Next Iron Banner, can we get some green-and-gold shaders?

Next Iron Banner, can we get some green-and-gold shaders?

All my outfits look fugly as hell with the new class items. Especially since all the guns are green, seems like the shaders could play up that color a little more in the future? I MUST MATCH.

A green and silver shader would go along with the Titan Mark quite well. As a bonus, not only would you earn extra rep for the Iron Banner, you would earn points for Slytherin towards the House Cup.

How about cloaks just change color with shaders again

Also increases House Baelish's standing towards the Iron Throne.

I was very disappointed by the lack of new shaders..

Nobody rocks the green and silver better than Dr Doom.

Nobody rocks the green and silver better than .

It makes sense, the crucible reps the Seahawks, and Saladin hates shaxx so he's gotta rep the Packers

That would be nice.


Chaos is a ladder. Only rep gained in Mayhem will count towards House Baelish faction.

Most cloaks - I worked hard for my bright and shiny Exotic FWC parachute silk cloak and I don't want it to change colour!

I want a toggle. For class items and exotics at that. Somebody digs default silver for Saint-14? Let them have it. And also, bungie please make the new exotics change with shaders like the old ones. My all black titan looks goofy as hell with the white from immolation fists sticking out.

Everyone is since they showed the armor in copper/green like it was a new shader during the promotion.

I don't think faction cloaks ever changed colour, so I think you'd be okay

Read that as Dr Boom. I play too much hearthstone.


If you're running a Titan, I made the interesting discovery trying to find an Iron Banner loadout that didn't look ugly (more important than light level, let's face it).

The Hesperonaut set with the Taikonaut and the IB Gold Spiral shader results in the only armor that actually matches the Taikonaut's coloring, paint scheme, and even double orange stripes.

As a Packers fan I approve of this request.