New Song and Pre-Order Tonight

New Song and Pre-Order Tonight
New Song and Pre-Order Tonight

New song?

I love this cover.


Holy shit I didn't even notice Eminem was on the cover I just saw the flag. That's so cool

How many hours until “tonight”???

I bet it’s the Alicia Keys track, but I also have my hopes up for track 2.

Which track do you think EM is releasing tonight from the track list.

Its probably one with a feature, but i'm really holding its #2, picking up where WOW left off.

So much easier to down vote when you get permission for it first.

uhhh this is legit... fellas?

Yup go on Eminems Instagram.

Never had chills last this long before holy shit. This is awesome. Can't wait.

You have mentioned being downvoted in 3 comments now, you clearly give a fuck.

I only just noticed because of your reply

My guess is Alicia keys but I'm hoping it's the one with Ed Sheeran

How on Earth is that subtle.

Either 11pm or 12 pm est

is that the rumor? if so, genius marketing by making him seem mad about it

Okay.. don't hate me but i don't like the cover. But I'm sure I'll grow to like it as i see it more often, as always

Yes please my dick is ready