News Copter spots a Hulk statue.

News Copter spots a Hulk statue.

Nice yard. Nice grill. Nice fence. Nice, hulk statue. Enough free time to be watching the news and step outside to flex on the live camera shot. He probably paused the DVR went outside then, came in and got to enjoy his clever, live tv moment. I bet his couch is a nice maroon leather too. This man is the richest man, I know.


This is actually one of those things that is way funnier as a video than a gif.

"Is that the Hulk...?"

I'm betting he started the DVR before, going outside.

Sup with all the weird, commas?

Check the, parent username, .

No water in his backyard.

It's scared!!

As it should be

Is it legal to film and show on news the backyard like this ?

Clearly here it's not a problem, just asking.

Yes it is. Although the yard is private property, it's in "plain view" of the camera which is in public airspace.


You have to use that top comma.

"See Sheryl I told you it wasn't a stupid purchase. What now. " that guy probably.

WTF is up with the teleporting cat?

"That's why there's no water in his back yard, it's too scared"

We are seeing the video right now.. maybe he have internet.

I'm normally so good at checking that first, sigh. Thanks!

And you may find yourself in a nice Yard. And you may find yourself a nice Grill. And you may find yourself a nice fence. And you may find yourself a nice hulk statue. And you may ask yourself Well...How did I get here?

Lol you moron. You mean the aeropostle?

He was so cute tho "Oh shit they saw my statue! Hey guys! hey! Lookit flexes"

This is amazing, I really hope this guy has this dvred.

Has to be at least 7 air.


So I need to buy my air space? On it. Buying all the air

Hahahaha top comma. Thanks for that laugh.

teleports behind you


No its an actual news feed.

The news anchor correctly identifies in the video that the water is scared to go into his yard because of the hulk statue.

"Nothing purrrrrsonal, kid"

well lets hope he still has some minutes left on his AOL cd


Don't you have a reasonable expectation of privacy in your own backyard?

Not if it can be seen from public areas.

Your, welcome,

Actually witty newscasters, that must be a first.

It's legal, you may own the land but you don't own the air above they can film all they want of your backyard...

He also may have heard the helicopter

This was shot from a traffic helicopter and shown on local Chicago morning news...not sure the legality behind such things.

Don't you have a reasonable expectation of privacy in your own backyard? He's not questioning whether they could fly there, just whether it's legal to shoot the footage and air it.

As is tradition

The Hulk statue is from this gif.

How many air is that?

Oh sorry no. Go fish.

I love that accent and I'm not being sarcastic.

Well that's just physics

This guy fucks.

Hulk approve.

Must be Schrodinger's.

you;re ?

Note that it's not like that in all jurisdictions. Here, peeking into a person's back yard with a drone is not treated the same as peeking in from a high mountain.

Same as it ever was.

Jeez, AK_Unhappy


Ah, so I just need to fly my drone 101ft and hit record. Got it.

That's because it is private property up to about 100 feet in the air. After that it is public air space. Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure I remember reading that rule in an article about drones.

Good ol' Chicahhhhhgo

Oh, they were low, filming the flood. Maybe what most impressive is that his yard appears dry, while there are cars floating in front of his house haha

Sounds like William Shatner.

Plot twist: it's his butler flying the helicopter

I mean... he's right.

I'll trade you 10 lumber for that air

I love how excited he looks when he first steps out of his house, like he's been waiting for this moment his entire life.

Those are the morning news anchors for WGN Chicago! Easily the funniest on TV. When was younger and in high school I would wake up to my mom watching it and it always brightened my day.

Talking Heads - Once in a Lifetime

I can send him an AIM if you know his screen name

Hey, look it's Christopher, Walken's yard and his hulk, statue

I think it's called an Aristotle

I already have access to lumber. You have any brick?

Yeah it was, pretty funny

WGN Morning News is a national treasure.