New tradition starting this week: active players who have won Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year will wear special jersey patch for rest of career.

New tradition starting this week: active players who have won Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year w...

Kinda neat, but I really hope this doesn't expand to other awards. Some players could end up looking like boy scouts.


I disagree. I think giving major individual awards little patches on jerseys would be a very very cool. Imagine having a jersey with a little MVP patch or DROY patch. Obviously the NFL should have a limit to the awards but I think it beckons to the high school and college days where a big play got you a helmet sticker. I would be 100% for expanding this to other awards so long as the patches aren't distracting

Here's a higher res pic of the patch

a higher res pic of the patch

Don’t worry fitz isn’t getting there this year

Looks like Darth Vader

I'm for helmet stickers. Like /u/UnraveledMnd said, if someone has multiple, they'll look like boy scouts. I think the helmet stickers won't be as distracting.

great tribute to a great player and better man, but that patch is ugly, sorry.

Here's an imgur link of the patch on Fitzgerald's jersey.

What happens in the Super Bowl? Isn’t that where the SB logo patch goes?

Fair. I would make the patches smaller, I like that more than stickers. I feel that stickers distract from the team logo while patches are fairly unnoticeable. Plus, it would be cool to get a jersey with all those patches

Look, we want you to express yourself, okay? Now if you feel that the bare minimum is enough, well, okay. But some people choose to wear more, and we encourage that.

Agreed with the patch size. A little too big imo. I like the idea though. The Walter Payton MOTY award is a very prestigious reward.

It looks like Magneto.

Fitz isn’t the only active player who has won...

......Are we sure that it isn't Lord Vader?

I'd like to see a permanent marker on team jerseys for Super Bowls won. Maybe something along the collar.

You shut your whore mouth.

So, does that mean Eli and Fitzgerald will each wear half a patch, and Olsen will wear a tag stating "Fuck You! Sincerely, the NFL"?

So i should wear more then?

Ugh. Riccster09, what do you think of people who only do the bare minimum?

Yeah I like how the NBA does it.

It’s a small gold patch on the back of the collar that has the number of championships they won. Adidas used to have the trophy with like 3x next to it for 3 time champs. I think Nike just has the number.

Walter Peyton

Some players deserve this patch. Eli, Bortles and Stafford come to mind first

They're trying to ease us into the sight of more "cluttered" jerseys. Next stop: Advertising a la Soccer.

Not Greg though... still pissed about that

Greg hasn’t won it

It's too big and intrusive. I appreciate the spirit of the idea, if it was for one game or for the rest of the season I'd think it was really cool but rest of career? It just feels like they're overdoing it in that instance. I'm a bit of a jersey purist however and think the only patches should be Captains and Super Bowl ones, but I'd be more open to MOTY patches if they were made much smaller than they currently are.

Doesn’t bother other me. If that’s the case, you shouldn’t count the Lakers from their Minnesota days.

angry squints

It’s going to lead to advertisement sponsored stickers of course.

Damn. Giants fans may never see Eli wearing a Giants jersey with it.

Edit: I'm saying what a shame it would be.

He's starting this Sunday

I was saying Lando during the game but I'm kinda seeing Boba Fett now.

I agree. It's cool that they'd allow it, but they definitely need to be careful not to go overboard.