New Bears’ HC Matt Nagy has successfully recruited DC Vic Fangio, convincing him to stay in Chicago on a three-year contract, per source. Agreeement just reached.

New Bears’ HC Matt Nagy has successfully recruited DC Vic Fangio, convincing him to stay in Chica...

Super Bowl titles come and go but Off Season Championships last forever

So the Bears got an HC, OC, STC, and DC before four other teams even hired their HC?


dusts off the mantle, puts the 2017 Off Season Champions trophy next to the 2013-2016 NFL Practice Championship trophies

I like the NFL when the Bears have a good defense and a meme QB.

The Bears are putting all the pieces in place to be the 2017 Rams

We’ve exclusively had meme QBs lol.


But not the 2018 Rams that lose in the first round.

We went from this to this to this.  Chicago picks its QBs by memeability.

We went from to this to this. Chicago picks its QBs by memeability.

A moment's silence for the F5 key, which has been brutalised these last few days.

I am ready to get so fucking carried away

2013-2016 NFL Practice Championship trophies

most prized possession

I mentioned it in our sub (well, I stole it from the article), but we REALLY lucked out that KC lost in the 1st round. Especially since most HCs will want final say on all coaches, and they won't like the idea of the team hiring coaches that they didn't get a chance to officially interview. This allowed us a head-start, and Pace and Nagy have been on their A-game in hunting down everyone.

We were able to aggressively get the college coaches we wanted too. If they were interested in joining the NFL, then there's no way they would say no to the first team that came knocking when there was no guarantee of any other teams following suit.

Congrats you sons of bitches

I mentioned it in our sub (well, I stole it from the article), but we REALLY lucked out that KC lost in the 1st round.

You're welcome.


Good for Chicago. He should have been HC after leaving San Francisco.


Shit I'd still kill for a first round exit at this point lol.

"Rex is our quarterback."

Whoa lets not forget our beloved Neckbeard and his bottle of Jack

The NFC North is freaking rough.

And OLC and RBC

Bears gonna be a sp00ky team going into next year

He should have been HC after leaving San Francisco.

There appears to be a character issue of some kind with Fangio.

Nobody has confirmed it but he must be failing these interviews left and right. He's interested in a HC position but is almost universally ignored for them.

In my opinion, the Bears are going to take a huge step forward next year. However out might not show in the wins column because there are 3 playoff caliber teams already in the division

I'll take beating the Packers.


I mean, maybe I'm crazy, but it just seems like this was common sense.

You remade the 4-3 disaster we had into a damned respectable 3-4 in 3 years, Vic. Now stick around and watch these men you molded kick some ass.

Damn right he is

He's pretty blunt when it comes to the media and that's probably where some of the pause is from.

A damned good and respected OLC at that too. I think that is lowkey one of my favorite hirings.

I don't think we play the Browns next year though.

Mmmm tell me more


Dicks up, Bear down

Maybe I’m a dumb homer but I really think next season all 4 will have a reasonable shot at making the playoffs. Bears were competitive all season. Beat the panthers, steelers, and ravens. Gave the Vikings, falcons, saints, and Lions all they could handle.

The D will just improve now that Vic is locked up and the offense looks to have the guys in place to utilize their strengths. Gimme a couple wideouts and were good.

Give a brother a trigger warning.

Give us a real WR and you may need to upgrade us to scary.

49ers-bears super bowl next year.

its not possible but it will happen

Also the giraffe. If nothing else he did provide the dankest of meme material.

Don't forget that before all that there was still this.

I know of a former coordinator who was passed over and passed over for HC positions because he rubbed some people the wrong way by being blunt and straightforward......

Pretty great head coach so far actually

Woah, chill that man has a family.... that he doesn’t talk to

Better than the Packers

Hey man where’s your...flair...hmmm nvm


I will name my first born after Jordan Howard

But the man can not catch for the life of him lol

Monsters of the Midweek

my f5 key is actually broken

Should have won that Atlanta game to be honest fam

Arguably the very best OL coach in all of football.


