They are now begging him to resign. The bargaining stage of grief.

This is what happens when high schools teach Marxism and not civics.

First- Not our president

Then- TrumpRussia

Then- 25th Amendment

Then- Impeach trump

Now- Trump Resign

Next- Trump why won't you Resign

Next- OMG Please resign

They are reaching acceptance stage


Last night I met a friend out who was in town for the weekend. He literally believes ever single thing CNN tells him. I was blown away. He was sure Trump would resign or be impeached very soon.... like within weeks. He asked why I don't care about Trumps collusion with Russia. Oh.. then he asked what I thought about Trump having a white nationalist in his administration. It is so hard for me to comprehend how people can truly be so gullible/dumb.

Just under 7 years worth of stages, but I'm no doctor.

So they're gonna bot a lot? Wow, this changes everything! /s

January 19 2025:


Demand a recount

Try to get the Electoral College to vote against him

Blame sexists, a vast right wing conspiracy, GOP hackers and mind eating bacteria for Trump getting elected

Russia Russia Russia- Impeach!

Trump is a racist- Censure!

Heh, heh. We were just kidding Donald! Hey, I wondering if I could get a Presidential pardon

How many do you think we have left?

Random point-out:

Twitter has random fake trends every single day. They are visibly fake, having either no post count at all or something in the lower four figures - rookie numbers for shill tactics. Company bosses push a button, new trend appears. Seeing multiple anti-Trump "trends" every single day only means somebody struck one their nerves recently.

If you scroll through a fake trend, you'll see the same few posts repeated letter for letter 5~10 times each. This tends to happen in one quick burst, then the trend is overrun by spiceposting snowflake-melters.

I'm in the same boat but I'm doing my best to redpill my friend all the while he swears he's immune to persuasion. Yet voted for Clinton. I haven't let it effect our friendship but it is frustrating. I mean you think you know someone lol

The "resistance" really thinks if they get some lame hashtag trending on twitter that it's some sort of cool awesome victory for them?

I don't get these people. I mean seriously though. I do not understand any of their ideas or actions or motives. I can't decide if they are mentally ill or mentally retarded or a combination of both.

My good friend growing up was a huge liberal, big time Daily Show is where I get my news type of guy, his friends in high school and early college were big time pothead types who were always angry and sarcastic. He and I could disagree back then and we would have huge debates but never let it affect our friendship.

Sometimes I'd be giving him big ass red pills in the same way you feed a dog a pill when youre out of treats... but I never gloated. Sometimes he'd make good points about stupid shit the Bush administration would do and I'd have to take my pills too.

Anyways, he went deep into his major, shit started getting technical and he learned about the science behind geology and climate, got a nice job working with a bunch of older conservatives and slowly turned. We'd still have our debates but he saw through Hillary's bullshit and became a republican. Now he's a pretty solid conservative himself. He's not the next Mark Levin or anything but he's solid.

Anyways, point is there's always hope. And we remain buddies despite it all.

1 like = to stop Kony

Stupid cucks.

Bots ain't cheap. Gotta put that money from Uncle Soros to work.

I just donated all the souls in the universe. MATCH ME


Lets see if liberal try to make that seem like collusion

Just because it trends doesn't make it real. Why is there even importance put upon twitter trends? This bullshit better not still be here 5 years down the line.

Downvoted within the few minutes of your post? There must be an automatic bot or something. I got you fam.

Just like those surgeons who don't operate on children until they get 1,000 likes and shares on cuckbook!

How many before they go to Prison?

Kony 2012!

They're finally admitting they have nothing on him and are begging him to resign.

Conservatives have no time for such things. What, between attending KKK and neo-Nazi rallies, burning crosses and black churches, and all of my other fascism, how could I ever find the hours in a day for it?

Merely suggesting that someone here would have time for it makes me question whether or not you're doing enough to kill minorities now that Trump simply lets us murder whoever we want. Are you not out there spending every waking moment rounding up liberals from all walks of life and bringing them to the camps that Trump built for us?

It doesn't? We've made a terrible mistake.

Wonder how much they're spending combined with the hashtag being highjacked?

Guys, hear me out on this one. I was in a different forum (don't want to mention which one specifically), and while I was scrolling jpegs, I came across an image posted by TheResistance warning me to upvote and reply "no impeach Donald" within 7.291892 seconds, and I'm afraid I might not have been quite fast enough with the reply. So there is a chance... I'm sorry.

"Please resign, Trump! I'll let you fuck my wife and my ass! Just say yes!"

I heard Jesus won't answer prayers unless this gets 5000 shares.

Why the fuck would he resign? Liberals are fucking retarded, there's no way around it.

The only reason anything trends lately is because the censor what is really trending.


Someone needs to list the Twitter hashtag campaigns libs have started & how they've actually accomplished nothing.


Same here. Lots of real idiotic democratic friends. Real dumb people, I can read people really good and they actually fooled me because i thought they were smarter than that. It's really weird because they're like serious.

They also can't understand the game being played behind their backs.

Probably both.

Also they kinda have to take any imaginary win they can pretend to, what after all the losing they have going on...

ahahah if you check his actual twitter he spent at least the last hour retweeting his own tweets 2 dozen times. Sad bunch of little cucks.

Why would they do this on the day of the solar eclipse? That's all anyone is going to talk about today

When did they get past the denial stage?

