Netflix's Altered Carbon Teaser Trailer

Netflix's Altered Carbon Teaser Trailer

Blade Runner-esque’s Westworld? I’m in!

This looks really good... I read the budget for this show was around $6 million - $7 million per episode.

February 2nd

Books are super cool. This looks like they realised the world nicely.

This is the show Miguel Sapochnik directed the pilot for instead of any Game of Thrones in season 7. He directed Battle of the Bastards, Winds of Winter, Hardhome, and The Gift episodes. I'm very excited for this.

Lots of 4k fx shots would get expensive fast.

The way it goes from pulp sci-fi to the most possibly explicit sex scenes is so jarring. Each book does it at least once, and they're consistently the worst parts.

Here's a line I like to quote to get the point across.

I felt myself slide out of her like something being born.

I liked those books quite a bit, but the sex scenes are just terrible.

You should read the book if you get a chance. It has an interesting look at a future civilization

Even this got a release date before black mirror, lol. Also, I'm very excited, the book was awesome. The world looks movie-quality.

Is this TV? Damn the budget must be insane

Means Netflix thought that the pitch deserved the high budget it got and also better vfx. No guarantees of the overall final quality, of course, but I won't assume the worse and hope for the best outcome.

Just knowing an episode was directed by Miguel Sapochnik is enough to get my attention.

6-7 mil per episode, one of Netflix's most expensive shows.

Books are super cool. Just skip the sex scenes in them. Sex scenes are not one of Morgan’s strengths as a writer.

You've never slid out of a women like something being born? Not even once in your life?

I dunno, the crying doesn't seem to impress women as much as you might think.

Yeah Netflix is banking on this one to be a big hit.

Damn, Angelica Schuyler now is even more of a badass.

yeah! The book is great. Sci-Fi Noir.

A big budget tv SFI I'm in!

Although doesn't the premise seem rather Dollhouse? Not that I'm complaining I loved Dollhouse.

Also is that the guy from The Killing US?

The only difficulty I see them having is in frequent actor changes for the main character. Kovacs is a great personality and I loved the books but the nature of the universe means he's frequently body hopping. In fact he's undergone intensive training to get to the point where he can hop between bodies like we might swap cars.

It's going to be hard to connect to a character that our brains won't parse as the same person. I'm interested to see what techniques they use to get around this hurdle. Internalized voice-over always in the same voice, maybe? Many flashbacks to his original body?

It's certainly a better sign than say, 6 dollars an episode wouldn't you say?

Given how well some shows like the expanse and Westworld have done and how easy to digest the world of the books are I think it's easy to see how this got the budget that it did. I'm so excited for this and pray they don't flop

Joel Kinnaman? Hell yes. This looks fucking amazing. Very reminiscent of Blade Runner.

Nah Netflix is angling for this to be it's next big genre hit, it'll be around for a while

Well, the vast majority of the first season (assuming it's following the events of the first book) will be the same sleeve.

I'm kinda hoping that they have a completely different actor voice an internal monologue throughout all the sleeves.

It's adapted from a book, much older than Dollhouse. Never watched Dollhouse but wasn't that based around robots? There it's humans that can transfer their consciousness in different bodies since centuries in a Cyberpunk world. It's more Blade Runner that Dollhouse IMO'

Ohh nice, not a long wait, I expected second half of 2018.

I wonder how general audiences will handle having multiple actors for a main character.

Wouldn't it be Riker or some other guy's body? Not Takeshi's for sure.

Fingers crossed they're gonna drop Black Mirror unexpectedly

Let's hope they spent some of that budget on good writers/directors.

Yes, Joel Kinnaman.

Yeah, it's the first in a series. Richard Morgan is the author. The main character, Takeshi Kovacs, is awesome. I don't think it's spoilery to say he's a retired special agent (UN Envoy core, which has a flavor like something between the Kwisatz Haderach from Dune and James Bond), and is now a private detective. Very enjoyable audiobook, as well.

I wonder how they are going to let us know when the main character has a full erection or a half chub

A true dystopian nightmare we find ourselves in.

.. Doctor Who.

Oh my god. We're starting the year off with Altered Carbon and Westworld. Pinch me.

They don't per say have to skip them as some of them are designed to fuck with character interactions and relationships but more just rework them to be more a flash through the scene instead of the weirdly graphic thing they are in the books

Nah, Dollhouse wasn't robots. It was replacing peoples' minds and using them for whatever they were paid to do. Later it was used to keep the head honchos of the company alive during an apocalypse.

Isn't Blade Runner a "Blade Runner-esque Westworld" already?