neymar disrespectfully beating two Peruvian players until getting fouled until getting wrestled to the ground rugby style which, unlike skillful dribbling, is totally ok and respectful.

Most people understand it's the context, we just happen to still disagree.

Too soon. and it's futebol

'Thank you familiar looking new ref..'

1 upvote = 1 disrespect.

I'm guilty but i confess.

You're right. It was 2 sombrero flicks in the middle of the field when he probably had more options than when he is being isolated in the corner during a small counter near the end of a game and his teammates are not making runs.

I don't care the what the context is, there is no reason to react to a trick the way Bilbao players did. Foul the player and get on with the game if you can't stop him fairly.

lol "this kind of shit" as if it's at all bad.

I don't get all the hate Neymar's getting for the shit he pulls, it's beautiful (and I don' really like Neymar that much). If it's "disrespectful" for a player to get beaten this way, then if anything, it's the player's fault for getting beaten so easily. You don't see anyone complaining for their opponent trying a nutmeg?

I'm spittin' fire lyrically from the far-right.

I wonder what kind of wheelchair tricks he could pull off, they'd still impress more than fred

Everybody knowin' me cause I Blitz tight.

Another dimension from who? His Barcelona self? Because he is pretty good there too haha.

He was the face of that whole Joga Bonita thing when the Brazil NT was loved by everyone. I think it comes down to the whole team being much less liked, possibly as a backlash from the early 2000's.

"Why is my butt wet."

i always thought it's a Brazilian thing.

I think that and Neymar is seen as a bit of a play actor sometimes, throwing himself about when he doesn't need to. He gets legitimately fouled a lot (last years WC case in point) but other times flops and rolls with the worst of them.. perhaps moreso when he was younger.

Ronaldinho from memory at least didn't do that so much. Half of his highlights show him staying on his feet as much as possible despite all the attempted hacks flying in. That and his goofball toothy grin which is awesome.

It hurt the defender's feelings

Yup this sub is run by messi fans. Anyone saying someone other than messi is the best at something is bound to get downvoted.

Sorry, but that still doesn't make sense to me. You're pretty much saying he has to tone down his skill to not hurt his opponent's feelings.

mate that's just a way to describe that shit Don't take this shit too seriously

Holding my hand up, thought he wouldn't cut it in Europe. Proved me so very wrong.

He didn't move the ball. He just took the foam from the front of the ball.

I really don't understand how people are still not getting that the unhappiness with Neymar vs. Bilbao was all contextual and not the actual skill itself.

Even Enrique and Xavi have said he shouldn't have done it.

I was just joking, haha.

I'm all for ''showing off'', if you don't want to get dribbled you should blame yourself and correct your mistakes, not get mad at the guy who just nutmeg'd you.

That defender who wiped him out clearly didn't.

Thanks for that, Mayweather.

Most Messi fans are probably also Neymar fans.

it's just urban american typing . it's not necessarily negative.

I dont understand that though, wouldnt showboating at 1-1 be considered stupid anyways?

Its skill, its flair, its unpredictable, its always been neymars style

Nothing supernatural about it man, it's all legit

I hate these cynical fouls that they pull whenever they get beaten by a trick. I'd give all "professional" fouls a yellow if I were ref.

He basically pulled that Brazil team to a win single handedly.

It was great to see him play like that.

And then you realize how much better Messi is than Ronaldo.

.......I was clearly joking

Absolutely love that skill where he flicks it with the outside of the foot, so sexy.

It's not about the position of the ball, he just doesn't like having foam in front of it when he takes a free kick.

Yeah, for some reason I just think Ronaldinho is more likeable.

Ahem, Bendtner for Denmark.

How is that not a yellow for the Peruvian fella?

The guy above me was sarcasm, I tought that just adding to his would be clear, especially considering the flair.

It's getting old m8

no that's scoring

Shades of Ronaldinho :') He's an absolute beast for Brazil, he's having a great game so far.

So smooth

Until diving

Damn, you people are terrible with sarcasm

He's definitely great for us at Barca but I feel like he shines more on the seleção as he isn't in Messi's shadow

No kidding. This would warrant a yellow if it were me. You got beat, deal with it.

Genius. Ibrahimovic clearly wanted a slightly kinder angle.

Just like 2002 :P

It should have been a yellow. It was a cynical foul to stop the attack, he had just taken out 2 players and had a lot of open space to run into.

Do it whenever. Practice makes perfect.

I thought neymar only did skills when the game is decided

Why was that one incident a rightful complaint?

That was a tactical foul to not let him go forward. A tactical foul is alright. But, the whole team didn't behave as if they want to kill Neymar for that. They simply made the foul and went back to defending.

I'm pretty sure he was referencing the Ronaldo skills vs. Armenia yesterday, there was some people that were legit mad about the title of the post.

He does it almost every Barca game when him and Messi line up for a FK.

You're right! Messi and Maradona are very well known for their non-flashy, bland brand of football!

And who woulda thought he'd be a great skipper.He was leading by example today.

Very true lol we hope that Neymar will replace messi in the future

It was a great game, wasn't it?

Fast paced improv? He waited for Advincula to come, maybe the second move was improv. The first one was deliberately "let me show this guy what happens when you run at me without pumping your brakes".

Also in Spain it was a foul so he kept possession.

It's not better.. He is the center of the team, so he touches the ball more times. And also try more tricks.

Especially in Europe, the land of atheism.

I'd still say it's about the entertainment above all. There was an estimate of 400million viewers for the CL finals, now I'm 100% sure they weren't all exclusively fans of either team, so what does it matter if Barça or Juve wins if the viewer's team didn't make it past group stages? Not everyone wins but all can appreciate a good show, and that's what's the driving force of sports, you'd be objectively wrong in thinking otherwise

When he's creating more, doing more, being more involved in the play, he actually is objectively better...

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Wait why are people complaining?

Let me rephrase my original statement. I have no problem with the original foul. However, there is no good reason to swarm around and hit/try to hit a player on the ground because he did a skill move that hurt your ego. Either you stop him legally and he looks like an idiot, or you foul him, call him a dick, and move on with the game. There is no need for you and multiple teammates to swarm around him having a fit.

Yes, I have read all of the statements the coaches/players have made. I still stand by my opinion that the reaction of the Bilbao players is unacceptable. And I'm not saying I don't understand why they were upset. I'm saying their reaction was way over the top.

It's crazy to think how good Neymar is. And then you remember that Messi and Ronaldo somehow are even better.

Atheists don't care about this shit. I think believers would be more offended, after wall, since when is Jesus on one team's side?