Antifa has no clue they are heading straight towards a drowning machine on shit creek.
People are going to get the death penalty for this shit. Not everyone. but the ringleaders...

Antifa has no clue they are heading straight towards a on shit creek. People are going to get the death penalty for this shit. Not everyone. but the ringleaders...

Depends on who's fee-fees get rustled the hardest prior to upending the apple cart of their privileged lives.

So AntiFa, because their backers will never see a prison cell, not even if those protest-mercs make a video asking for bail/lawyer fees and send it to them.


How does twitter make money? I imagine selling publicity through things like fake trends is a no brainer for them.

They don't. Twitter has never turned a profit.

Oh it will. "This right here is the end of Drumpf! Surely!"

I was wondering why I was seeing so many people begging on social media for him to resign. It's fucking weird.

These idiots are their own enemies.

Here's hoping. Just want that stability to happen and for people to take a moment and recall that we're all Americans...

And we all look like huge fucking targets right now.

They are going to get lumped into the civil rights investigation with Cville and Boston..

The more they riot the more they fuck up

they are openly advocating rioting on november 4th onward, until trump and pence are out of office...

They are so fucked. So fucking fucked.

You should ask him if he believes everything he sees on tv

Most people say no

Then ask, well why do you believe cnn?

CNN has been marketed as the chic way to stay informed and be smart.

You know all that bullshit kitschy "Smart Water" stuff? Well, that's how CNN is marketed as.

I don't think people who believe CNN are malevolent. It comes down to gullibility and not having the faculties for assessing facts in a rigorous way. Fortunately, truth is on our side so we can gently introduce people to the truth...

Bone Broth!

You can stand this guy up to the gates of hell itself and he won't back down

Still waiting on the verdicts of the people that started shit during the election period and the inauguration.

Fucking spice melting the memes in my brain before I can create them!

Yeah. 2018 is going to be rough for the democrats. There's so many democrat members of Congress up for re-election in states that voted for's going to be incredible to watch the fall of the democrat party.

Not that the establishment neo-con RINO republicans are any better. But it will make it so easy to expose them by the time 2020 rolls around.

Scott dorkin

When did this country get overrun with fucking nerds? I used to think I was one, but this shit is otherworldly lame.

He was so popular in 2012 and still lost to Obama

I'm gonna make a protest sign out of that tweet and call it my "REEEEEEE-Sign"

Why do you think Nixon resigned? He saw on Twitter that #Watergate was being retweeted millions of times a day.

Sigh, what has he done today?

It's only 12:30 AM, PST

Only meme magic can turn fantasy into reality

Notice how a lot of the Leftist methodology is akin to antisemitic techniques from the 1930s?

In both cases, the target group is de-humanized.

In both cases, they're intimidated with recourse to violence and rabble-rousing. (In the recent Charlottesville incident, the rabble-rousers were even a group of thugs founded in Germany of all places: Antifa!)

In both cases, class hate is stirred by telling the lower economic strata that their poverty is due to the financial theft of the target group.

In both cases, the target group is said to belong to a "secret cabal" and that they have meetings to coordinate against the rest of the nation.

Footnote: I remember a Jewish friend (who was a struggling lower middle-class guy, laughing at the claim that he was a secret beneficiary of a worldwide Jewish conspiracy. "Maybe they forgot to invite me to their secret meetings," he added. In the current situation, patriotic Americans are being framed as "white nationalists" with secret handshakes and surreptitious gestures . . . or clandestine Klansmen, with cartoon frogs, attending secret meetings, lol. It never occurs to the people engaging in this hate-campaign that Hitler was attacking a minority . . . not the MAJORITY of the nation. It's easier to trick the gullible if you try to define individuals very few of whom people have met; it's another matter altogether to try and re-frame the majority of a society, when everyone knows them. It's a campaign doomed to failure. It's like mounting a campaign in China stigmatizing people with black hair, and trying to convince the nation that anyone with brown eyes is evil and plotting in secret back rooms to "get you". In a nation with a majority of people with black hair and brown eyes, that's not likely to scare people. Likewise in a nation that's majority-Caucasian, the thought that all Caucasians are a dangerous boogey man is not likely to be persuasive.


And mine too!

Only two possible timelines can happen now; Trump gets impeached or wins in 2020.

If the investigation after 4 years hasn't found any proof of a crime in this witch hunt Trump will win without question against any possible Democrat candidate. Status Quo/High Economy already on his side and moderates will come home if the investigation leads nowhere

The key is the 30-35% base (us) staying unified for Trump and America, plus put pressure on all political parties.


i keep some extra karma around in case of just such an emergency

skeletor pelosi is demanding he be censured

spiceposting snowflake-melters

Just preaching the truth, m'pede. Those liberals aren't going to put themselves into the camps, y'know.

I also cannot vote for Trump...... because there's no election at the moment :(

That's literally the only way to "guarantee it"

They are so blatantly dumb

Impeachment also has to have at least 10,000 likes on Facebook

Considering bots are always an issue it doesn't really mean what ever happens on Twitter reflects US public opinion.

Also the fact it does not matter one fucking bit what people outside the US think of Trump.

I support Trump but I can't vote for him so my view on Trump doesn't matter.


These people are so fucking deluded. What has Trump done that deserves resistance ffs? Oh yea he isn't a democrat and is therefore evil, the enemy and needs resisting.

Because they're sending their best.