NEWCOMERS. Don't be worried if we see a $6000-$7000 correction soon. The media is going to say bitcoin is dead. Just HODL and ride out the storm. Nothing can sustain this level of growth. I started collecting at $400, I've seen this happen a bunch of times.

NEWCOMERS. Don't be worried if we see a $6000-$7000 correction soon. The media is going to say bitcoin is dead. Just HODL and ride out the storm. Nothing can sustain this level of growth. I started collecting at $400, I've seen this happen a bunch of times.


Phase 2:

Phase 3: Profit

If you believe this, you'd sell everything now and rebuy.

Phase 2: Buy in dip

i dont wanna work. i just wanna watch bitcoin all day

People who sell it waiting for the dip are going to have a surprise when there's no dip till around 20k

2m in Jamaica.. damn our currency sucks

I think you overestimate the interest in cryptocurrency vs the interest in ridiculous short term gains. Because as it stands, BTC is a fucking awful currency and actually losing adoption.

shitty life hack: throw away your wallet keys so you don't ever get tempted to stop hodling

Bitcoin plz dip already, I need to buy to at least get to 0.1 in my lifespan :(

if I've learned anything, selling is the quickest way to losing bitcoin

When bitcoin was at 400 dollars, I said no, I don't need to gamble my money in crypto.

Then when it hit 1000 I said, damn I wish I got in at 400 but I don't want to gamble my money still.

Then it hit 2000 and I said the same thing.

Then it hit 6 and I thought that there was no point to invest anything now because I wouldn't get anything meaningful out of it.

Now I'm still scared because I don't want to lose money, but if I bought $1000 of it a month ago I would have more than double that now.

I fucking hate hindsight bias.

20k here in Canada right now

I just did this. Watch it hit 17k! Edit: I used my Christmas money this year to buy bitcoin so I really don't care if I miss out on some profits because I'm having the most amount of fun for $250

Phase 3: Chips in dip

Don't worry everyone! I just bought another sizeable chunk so it's destined to dip. You're welcome.

Edit: Ok.. shit.. calm down dip

You have not seen a 15x rise in a year though since you bought in at 400

FUCK ME IT WENT UP TO 16.9k and it's only been 15 minutes!

56k in poland

this is no place for your sober thoughts and wise caution! this is a place where only rise is tolerated! :)

Agreed. Friggen get your bitcoin and hold that shit! (And never invest more than you’re willing to lose!!). That’s IT. That’s the “secret.”

And the other secret is, learn and care about bitcoin and how it works and appreciate the utility and enjoy being part of an unprecedented experiment.

Lota guys in my office are now HODLrs. All goin crazy about the 19k.

Normally I check every 5 seconds because I can't help myself, but this morning it's real-time entertainment.

Hard to believe .1 is out of my purchase limits even if I had the money :/

I was there for previous bubbles. They were ~30x from previous top. $1-$30 $30-$1,000

Until we get to the mid/high $20ks we aren’t matching previous bubbles.

Don't regret your decision. Re-balancing your portfolio to something you are comfortable with is essential.

It could dip TO $6000/$7000, and get there slowly over the course of 2 years+.

I've ridden through worse. Storms a comin', get your buttholes ready.

Isn’t this one of the points of bitcoin? Stable currency? Not having to rely on a country or central bank to dictate currency?

a $6k dip IS down to $10k.

Did you just double dip the chip?

Yes, I doubt any of the 1k btc holders have the money or assets to match the perceived value, this price hike is not people realizing Bitcoin is the money of the future, but people that see it as a "get rich fast" scheme, it will probably go down and stabilize for a while.

When and for how much? Your guess is at good as mine.

They're still typing in the number...

I can hold them for you

my dad works at bitcoin and says it's going to be a million

Maybe eventually in the future. But right now, during the "growth" phase where the world is still just turning on to it? I would not call this stable at all.

I'm home sick today and I've only been staring at my coinbase app. I think I'm obsessed

Just get in a little at a time

Same here. They're excited about their 20 dollar gains.

Meanwhile I'm earning and losing thousands every minute.

I sold everything 15% ago (like 24 hours). Only partial regrets so far.

By the way, this is why hodl is the recommended strategy.

You're hardly the first person to do this, and you won't be the last.

Some of us have been hodling for five + years. We've seen gamblers come and go.

You aren't going to be able to consistently time the market. It's just not plausible. So buy what you can afford, relax, and hodl.

Enjoy the roller coaster memes on the dips and crashes

Where is this 6-7k correction?????? We're waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiting

A large correction around 20k would be a good thing. If you look at a long-term chart (look at an exponential chart), you can see the shape of the present activity is starting to look a lot like 2013.

If it follows that pattern, we could have $100,000 sometime next year. But getting that far, that fast, without a major correction could set us up for another extended Bitcoin bear market, like 2014.

I know few people around me who had these elaborate plan to increase their bitcoin by selling and buying. They won in short term but when you look at their situation for the last 2 months, they lost. I don't plan to repeat their mistake. And maybe they'll get lucky and increase their bitcoin. I don't want to be envious or greedy of them. Whatever amount of money, stocks, bitcoin, I have, I bought with my blood and sweat. I am proud of every last satoshi I have.

Greed and envy burns away virtues and good deeds as flame burns away the candle.

I'm a new guy. I promise, I aint going anywhere. I look forward to a dip so I can buy more.

if it makes you feel any better, I once had 645 Bitcoins and sold them with a 15 euro profit (in total, not each). Chances come and go. Such is life.

Worse part is, something that changes this rapidly can't ever be considered a currency - people won't trust it.

Assuming they bought low and sold high then they didn't lose anything. Potential profits are not a real loss. And they'll be able to buy again soon, since its bound to correct at some point.

If it makes you feel any better that exchange is probably long since dead and/or those coins stolen.

