Nerigo Emergency Evacuation Lift

Stairs don't break. This is stupid. This could kill people. Open holes. Wait times. Et cet.

I was also thinking about the panic when lots of scared people try to use it at the same time. What are the benefits of this thing?

The only thing I can think of is fire pushing people to the roof of a tower block, this might provide a way to escape on the outside of the building or get to a level below the fire, then take the stairs when below. I'd guess they would put a system on each balcony so it would be a bit quicker, but it would probably be a 'it's this or death' kind a deal, same as using a long rope ladder or abseiling.

I'd probably leave home like that everyday.

At our oil rigs in the north sea, we have a long tube made out of a mesh kind woven stuff with stages. You just trow yourself in it and bounce on each step down.

Spiral slides take up about as much space and also reach a safe max speed, without having open holes to fall through.

I had to look it up. Pretty cool.

(Except if you're the dork that goes first and you drop your radio.)

Nice! But I'm suprised that it clogged up and was so slow. When I tried it, it was more like boom boom boom anf you where down. I tried a smaller one tough.

A single pole would be far more cost effective and just as easy to use. Just slide down....

But there's no nerigos using it...?

I read the tittle differently...