New evidence shows that Roy More did have a relationship with a teenager

New evidence shows that Roy More did have a relationship with a teenager

Sure, electing a pedophile is bad, but imagine what would happen if they elected a democrat? Everyone would start having abortions so pedophiles wouldn't even have the chance to become child molesters


As an Alabama resident, you can bet your GODDAM ASS I will be at the polls on December 12th voting for Doug Jones. Roy Moore is a fucking abomination of a human being in every conceivable way. Regardless of who wins, I'm moving to a different state because of this.

Yes, I'm going to vote my conscience against a man who sexually targets underage girls, who has been removed from office twice for defying orders from the supreme court, and believes that women are unfit for public office. Then I am going to leave a state where thousands of people support this man. I don't get how that is hard to understand. I literally pace back and forth in my house in fucking FURY over this shit.

There really is an external crisis with most people over the age of 50 in this state. They are actually scared about not voting for a Republican.

I was told at thanksgiving that Roy Moores paster said he couldn't blame him for looking at younger girls because when he got back from Vietnam all the wholesome ones were gone and he had to go younger to find some.

Supply Side Fetus.

Roll Tide! I just filled out my absentee ballot tonight. Maybe we aren't the only two sane Alabamians left...

A lot of people choose party over most things, like morals and ethics.

Did you see that clip from Kimmel where this dude goes to see Roy Moore speak? He talks to people outside, obviously they showed a select number of interviewees from what they probably had in the end. But the point stands that the people who go to see him and support him are so unwilling to compromise and willing to just vote republican no matter what.

This dichotomy won’t stand in future generations, the party system is showing its age and people who are so narrow minded in wanting to keep to the image of ideals rather than the employment of such ideals are ruining things.

This makes no sense to me. I'm a Democrat, and if a Democrat got caught molesting children, I would just vote for a different Democrat in the primary.

This is prime time for an up and coming Republican to run against Roy Moore.

Primary was months ago. It was back when Moore waived his puny little gun on stage in his Howdy Doody cosplay.

Before this last presidential election, I had voted Republican for 20 years. Between Trump, Moore and some of these other Republicans, they’re turning me into a card carrying Democrat.

Because it's full of people who believe it's an election between a guy who fucks teenagers and a guy who kills babies, and there are no other choices.

Always remember, the abortion issue is such a big deal because to people who genuinely believe that life begins at conception it's not an argument about women's rights, but literally an argument about whether or not it's OK to kill babies. Now they are severely misinformed, but I can understand why someone who is genuinely convinced that they are voting on whether or not to kill babies doesn't really care about any other issues.

I like how pumped you are, everyone needs to be like you

But it says abortion is ok in the Bible. It's actually supposed to be done by a potion by a priest in the church if your wife is suspected of adultery, and it gives instructions for how to induce the abortion in the book of Numbers.

Numbers 5:11-31


Edit: People keep messaging me criticizing religion. I asked a short question because I didn’t think it required any further explanation, but I’m an atheist asking for ammo you absolute fucking knobs. Jesus Christ...

I agree, but as someone who lives in hillbilly central in the heart of north Alabama, this won't happen. People are set in their ways and calling someone a Democrat is worse than calling someone Satan. However, I can attest that there are a lot of decent people that live here. Not everyone is terrible. But there are a lot of terrible people.

Child allegations didn't come out until after more was voted to go against Jones.

I’m an atheist, I was asking for ammo you fuckwit. Thanks for the reminder that assholes aren’t exclusive to religion.

I think we all want the same thing: to improve the nation. The difference is how we go about it, and trying to find middle grounds, but some just don’t act like adults, stubbornly refusing to give ground on anything.

Good thing abortion isn't baby murder then huh, dumbass?

I’m not Christian and kindly go fuck yourself for the condescending response.


I'm finding this. He says he didn't know any of the women accusing him of having relations with them, but she has a hand written letter from him when she was 17 and he 30 something.

So you're going to vote and then move out of the state?