These are the times to just dollar cost average. Don't even try to time the market. Tsunami waves are coming.

at what point do we get to throw midgets around the office and do quaaludes?

Hodl until I'm dead, got it.

home sick

Yeah, I'm sick too if my boss asks.

This isn't a market right now, it's a firehose flailing around the ground. Bitcoin could be $15k or $19k by the time I'm done typing this.

I bought 0.1 for £7 years ago and have no idea what exchange it was on. Makes for horrible viewing when I watch the charts

What percentage of the world's population does that actually impact? As it stands right now I can't go to a coffee shop here in Chicago and buy a cup with bitcoin due to the fees and clogged network...

You’ll say that again when it hits 40


Ditto - sold 0.3 at €12,500 when I saw it pushing €12.7k. Setup some limit orders to buy back in if it dropped to the 11k region, went to sleep happy that I was probably being sensible. Wake up it's €13.0k. Go for a shower and make a coffee it's pushing €14.5k o_O Still can't believe how far it's come since even just November.

That's like putting your whole mouth right in the dip.

Some poster was drunk and misspelled HOLD and it caught on, or Hold On for Dear Life. Whichever you prefer.

I look forward to a dip so I can buy more.

Lines over here bud.

I think a massive run up right before the CME launch begs for massive shorts.

LOL he works at bitcoin.

Current use might be awful, but there is a lot of development and I'm putting my faith in the lightning network. I've used Bitcoin with low fees and fast transactions in 2013. It's amazing when it works. It is going to work again. If the current state is permanent, I would've been out.

Yeah, however most people just want to make money and bugger off :(

No, it's hard to time the swings and compete with the trading bots. For me holding is less stressful

i actually know one of the guys who works at bitcoin and he says its going to 25k by this week

It seems to be more of a wealth store house that only has a limited number of seats at the table.

Bruh when is the dip

It’s hard! Prior to the bitcoin growth this year, this space was filled with information and eager users building a project. People shared good info, helped each other, and one out of ten threads if that was a price thread. Now it has one good post for every ten price threads. Which is fine, (or not depending on your perspective), but to make my point, it’s harder to find good info on here among all the newbies and people just here to make money. Thankfully, bitcoin is very straightforward. I wish I could tell you a great place to start, but I learned “along the way” and probably couldn’t tell you where all I have gone. Hang out here, but my best advice, is to search for information and keep asking questions here. People here have helped me out a lot and I think you will find the same.

my dad is the bitcoin and says it's going to infinity

...when there will be thousands of people ready and waiting to buy more/ buy in. I know, I’m one of them.

I can hodl them for you


I'm using it as a currency. My wallet is like exploding and cannot hold the value it stores anymore. I buy some usenet, I used to buy some steam. And it was like this loaf of ever replenishing bread.

At least I get to gamble with it now.

eh I wouldn't say 6-7k. I think we have to many holders now a days. I would say 10k dip being the lowest. Which will still have people say bitcoin is dead. But we all know the best time to buy is when bitcoin is 'dead' ;)

If Bitcoin drops to $10K these savages will slit throats for a chance to buy.

Won't most people play the hold game until it begins to crash and then try to get off the sinking boat first, only to be crushed?

If it breaks 20k by the end of the week expect a healthy drop to be anywhere between 5-10k.

Never sell everything.

Change those to US $ and I'm in the same boat unfortunately.. Sold at $12,900 expecting a correction. $16,900 last I checked.

I don't think this growth is sustainable (why I sold earlier), but theres no telling when the correction starts or how low it will go. I'm scared this is also the first step in a massive pump and dump that will take effect shortly after December 10th.

It's not like you traded 10,000 bitcoins for 2 pizzas or something.

Which is everyone down to $3k

Step 1: Run hedge fund. Buy shit ton of coins. Talk and buy price waaay up.

Step 2: Go short on CME, dump coins.

Step 3: Panic selling. Retail exchanges down. Close short position. Profit.

Step 4: Go long on discounted shit ton of coins. Rebound occurs.

Step 5: Profit.

When it's 150k you'll wish you got in at 15k.

I really want a correction right now so my dollars might be worth more than a mere sliver of a coin :(


Phase 2:

Phase 3: Profit

Pashe 3.1: Pay your taxes. Don't be ingrates.

RemindMe! 1 week

Oh we'll be bag holders.

Bags filled with money!!!

My question for people hodling with no end in site...

Do you expect this to become useable as a currency, and the price to eventually steady out at an equalibrium?

Thank fucking god, man. About time someone talked about the importance of taking profits.

I don't want to be left HODLing the bag when I wait for the price to recuperate for however long. Also, if you have more BTC than you're wiling to lose, that's a good sign it's time to diversify.

I got you

I got you

Personally I'm a fan of this Roosevelt quote. Just don't put in any amount that you can't afford to lose and you should be fine.

There are things that can sustain this, but you still have a valid point. Price def could drop several thousand. Community needs to be ready for it.

Got in at 12900 i wont sell if it hits 1usd im here for the 5-12 million per coin

Thousands of satoshis right?

Guys I’m scared, someone please HODL me.

Parabolic more like

You know you bitcoin is divisible right? There's no requirement that you buy "a bitcoin." Just buy as much bitcoin as you can afford, the units are arbitrary anyway.

The white paper on bitcoin is a great resource to start with. Please don't take the abstract at face value and make assumptions that it is a currency like everyone else has been doing. Bitcoin is a protocol which is laid on top of the blockchain, just like email was laid on top of the internet. Currency is just a really great example for one particular use case of this evolving technology set.

The media is gonna say Bitcoin is dead at $10,000? I highly doubt that. It'd have to tank quite a bit more than that.

Pretty much. Today we got a taste of how that coinbase is down page would exactly look.