Never forget that 2001 MLB game where Randy Johnson killed a bird

Never forget that 2001 MLB game where Randy Johnson killed a bird
So, Randy Johnson is into photography now. The logo he uses is a dead bird:

So, Randy Johnson is into photography now. The logo he uses is a dead bird:

It was a fowl ball.

Such unlucky timing for the bird. I bet it made a bet with its bird friends to fly across the field without getting hit.

It's a lot more difficult to get a birdie in baseball than it is in golf

I knew about the photography gig, but did not know about the logo. That is awesome.

So was this called a ball? Or not counted as a pitch at all?

So what you're saying is you hadn't heard about the bird?

I'd like to think that the last thing that went through his head, other than that baseball, was to wonder how the hell Andy Dufresne ever got the best of him.

Can you tell me what was called when Randy Johnson hit the dove with the ball (i.e. ball, dead ball, no pitch, or foul)?  -- L. Crowder

That bizarre play is not covered in the Official Rules. When a situation is not covered, Rule 9.01(c) comes into play. That rule gives the umpire authority to rule on any point not specifically covered in the Rules. In such instances the umpire is instructed to use "common sense and fair play." In this game, the umpires called it no pitch, as this was the fairest thing to do.

As a side-note, MLB Regulations do cover a batted or thrown ball (but not a pitched ball) touching an animal: "If a batted or thrown ball strikes a bird or other animal on the playing field, consider the ball alive and in play, the same as if it had not touched the bird or animal."


The bird is the word

Following the rules of baseball, the bird walked off its injuries and was allowed to take first base.

This is because birds are insectivores, so they are naturally attracted to crickets. When the wickets come out, the seagulls come to see them from miles around. During an average try of cricket, .04 birds are killed. Prevent unnecessary cricket deaths today by going to /r/savethebirdsfromthecrickets

Damn you can see the featherless/lifeless bird fall to the ground to the left.

Also why is only one person in the stands reacting wth lol

You dog

I once saw Randy snapping photos at Lollapalooza and, to this day, nobody believes me. Just taking pictures with the rest of the press. Was super weird.

Obviously, that was before I knew he was into photography.

I want to see someone's dog run by and pick up a live ball before the fielders can get to it.

Maybe he just didn't care anymore.

But easier in cricket than baseball.



Shouldn't have feathers


Don't you dare...

Not a dog but the Indians won a game due to a hit ball nailing a bird -



Have I found you, flightless bird

You appleseed

Leave it to Dee to ruin an amazing pitch.

That bird literally had the whole sky to fly through. What a case of "wrong place at the wrong time".


Because spring training


About 50/50

Happens or it don't.

I'd like a parade now please.

Now everyone believes you!

Would have been poetic if it was the Cardinals or the Blue Jays

Tony Larussa stared the bird down and then had someone slide in to his corpse spikes first for disrespecting the unwritten rules.

A sentence said rarely on Reddit.


Like Phil?

Ahh so a perfect score

Isn't an oriole a bird too?

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Was a no pitch, at the ump's discretion.

If you watch it in full speed it’s tough to figure out what the fuck just happened. If I was at the game I would’ve had no reaction other than to have another sip of beer


This is just so fucking ridiculous

Lmfao nice

No, this is PATRICK!

Randy Dufresne.

The ball's alive even if the birds are dead. Amen.

"it was as if the original pitch never happend."

Tell that to the bird.


Who else just watched that at least 10 times?

People are, it’s just slow motion.

This is probably my favourite thing I've learned in a long time and I don't know why. It's gonna be my cool new fact I bring up in every conversation for at least a week.

So if Giancarlo Stanton hit a moonshot but an entire family of bald eagles flew in the way, and their exploding corpses redirected the ball into the centerfielder's glove, he'd be out?

No. There must be a weird inexplicable anomaly. I think the whole crowd had been drugged.. that's the only fathomable explanation.

The rules say it is live only when the ball is hit by the batter, or when the ball is thrown to someone. This is a pitch, so there are still no rules for this particular situation. The ump in this game just made him rethrow the ball and it was as if the original pitch never happend.

I can't say, as I'm not well versed in bird law.

Blind woman in upper left...redhead girl who just wants to feel something...guy with sunglasses on hat using the force to pummel his ex with a bat...the fucking dog...

Just so much going on in this picture!

It was a spring training game in Tucson against the ...giants? I was just a bit further back behind home plate. Jay Bell came and picked up the bird after

6'10" dude. Randy Johnson is a long mofo.

2001 but filmed with a camera from ‘87.

Dog at a baseball game

"fucking ridiculous" thought the bird, as he tried to train his agility by dodging randy johnson's fastball

And everyone will be bored to tears

American Mouth 🎼

No chance. Tony Larussa attempted to rescue said bird and find it a nice new home. Heck, he started a whole animal rescue group after a cat ran on the field during a game. Here’s the story.

We foster animals for ARF; it’s a great, very well-run organization.

That said, ain’t nothing going to rescue you from a Randy Johnson fastball. RIP bird.

I think I remember Randy Johnson himself posting his website on the thread last time this gif was posted. Maybe he'll show up today :O


Didn't think I'd see Phil fans in this thread haha. Love the industrial sound in the song, and Hello I Must Be Going is a great album as a whole.

Eagles are specifically protected by special laws so he might be a felon too.

Such reference. Much wow.

They also lost one when Pedro Cerrano ran into the outfield to save a bird struck by a ball. He was tagged out just before the tying run scored.

Killed? More like fucking eviscerated hahahahaha

That bird is more famous than any of us.

6’ 6”. Mustache. Mullet.


If a pig did the same thing, and happened to swallow the ball, you'd have an inside-the-pork home run.

In my experience many people who go to baseball games don't watch most of the game. They wait for something interesting to happen before paying attention, this happened too quick for them to react.


The bird actually came back to life after the ump called it “no pitch”

Ssshhiiiitt, Iron and Wine reference in /sub/sports. Take the upvote you piece of shit. SHOUT OUT TO SODOM SOUTH GEORGIA!!!


Fortunately, I say fortunately, I keep ma feathas numbhad for just such an occasion.


I'm surprised more people haven't .

Haha yup! Thanks for the chuckle

Everybody's heard about the bird

That Bird must be a soccer fan

It was my understanding that everyone had heard

I think they just haven't had time to yet. The gif is slowed down at least a little.

it's a dialog from american psycho my friend

That second one is amazing. Australia in a nutshell haha

Same here except I would've taken 2 sips. I can never just take 1 sip of beer.


The big unit killed a flying unit

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Thank you for those links, I was very entertained for a few short minutes

Spring Training game, if I remember correctly..

Pretty sure that was a no pitch.