Or, dare I say, spo0py?

Can you all just fire the fuck out of Bob Sutton? I'm a Bears fan living in Prairie Village KS so I want the Chiefs to do well too

Look let’s be honest the dream scenario is for three Norf teams to make the playoffs and for the one who doesn’t make it to be Green Bay

Dammit! The bears better be good to him and sack Aaron Rodgers on every damn play

At least we dethroned you for the practice championship this year. Nobody has good Wednesday practices like us.

Harry Hiestand

Calling him the best OL in all of football is a stretch. I'm happy they got him though. He was with the Bears during their best stretch since '85

Trust us, we have no fucking clue why he isn't gone yet.

idk there might be a power shift coming in the next two or so years

Our depth chart is the Titty Kisser, a giraffe, and The Sanchise. We're a fun team.

If Pace gets two stud WR's by training camp I may need to see my doctor for an erection lasting longer than 4 years.

GQ Jimmy vs. The Titty Kisser

I'll give you Wednesday practices, you guys earned it.

Honestly if the McCaskeys don’t hang the 2017 Off Season Champion banner I’m cancelling my season tickets on the spot


We will in the Super Bowl

But soon maybe those Super Bowl titties will find the Bears too.

User name checks out.


Here you go.

Here you go.

We are definitely going undefeated in the offseason AND preseason this year.

Bevel gone, Cable gone, Capers gone, Shula gone, but for some fucking reason, Sutton stays.

The have a weird mural at the Brown Line Irving Park stop that includes a red headed woman with a huge neck. I think of the giraffe every morning.

Edit: Here is the pic

Keep going

Well, let’s not get carried away now!

as long as Mitchell Trubisky can at be better than sexy rexy

I love me some power shifting.

You might as well just start assuming any Bears thread on /sub/nfl is going to trigger you in some way.

bears fans right now

Cameron Meredith is an excellent #2, borderline #1 guy and Kendall Wright is a solid slot receiver. Outside of that we've got nothing to rely on.

Unlike most people I'm not writing off Kevin White just yet.

Aye aye

The, "You haven't even seen my final form yet" smirk.

We could use like, 3 of those. Our current WRs wouldn't even be rostered on most teams.

Aren't you leaving someone out?

Aren't you leaving out?

pls let us not go 4-0 in the preseason.

We'll see. I have to be optimistic about Trubisky, since we have no other choice, but his lack of experience is basically unprecedented, as he never even played a full season of college ball. His raw, physical skills are there, but I often think people are jumping the gun a bit in thinking he's going to absorb all the rest of what goes into playing a QB so quickly with how little experience he has under his belt.

What I'm looking for next year is where the coaching staff seems to think they can go in terms of opening the playbook. It was basically closed this year, firmly shut. It'll tell us a lot in terms of where they really view his progress, far more than empty platitudes of "he looks good; he's got potential; blah blah blah".

I'm thinking, we should be ecstatic if we improve to 8 wins as a further step in Trubisky's growth. Clearly, the expectation is year 3 is the make or break mark for Pace, and so the following year after next year, playoffs or bust.


Man how the fuck you post these so quick lol

Havent even hit FA and the draft yet and we already look way better at this time than any time this past year.

Lets not get carried away

I would be ready as well if I were a bears fan!

Command R - for all the Mac bros out there

That was actually due to Baalke.

Baalke shot down the Adam Gase hire, which we had all but agreed upon.

York and Baalke both wanted Tomsula to stay on the staff which (rumor incoming) apparently Fangio had issues with retaining Tomsula on the staff.

Outside of that, that is about all we know.

I like to think I keep a close ear to FO stuff, but for years now there hasn't been a single whisper regarding what has gone wrong for Fangio.

He was the favorite for the 49er position...until he wasn't. No reason given, no response to the HC interview, and the beat writers were as clueless as I was.

Every offseason his name comes up, and he is always sought after as a D coordinator when his contracts expire.

I honestly can't find a single leaked piece of information or anonymous quote regarding his interviews. It is super strange.

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