New Roy Moore accuser comes forward

New Roy Moore accuser comes forward
New Roy Moore accuser comes forward

She has the signed message he wrote in her highschool yearbook when he was 30 and a local district attorney.

She says he tried to force her face down on his crotch when he got her alone.


Beverly Young Nelson  claims that in 1977 she was groped by Roy Moore, who then tried to force her into performing oral sex 

She met the  then-district attorney when she was 15 and working as a waitress at the Olde Hickory House after school

He signed her yearbook one day at work, writing at the end: 'Love, Roy Moore DA'

A week or two later he offered her a ride home and instead of going to her house pulled up next to a dumpster in the dark back parking lot at the restaurant 

When she tried to get out her allegedly locked the door and grabbed her neck to try and force her to perform oral sex 

Oh, no, that's an invitation. Judge Roy Moore.

I sure as hell do.

To a sweeter more beautiful girl I could not say Merry Christmas. Christmas 1977. Love, Roy Moore"

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

He "flirted" with her by pulling her hair and drove her out to a secluded area where he tried to feel her up and force her face on his crotch after being turned down on numerous occasions. Allegedly.

That signature is as close to a smoking gun as you're ever going to get.

He signed her yearbook one day at work, writing at the end: 'Love, Roy Moore DA'

If that's true, then it's hilariously on point with his personality. His campaign signs still refer to him as "Judge" Roy Moore.

And people will still vote for him because they'd rather have a pedophile in office than a liberal

It's fake news, she is doing it for the money, she was asking for it, she was mature for her age, is okay in the Bible, still better than a democrat. Pick an excuse.

Moore's Democratic opponent prosecuted Klan members for murdering black children, so obviously he stands no chance in Alabama.

Would what other information do people need? Smh...if you still need "more" information then you just don't want admit that Roy Moore is a pedophile.

From your article:

After the letter was published on,Tijuanna Adetunji of the Fresh Anointing House of Worship in Montgomery, said she was not contacted about the letter and did not give permission for her name to be used.

I wonder how many more are like this.

To a sweeter more beautiful girl I could not say Merry Christmas. Christmas 1977. Love, Roy Moore DA

Don't forget the DA

And yet many conservatives will still defend him. Hell, his approval ratings actually went up among several evangelicals.

There's a thread regarding several women accusing Bush of feeling them up and most of the top comments are defending him. Even after he admitted it.

Don't worry 53 pastors have signed a letter supporting him.

Yeah yearbook with the 'love Roy' not from a relative or family friend. And super awkward age difference. Plus both her and husband voted for Trump. Couldn't look much worse short of photo evidence.

because they'd rather have a pedophile in office than a liberal

Which is literally the argument I've seen over and over on Twitter from verified people on the right.

When she tried to get out her allegedly locked the door and grabbed her neck to try and force her to perform oral sex

It's ok though because God also forced Mary to perform oral sex on him behind a dumpster when she was 15.

He doesn't generally do those things though.

Now there are five.

What do you think is the over/under on whether we get to an even dozen before the election? People like this don't suddenly stop being predators.

Also, why the hell did a rising legal start take off and spend a year at a cattle ranch in Australia in his early thirties? Was he trying to run from something like this?

Because he didn't really do anything wrong, in their mind.

It's those whores' fault for seducing him, and it's the Devil's fault for tempting him, but it's not his fault and he shouldn't be judged by what he does, but by what he says is right.

When you're a white Christian Republican, you're a good man. Even if you do evil things, even if you do a lot of evil things, even if you love evil and hate good, you're still a good man, you've just made mistakes.

They don't care if he's a pedophile.

I've seen upwards of 20 people on Twitter comment "the only thing that matters is he's not a Democrat."

The Republicans love thievery, rape, murder, and child abuse if it's their side doing it.

Alt right alt right alt right

I bet if he was found with an adult, consenting gay lover he'd lose though.

Insert John Oliver we got him gif

Yeah I totally forgot that Mary was a teenager and that Crooked Hillary is behind the scenes trying to sabotage Trump because she lost the election.


Whaaa?? Oh shit, and I just got done smashing my Keurig.

Ding ding ding.

They'd rather believe in political conspiracies than believe women are telling the truth about harrassment/assault/rape.

After considerably more than a third of evangelicals reportedly became more likely to vote for him after learning he's a pedophile I am completely lost. I think it's just hopeless...

It was out of wedlock? Jesus people hate that shit right? Is that the angle that works on them or is kiddle/diddle now a winning republican ticket?

pfft that could be any local DA named Roy Moore!

"Any bad thing brought up about an (R) just say Clinton".

