Nerf John wick

Nerf John wick

Perfect. True to the movies with just a hint of satire

Not sure if this comment will be seen by many people, but from everyone at Corridor I just wanted to say I really appreciate the kind words and feedback from everyone. It's super exciting to see it get some love on reddit.

If you have any questions you'd like me to answer, feel free to reply to this comment and I'll do my best!

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Thanks! I tried slicking my hair back but the curls powered through the hair gel. :(

John is a man of focus, commitment, sheer will... something you know very little about. I once saw him kill three men in a bar... with a nerf dart, with a fucking nerf dart.

His moves were perfect. Wish he had slicked his hair back but that's my tiny complaint. Lots of work went into making this look authentic. Hope this gets more attention. Well done guys.

when an online short has better fight scenes than a marvel produced iron fist show.

John Wick OP pls nerf

I mean, who does that?

Loved the shot where "Wick" unloads his magazine, used the bad guy as a human shield, releases the enemy mag, slides into wick's gun and shots the dude in one smooth move.

True to the movie.

Yooooo, good job with this. A lot of my friends are John Wick fans and I'm sending this to all of them.


gratuitous shot of Ruby Rose's butt

That's what I thought it was going to be at first. This was so much better.


What's with that? They took a step back from Daredevil which had pretty amazing choreography at times, and this is a show that's supposed to be focused on martial arts. Weird.

Because it's a lot harder to do with real guns. Especially considering Wick mostly used an H&K P30 and the bad guys were using Glocks. Different magazines.

The sound effects were what made this video. The dinky pops of the nerf arrows had me dying

I dont know if Id consider them bad, they honestly feel average. The problem is this is supposed to be the strongest fighter in the world, and daredevil looked better. The blows lacked weight

Super creative reload. I'm sure the director/creators of John Wick 1 and 2 are jealous that they didn't think of this one first.

Hmm hair product advice from a bald guy? Seems sketchy.

There is a scene in John Wick 2 where he's mowing through bad guys, realizes one of them has the same type of gun he has (Kimber 1911) and scavenges the dude's body for spare magazines. I thought that was a nice touch.

They call him... the bootyman

Nerf guns started getting ridiculously well engineered about three years ago, and have just been getting better.

My 8 year old had almost all of these guns. I feel like a good mom for arming him well.

Im over here balding at 27 and you're like "oh no, my hair is too glorious for hair gel". Psh.

On a less joking note, hair wax is probably what you're looking for.

this was so badass. seriously, kudos for a stellar production. where the hell do you find so many nerf guns lol? am i just that old and out-of-touch that I am clueless to the variety of nerf weapons nowadays? incredible.

This is a more effective advertisement for Nerf products than any piece of advertisement Nerf itself has ever put out.


Common must really hate him. Also if he wanted to be anonymous he should not have included a profile pic.


This. Is. Awesome. Keanu has to see this.

Heck yeah, it's always nice to see the original Corridor video and not a 10 FPS 140p gif.

Some people say that the reason Iron Fist fight scenes don't seem to have any weight is because they were trying to be realistic. In reality, punches do not sound like they do in Daredevil. However, I'm watching a superhero show. I don't want realistic. I want over the top action with impact behind the punches.

Parody, not satire. It's a common misconception that these two things are synonymous. Parody is about poking fun at other artistic works (books, films, etc.) whereas satire is about poking fun at political or social issues.

Edit: lots of replies. Those who corrected me by pointing out it is more pastiche than parody are correct. Those who suggested it is right to call it satire are incorrect. Those who chose to be rude are jerks.

narrow pass

Like a uh.. corridor?

Are they that bad? I've only seen the first two episodes and thought the fighting wasn't bad.

Jessica Jones and Luke Cage aren't exactly people who needed Choreography in their fights though

You also have a superhero who literally is focused on using magical punches. It's a much better excuse to go a little over the top.

It was actually stock music from premium beats! Just had to dig around and find the right track.