That's the problem with a lot of "pro-lifers" - they don't really give a shit about childrens' lives at all.

Well, the cell is alive before conception even, but from a raw scientific standpoint a human starts out as something a lot less complex than your average pickle, and it's hard to call it murder to stop that thing from developing further if you don't think it has a divine spark in it.

Congratulations, you're "that guy" in every thread pertaining to pedophiles on reddit.

if its pissing of liberals he must be doing something right /s

You realize that sometimes atheists want to learn more about religious texts to poke holes in religion so maybe you’re being a shit head to like-minded people unnecessarily?

You aren’t helping the cause my dude.

What is the new evidence? Genuinely curious.

It's really part of the bible, if that's what you're asking, but the magic spell supposedly only causes abortion in case of infidelity.

I can see a certain kind of logic to it. Cheating is bad, and a fear of magical cheating detection may have helped prevent women from straying. Then, if a woman cheats anyway, the dust and ink in the water isn't actually going to cause her to have an abortion, so her husband will have to accept the baby as his own. By encouraging people not to cheat and by encouraging spouses to look the other way, peace and unity are preserved in the home.

Also, maybe it's just an error in translation or in my interpretation, but I kind of like this part:

if feelings of jealousy come over her husband and he suspects his wife and she is impure—or if he is jealous and suspects her even though she is not impure— 15 then he is to take his wife to the priest. He must also take an offering of a tenth of an ephah[a] of barley flour on her behalf. He must not pour olive oil on it or put incense on it, because it is a grain offering for jealousy, a reminder-offering to draw attention to wrongdoing.

The way I read "a grain offering for jealousy", the husband is forced to recognize that even being jealous is a form of wrongdoing. We don't choose our emotions, but I think it's a good thing to say to a jealous man "hey, whether you're right or wrong, your jealousy is a problem. If you're right, then your jealousy is going to make you more likely to seek vengeance against your wife, which is really bad for society. If you're wrong, you're putting your wife through a lot of needless pain and humiliation, which is also bad for society. God says to check yourself and get your head right.

I don't know how I could handle that......the good ones are gone so prey on the ones not of consent? It's different than going out to a bar and seeing that the only single girls are really drunk so you foodie there drink so you can take them home. What's sad is that these same people would want to lunch a black man for dating their daughter when she's an adult, but a pedo ought to be a Senator.

Think about what you would do if your 14 year old daughter was being courted by a teacher. It'd be a parent teacher conference chokeout matinee, yet people are okay with that? A predator making laws about kid safety....That should be fun.

People already mentioned that this all came out after the primary, but I just wanted to add that this is still not a hard decision. I'm a very liberal person who has only voted Republican once in my life, and there's no way in Hell that I'd vote for some scumbag pedophile just because I agree with him politically. I'd vote R down the entire ballot before even considering voting for a pedophile.

I’ve been holding to my belief in your last paragraph for close to 20 years... I don’t know how much hope I have left to be honest. The country seems more polarized than I can remember.

And why is the TD so he'll bent on defending him by deflecting so much? It's disgusting.

I'm one who is not scared. I haven't been able to stomach Roy Moore since the Ten Commandments debacle. The current thinking that anything goes as long as a democrat is not elected is just beyond me. Roy Moore has an agenda which has zero to do with the desires and needs of the people of Alabama and everything to do with his warped and unbelievably arrogant mindset. He is a political vampire who needs a stake in the worst way.

Its like those very vocal, almost aggressive anti gay people who get caught sucking a dude off in a public restroom.

If I were a citizen I would also be with y'all. Roll Tide. Canadian living in AL.

Thanks for the non-condescending response and the ammo to use in the future.

We still try to prevent every death from natural causes as well. We try to cure diseases, heal wounds, avoid accidents. Why should we simply accept "nature taking its course" as a reason not to intervene in this particular matter?

I've never been south of New Jersey, and I still feel there are too many Fox News followers.

And you wonder why they don't give a fuck what you think...