Predictable, lazy, and a pathetic attempt to defend a pedophile.

why the hell did a rising legal start take off and spend a year at a cattle ranch in Australia in his early thirties

as a lawyer in my early thirties, let me confirm the law SUUUUUUUCKS and jerking off bulls to sell their semen while being attacked by huntsman spiders is preferable

I afraid this won’t change things in Alabama. 20 women or more won’t make a difference to those people. 😞

Oh right nothing matters anymore.

Something tells me this isn't the end. Something tells me there will be moore.

A lot of people (including cops) came forward and said that he was banned in the 80's from the local mall because he went there on weekends cruising for high school girls.

When you're a white Christian Republican, you're a good man. Even if you do evil things, even if you do a lot of evil things, even if you love evil and hate good, you're still a good man, you've just made mistakes.

This is absolute bullshit and you know it. This only applies if you're a straight white Christian Republican.

Though you can suck as many dicks as you like and cheat on your wife with random dudes anytime you want. Just make sure you say you're straight and that you're going to ask God for forgiveness when you get caught.

Couldn't look much worse short of photo evidence.

And some people would still vote for him if there was some.

Anthony Weiner sends a dick pick to a 16 year old girl and his career is gone as soon as people find out.

Roy Moore sexually assaults and rapes at least two girls 16 and younger, and he's going to be elected to the Alabama senate.

One of these things is a gross injustice, and it worries me that we're hitting a point where conservatives/GOP leaning people can do things without any sort of legal repercussion at all. I bet Trump could pledge allegiance to ISIS, behead two Navy Seals on live TV, and he'd still retain his base, and T_D would talking about how it's 842nd Dimensional Super Metroid.

*unless the allegations are about a Democrat.

Love, Roy Moore

30 year-old speaking to a 16 year-old here.

They care about fake pedophilia though. They kind that goes on in fake pizza parlor basements.

That's priority #1. Not those real pedophiles that fuck real kids just in their homes and offices though.

Some of these comments are so immature Roy Moore would date them.

Is it possible this is to piss of the liberals or something? Like they don’t believe the allegations are true and that this is representative of liberal media trying to ruin a good mans reputation.

Pieces of shit defending child molesters.

To be fair, people who actually cared about the allegations already condemned Moore. The people left are those who will stay in his camp until it's completely impossible to do otherwise...and then vote for him secretly on December 12th.

And even if he did, it's OK because Mary.

He wasn't even a DA for a year yet when he wrote that which is really weird to me ignoring the whole child rape thing. Then again we are talking about someone who stabbed himself in court and who rightfully worried his men might kill him in Nam because of what a dipshit he was.

Okay, you get a +1 for making me laugh.

Slight correction, he drove her behind her workplace next to a dumpster where there were no lights. So secluded but not in the middle of nowhere.

And because they are morons defending him, I want to make it clear that I am not suggesting he's innocent in any way. I watched this woman's press conference and the things she described were horrifying. It's a shame he can't go to jail over this as far as I know.

Well that surely absolves the pedophile.

Pack it up folks, someone else did some other thing. No need to hold Roy Moore accountable for his actions.

As if you could actually look worse than supporting a pedophile, they decided to go full retard on top of it.

Joseph raped Mary in a locked car? I guess I missed that Sunday school lesson.

Classic whataboutism. Not really relevant when talking about a man who is accused of sexually assaulting kids, but hey, you tried.

You kid. But I saw that today.

“We can’t judge until a court of law decides!”

“That’s not what you said about Weinstein.”

“Because liberals are pedophiles!”

Mm hm.

Mitch McConnell said he should drop out but that will probably only bolster his base even more.

For the sake of sanity, I hope all of them are like that.

Of course! He's an upright American

Pedophilia is ok but gay marriage isnt. Man, the Republican party is weird.

Look at that teenage girl assaulting poor Mr Moore's crotch with her face!

I'm pretty sure that's a norse creation story

Blowjob from a consenting adult during work - FUCKING LIBRAL SKUM!

Raping multiple underaged girls - Least he's not a liberal.

Your logic is lazy as fuck. You need black and white answers because you can't handle a world with a single shade of grey.

If there's one group of people you need defending your honor in the face of pedophilia accusations everyone knows it's Christian pastors.

There is more to that. They have been conditioned to believe that Democrat/Liberal/Progressive is literally evil. So any law that is broken or ethics that are ignored is OK in the war against evil. Roy Moore may be a flawed man but he isn't trying to destroy our country like his opponent is.

That is the attitude many have.

As per usual, the comment section needs bleach.

Roy's denial "uhh I generally wouldn't lay my healing hands on them until the third date, as was my custom, but uhh customarily would ask their mommy first"

Eh...they would say something like "actually mary was a boy, and 12. and was raped. Which means its still biblical"

Yeah it was in the book of Carfuckius

Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration

The most diabolical thing would be to disguise it as Christianity.

