Neymar has now scored 44 goals in 64 caps for Brazil. He is still just 23-years-old

Neymar has now scored 44 goals in 64 caps for Brazil. He is still just 23-years-old

But can he do it in Europe?

For those that will attempt to downplay this claiming that most are in friendlies... well of course, because that's the majority of the games he's played.

Still, he scored twice in Copa America 2011 (aged 19), 4 times in Confederations Cup including the final (he got MoM in the final) and 4 times in the 2014 World Cup.

Brazil didn't have to play qualifying matches for the 2014 World Cup so instead, they played friendlies, which explains the high amount of friendlies relative to other teams.

Portugal, Costa Rica, Colombia, Germany, Argentina, Chile - The friendlies he was playing in were a lot more competitive than some of the world cup qualifying games England played like Moldova and San Marino.

There is no friendly against Germany or Argentina that isn't more difficult than a game against San Marino. No matter what tactics or formations they are trying.

I'm sure Neymar will break Messi's record for goals for Brazil.

"He's only good in youtube"

He's going to annihilate Pele's record if he stays fit and continues scoring. I dare say he might even get to 100 goals.

Hes gonna flop.

For comparison:

Pele (77 goals in 92 caps)

Ronaldo (62 goals in 92 caps)

Romario (55 goals in 70 caps)

Zico (48 goals in 71 caps)

Neymar (44 goals in 64 caps)

Not bad company to be in

It was a criticism people levelled against him in his early days, saying he only looked good because he was playing in a subpar Brazilian league.

Well that's rather good, isn't it?

I get that it's fun to bash people in hindsight but that was a completely legitimate concern to have when people were labelling him the next greatest and he'd only performed in the brazillian league.

There have been players who've been superstars in leagues better than the Brazilian and completely disappeared after moving up the ladder.


Messi to Brazil, confirmed.

i dare say he might even break the record of the GOAT, ali daei

Well Pele got injured in the first match of the 1962 World Cup and they still won.

Neymar led his team to the quarters, got injured brutally, and his team got thrashed 7-1 and 3-0 in the next two matches.

The difference in quality between the two teams is apparent.

Also the worst either of them will field against Brazil is the A- team.

Until he proves himself in Europe I will not respect him

This is my first time seeing this

It makes some sense, because there are plenty more that tried to make it big in Europe and never made it. Just because you're good in Brazil does not mean you're going to do great in Europe.

I've never understood the whole "he's not making in Europe because he's playing in the weak brazilian league" concept. It's like /sub/soccer european redditors collectively forgot the hundreds of brazilian players that went big in Europe after playing in Brazil.

It made no sense at all.

17 year old's that have been playing football for a long time with excellent training facilities vs a bunch of grown men that have full time jobs as well.

Can see the U17's getting an easy win.

If he keeps this up, I see him getting 3rd place this year.

Best player internationally in the world. Ballon d'or won't be too far off. His goalscoring record in Europe is outstanding and has bags of talent. He'll only get better

Im pretty sure Germany's B team is better than Moldova's starting 11

And their U17's would crush San Marino

He is a legend in the making. Once Messi begins his decline, Neymar will have some ballons coming to him.

Neymar is making it

after a 40 goal treble winning season id say he already made it.

He could have been another Robinho

After Norway played Sweden, their strikers had 6 goals in 47 games.

the number one slot is definitely attainable for him

Ronaldo has 32 goals and 10 assists in 31 games this year. I know this is a thread about Neymar but don't get carried away, Ronaldo has been better. 3 hat tricks in his last 3 games no less.

That is pretty good. In comparison Zlatan has 56 in 105 caps. Cristiano Ronaldo has 55 in 120 caps. Lionel Messi has 46 in 98 caps. And Pelé has 77 in 92 caps. Let's just say Neymars stats is quite alright.

Plus, Brazil also tries out new players throughout those friendlies.

Well true but counter argument is that a lot of national teams test out new players and formations in friendlies rather than in Qualifying matches.

I think it was sarcasm

Thiago Silva? Should've been sent off vs the Netherlands in the 3rd minute itself. He also got a mindless yellow to rule himself out of the semis and showed the mental fortitude of a baby.

Neymar was the star; the only guy able to handle pressure comfortably and the main attacking force in an otherwise defensive set up.

Now, it seems stupid to say that indeed, yet, how many players in the past were called the next Ronaldo, or the next Maradona or the next star that the world is going to have to admire? A lot.

It's complicated to predict what is going to happen to a player when he's young. Look at the great U19, U20, U21 over the last years, there is a psychological factor. Robinho didn't make it, but Neymar is making it.

Of course it doesn't, but pretty much all the great brazilian players that went big in Europe were playing in Brazil before, it makes no sense to believe a natural born talent like Neymar wouldn't make in Europe because he was playing in Brazil.

Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Romário, Kaká, Rivaldo, Roberto Carlos, Cafu, etc, etc, all these monsters were playing in the brazilian league before left to Europe. Suddenly, why Neymar wouldn't make in Europe because he was playing in Brazil?

Of course only a small percent of brazilian players really suceed in Europe, but those who fail are just common / average players at best. It was clear that Neymar was a natural born talent since the beggining, and it made no sense to believe he would fail in Europe just because he was playing in Brazil.

I'm sure Brazil were missing someone else important for that game too. Defender of some sort.

His faith in the people of /sub/soccer was misplaced on this day. R.I.P to all 4 of his taken away karma.

As a Ronaldo fan I will be sad when he passes him. But as a Brazilian fan I will be happy

Those comments look really fucking stupid in hindsight

your team's success is basically the only real measure of individual prowess

That's not true. Just look at Shearer, Le Tissier, Totti, etc. Even Bendtner has as many Scudettos as Totti.

Greatness is not measured in balon d'ors, and never has been.

The obsession with individual awards since the ronaldo vs messi rivalrly is totally new, and hopefully will die as quickly as it was born.

Nobody cares how many player of the season awards Pele or Maradona got. Individual awards make a lot of sense in games like baseball or NFL - where the game is essentially a series of duels that occur more or less in isolation - but in football your team's success is basically the only real measure of individual prowess. If Neymar wins a world cup, nobody will care whether he has 5 consecutive balon d'ors or never gets a single one. It's not significant at all.

They do, 6 times obviously.

I dont think Pelé will not score again for Brazil.

No way

Until he proves himself in Europe England I will not respect him


Cold rainy night in Stoke yadda yadda yadda.

What's a sarcasm?

I never said it wasn't.....

It's just what people used to say about Neymar

For comparison, the Norwegian strikers had after Norway - Sweden 6 goals in 47 matches.

It's not really a jab at that, since people are joking when they say "can he do it in Stoke?" You're really just joining in with the joke.

Or Alex Pato.

São Paulo, currently leading the table of the National Championship. Sometimes he does well, sometimes not, most of the times he does nothing.

I'm always confused by redditors that are annoyed with a post that offers info they already know or have seen previously on reddit. There is a title, just don't click on it. Move on and be happy.

[...] most of the time he does nothing.

Sounds like Pato.

Hahaha that one guy from family guy

Neymar didn't even play. What joke is there to be made? Haha your national team was a disaster without their best defender and overall player

Unfortunately for Pato, he was made of glass.

That's not an /sub/soccer thing, I've heard multiple people here in Brazil say that.

And the reasoning was because of his style, he was too feeble, too light, too bold, people thought Pepe and Italian defenders would eat him alive for pulling those tricks and dribbles.

Honestly, they weren't 100% wrong since a lot of the things he used to do here he can't do anymore, european defenses limited much more his freedom and flair.

Is it though? The french league is really good. An example is Fred, he had a hard time there but he's scoring a lot for Fluminense. Can't claim to watch more than maybe 1 brazilian game a year so I don't know really.

The friendlies argument is stupid anyway. Messi and Ronaldo have played as many friendlies with their national team and ever since Neymar has been in the NT he's scored more goals than them.

Now every NT plays many, many more matches than before. Almost every record, in every country, is going to be broken this generation. Whether Neymar keeps his goalscoring rate or not, he'll reach Pele's 92 caps way before 30. So he has a hell of time to become all-time Brazilian goalscorer

This isnt even his final form though

He's that regen that everyone that plays FM dreams about

Once messi and ronaldo retire he's a shoe in.

Did they win 6 nil or something?

Or, y'know, it's being voted on by the same reputation focused chaps who thought David Luiz > Diego Godin last year.

Nah mate we used to compare Ronaldo and Zidane before too.

It's also a jab at the "wet, cold, windy game at Stoke" bullshit.

I just wanna see him try some fancy trick and have Charlie Adam drop kick him.

If you can be the second goal scorer on a treble winning team, I feel like you can excel in any league.

Well he is only 23 and has like 2 or 3 more chances.

Ronaldo & Messi are still the undisputed best two in the world, Neymar will most likely get third, there's still half a year to go yet anyway.

He might. He might not. Who knows? Kid's 16.

Okay, then make the joke.

Unless your point is losing a WC semi at home 7-1 is the joke, in which case - I mean, I obviously rather enjoyed it quite a lot...but it's not really relevant with regards to Neymar.

No, they never ever score. :(

Maybe a bit exaggerated on my part, but the U19's would.

The San Marino players can barely play 90 minutes themselves.

They both got FIFA Player of the Year three times each, so we discussed about them a lot. Just because you don't care about them doesn't mean nobody did.

he has the record for most international goals

every single Champions league finals this year

What? All 1 of them?!

Just to prove Cadu1507 wrong