New whistleblower protections head to Trump's desk

New whistleblower protections head to Trump's desk
New whistleblower protections head to Trump's desk

Passed 420-0

Before final passage, House Democrats offered a procedural motion to amend the bill by extending protections to federal workers who reveal wrongdoing by an agency head or political appointee violating rules or regulations regarding travel

The motion failed along party lines, as is typical in the House when it comes to procedural votes.

Typical republicans.

They'll want to pass this as soon as they lose power tho!

Wait, were they just calling all leakers traitors last month? Now they are passing a whistleblower bill?

It's like a filler episode midseason where we go back in time to better days.

Once he's gone, it's going to be weird not constantly see what crazy shit the president is up to this time. Like how the daily show basically ran out of tons of daily material after Bush left office.

I believe it is because reality of Trumps White House is slowly and solidly sinking in. They need all the info they can get.

Passed 420-0, the measure would train federal workers so they understand their protections, as well as enhance penalties for supervisors who retaliate against whistleblowers.

The bill is named after Chris Kirkpatrick, a psychologist was fired from a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical center after raising concerns about patients' medications. He committed suicide on the day he was dismissed.

I remember reading about that when it happened, so fucked up.

For those interested: For one whistleblower, getting fired was too much

I'm trying to imagine what the country will be like after Trump. I don't want to sound terribly crass, but his presidency is like constantly being date raped. It's going to be difficult after this insanity.

Light 'em up.