He just did a live statement on local news that he does not know her, never met her. Stupid Republican voters here are saying " I don't care what he does, I ain't voting Democrat" It is truly unfathomable.

30 year old pedophile: "Can I sign your yearbook?"

Confused 16 year old: "Uh... I guess so?"

Aaaaaand two days later the pedophile violently tried to force her to perform oral sex.

What's confusing about that?

Aren't they white enough already?

The best part of that whole thing is how they inadvertently joined an anti-kcup environmental movement.

There are people from Alabama on record saying they don't care even if he did it, they still think he's better than a democrat.

Let that sink in. Many people in Alabama would rather let a pedophile govern them than a democrat. And we're not supposed to look down on them? They aren't making it easy.

Do you do understand that America faced an ideological and party flip a long, long time ago now, right? Stop be purposely ignorant.

I know they don't care about any off that, that's why I said the dude is still going to win the election anyways. First, it's Alabama and you's all about party politics...that man could have murdered someone and they would still vote for him because he's a Republican.

I never saw any Dems use the Bible to justify what Clinton did.

Remember. We're talking about the party of family values. The party of family values is defending a man trying to rape a 14 year old girl.

I gotta love seeing conservatives lately trying to paint the shitshow in Hollywood as liberal hypocrisy.

"How can you judge republicans when Hollywood is full of sex offenders!?"

First off, the sex offenders are getting their careers destroyed by wildfire. Kevin Spacey will be lucky to get booked for a game of jacks in LA.

Secondly and more importantly, these are not elected officials literally running our government.

When Bill Clinton got a blowjob, he was impeached. Rightfully so, he's a creep and he embarrassed the nation

Trump grabs pussy, walks in on fifteen year old girls in the locker room, and sets up borderline kiddie porn shoots with his own daughter, but hey, locker room talk, amirite?!

I don't think you realize it's just an old fashioned way of saying I couldn't say Merry Christmas to a more beautiful girl. Implying she's the most beautiful girl he knows. It's not a backhanded compliment.

No he couldn't. That would require him to debate.

He lost an election to a judgeship badly. Apparently, Moore's conduct was a bit of an open secret in Gadsden, and I'd bet that Moore didn't quite realize that until his overwhelming loss made him see the light. He probably couldn't show his face around town knowing that everyone else knew and skipped town.

He eventually came back to Alabama, obviously, but I'd venture a guess that he's avoided Gadsden like the plague ever since.

why would the REAL president (Clinton) be trying to shutdown our puppet president (Still Clinton for some reason)

If Satan were the come up with a religion, I wonder what it would look like?

You're right on that. It's gotten worse with Trump. People simply brushed aside what he did/said as nothing and it's has become accepted as things to look over. Anthony Weiner's career deserved to be over and he got exactly what he deserved but yet Republicans in Washington aren't saying anything about this guy, why? They want to keep the majority in Washington and that's whats sickening. Again, we have no moral standard for these people.

There's a good chance the women that have come out against him are just the tip of the iceberg.

If he's either drowned in a deluge of reports until the vote in December or, worse yet, younger victims start to make accusations (he seems all to eager to admit to the 14 year old children) then he's going to seriously harm the brands of everyone hitching their wagons to him.

I mean think about it; if it comes out that he's a full on pedophile and victimized preteens or worse, you think these pastors, bannonites, trumpists, or hannity will be able to distance themselves from this monster by saying "oh I thought it was just 14 year old kids. My bad!"

We are at the point in this country where the Republican Party (or broad segments of it) would support cannibalism, provided it happened 30 years ago, of course.

Caveat: The cannibal in question would absolutely not have to be a Democrat

Doesn't matter. He will win the special election. He could rape a chained up teenager during a nationally televised debate and it wouldn't matter. Alabama isn't going to elect a Democratic Senator.

Who else is going to cut taxes for the rich, defund Planned Parenthood while making sure poor people can't afford healthcare?

Well, don't try to rape anyone, especially teenagers and it shouldn't be so bad.

Should change his name to Roy Lesse

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the yearbook image and a publicly available Roy Moore signature:

As a lawyer in my late twenties ... I am not excited to see how my life goes downhill in the next few years to get me to that point.

Here's the best part of all -

And we just found out that he was banned from the local mall because he went there cruising for high school girls.

Scary how well whataboutism is working on some of you folks.

White, yes. Disinfected, no.

U know what Roy Moore loves about high school girls? He keeps getting older and they stay the same age.

What line of work you in, Bob?

It's right next to the chapter where Jesus took in the moneylenders and let them run the church while he golfed.