[NEWS] Travis Scott says Huncho and Jack dropping in a few days

[NEWS] Travis Scott says Huncho and Jack dropping in a few days

Gonna be the album of the summer, can't wait.

Just give us a date fam. This guy says days, soon, later, and we just dying for a solid date

He said the same thing when I saw him... in May

When was the last time you trusted Travis on a release date?

Travis Scott is capable of seeing in four dimensions like the Aliens in Slaughterhouse Five, he sees all points in time simultaneously making the concept meaningless for him. Huncho and Jack could come tomorrow or it could come in ten years.

Travis Scott saying something is dropping in a few days literally means nothing

Then takeoff gets something boring like Presidents day


I was like you once.

Then, one fateful day, when I wasn't really paying attention to what my homie was playing thru the aux cord, I heard what I imagine sounds like Jesus' soul put into an instrumental. Wondering if I had just found Christ after all of these years, I heard something that I will never be able to forget.

"My granny called,

She say 'Travvy you work too hard,

I'm worried you'll forget about me' "

"90210". It'll change ya view on shit.

It should come out on Christmas to match Offset's Halloween drop.

LMAO don't fall for this shit. "Deet Deet hours" means two weeks. days probably means months to travis

this the man that said bittsm is coming sooner than you can come home and take a shit and then it dropped like 10 months later?

this the man we trust?

nigga its winter

Lmaoo legit I was thinking the same like didn’t this man say the same thing ‘astroworld or huncho, i don’t know’ months ago

fam just imagine the hype when u see this on the front page

[FRESH] Travis Scott & Quavo - Huncho and Jack

Deet, deet, days?

Lol this is too dope of a reference

thank god it did tho Rodeo one of the greatest albums of all time

Rodeo was supposed to come out like a week or two after DBR. Came out over a year later.

man, this could mean years. Trav time is like the opposite of Tom Coughlin time

Ohhh i get it lol its just that i dont listen to travis my bad fam

Travis has been doing this since the beginning of his career..... maybe I’m old af but for the 3 of you on here remember this but didn’t Owl Pharaoh take like 2 years to drop?

Yes! 90210 is - great song to get people into Travis. Shit is straight fuego

"But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years are like a day." - 2 Peter 3:8

so it goes

Stroke my cactus

Hahaha saw him at Bonnaroo in June when he did the which one should I drop freestyle about Astroworld and Huncho Jack. Made it seem like he had Huncho Jack coming within the next month or so lmao.

I will eat a tissue if this comes out within 3 days.

Travis album on Christmas? thinking emoji


Has anyone done the math on deet deet hours and when birds dropped?

We have our top eighth in a liter mathematicians on it right now

Drugs you should try it was mine and it's still one of my favorites he's ever made

As much as I like his current mainstream sound , it'll never live up to the dark grittyness of DBR

Arbor Day

BRUH, that set at Bonnaroo was insane. Moved straight from there to see the Weeknd.

Ten minutes early means you’re deet deet hours late

He dropped Without Warning on Halloween, so he’s saying that Travis should drop the album on Christmas

Same thing when I saw him in April

Lmao and soon meaning years


Takeoff on Valentine's day with either Gucci or Nicki, you heard it here first

[NEWS] Huncho and Jack dropping in 2018

It will be a glorious day indeed

Breh you will never know that feeling when he dropped Antidote to appease us for waiting forever for Rodeo. The song was magical when it first came out

its travis scott if we get a date its confirmation it isnt coming out on that date

Yo that Takeoff x La Flare album would be 🔥

That was my first Travis song that I listened to on my own. My friends used to blast antidote though when we hotboxed on our work break

Considering “Days Before Rodeo” should’ve been called “Years Before Rodeo” I would take this with a grain of salt.

They should just drop a mixtape and name it "Days Before Huncho X Jack".

i was the one on the antidote hype train so I didn't experience the previous delays (don't shame me guys pleasE)

Oh wow, yeah thanks. Here I am thinking we’re still in October lol


Days Before Rodeo drop a year and 18 days before Rodeo did.

that was a great movie

edit: lol my dumbass i thought that comment was about Arrival

My guy. I saw all of Travis and I'm pretty sure I only missed one Weeknd song

An album full of Slippery's and I get the bag's, fuck yes please.

Down-voting only because we need to stop taking this as serious 'news'. He's said this for the past 2 months, can we please not make this a front page 'buzz' unless it's an actual confirmed date... he's known for starting rumours and never delivers... have to remember he's cut from the same cloth as YE

Tralfamadorius Scott

I was thinking Takeoff x 2 Chainz would be a great combo.

Flag Day

No dates, no disappointment

he won't give a day because he we won't be able to deliver on set day. instead he just says some vague shit