Never EVER judge a book by its cover.

Never EVER judge a book by its cover.

I do fear that we're joking about depression so much that people don't take it as seriously.

However, I do think that since we talk about it so much it becomes more of a conversation topic.

I know it's two sides of a possibility, but I know people who are more #1 than #2.

True, but I firmly believe good comedy comes from a dark place and sometimes it's easier to crack jokes than to just fucking cry.

Being depressed is too mainstream for me

Or looks happy/ emotionally stable.

So she saying just because she looks good, doesn't mean she is depressed?

As a depressed person, joking about it is all I've got to feel like I'm in control

I think so too. I feel like depression has become an “image enhancer” to some

Not per say, for me it's effectively a coping mechanism. Is it a good one? Probably not. Is it a helpful one that gives the condition some levity? Yes.