Man, they used like all of them from the last few years. Here's a (partial) list, shown in order.

N-Strike Elite Mega Magnus

Zombie Strike Double Strike

Rival Apollo

N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike

Zombie Strike Hammershot (loaded with Accustrike darts!)

looks like a Reflex IX-I (yellow blaster pointed at Wick's head)

N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 with 10 round banana mag, Raider stock, front barrel attachment, and Nerf red dot sight

Mega Magnus again

N-Strike Raider CS-36 with Modulus stock (which sucks, notice it flex when he primes the blaster)

Zombie Strike Sling Fire (with old-timey lever action)

blue Rival Apollo

bad guys look to have a N-Strike Elite Hyperfire and Rapidstrike

green N-Strike Elite Roughcut

looks like the Raider that Wick was using a bad guy has at 1:35

Wick pulls an orange N-Strike Elite Stryfe off the ledge at 1:58 (with no mag?)

bad guy using a Rapid Strike with Modulus front barrel attachment

bad guy with white N-Strike Elite Recon (no barrel or stock attachment, with 12 round mag); second guy has a Zombie Strike Crossfire with bow arms removed

Wick pulls the same Raider used before out of the cabinet at 2:23. Loads an 18 round magazine.

bad guy is using the green Rough Cut again at 2:27; another bad guy gets a white Rough Cut knocked out of his hand at 2:36

bad guy gets a Zombie Strike Sledgefire knocked out of his hand at 2:29

notice at 2:43 that the green Zombie Strike dart isn't properly loaded into the Raider breech at all. But he closes the jam door anyway. This wouldn't fire.

And that's all of them I think. On closer inspection, they missed a lot of very cool blasters. Someone should have tried to snipe him with a N-Strike Longshot or Mega Centurion. And they should have shown the Roughcut and Sledgefire in action. "Glock" bad guys could also have been using N-Strike Elite Strongarms for variety too.

Note also they didn't actually fire any of the Rival blasters (Apollo only). The Rivals fire a round yellow ball, not a dart, so it wouldn't have gone with the theme.

This is nit-picky though, it's a great video!

ha ha ha this is hilarious

shoves dart into guys skull

Oh. This is ten times better

I lost it when the price went up to 150 bazilion

100 duck sized horses, then do a 300 style situation where I hold em off in a narrow pass.

Why should they be credited in the title? Linking to their actual YouTube page which has their logo at the start and end of the video isn't enough? How long do you want titles of submissions to be?


Want to go bowling?

What he probably means as engineered is in performance. I mean to shoot farther than just 25ft and can hit something smaller than the side of a house.

Also with how easy and cheap 3D printing is now, there are tons of 3rd party attachments and mods you can make or buy.

A bald guy, who has likely spent years researching all things hair in search of a miracle cure? Of course you'd listen to him.

Congrats on front page, you guys deserve it! What music did you use?

Took me two minutes to connect that "nerf" referred to the brand of toy gun

I thought it was hilarious when Ruby Rose was sitting there bleeding out and he just takes all of her shit and leaves.

Satire is USUALLY about poking fun at political/social issues.

Satire is about pointing out shortcoming or problems through exaggeration and irony. It can point out problems with anything, an individual, a social problem, political parties/governments, literary/film/art genres, people who love cats, whatever. So long as your purpose is to show your subject sucks through irony, its satire.

If you want you can say that technically pointing out shortcomings in anything can be handwaved into a "social issue", but its moving goalposts to be right. Social issues are "people shouldn't be married before they are 20" "people go to jail for smoking weed for longer than assaulting children". etc.

You can create a satirical book that larps popular tropes in fantasy for example, which is critical of a literary genre but not any political or social points.

You could create a satire of Bill Nye videos where you suggest they do more harm then good (I don't know why you'd think that, but you might). Or a satirical look at youtube purse unpacking videos and how they are a waste of time. People watching youtube purse unpacking videos isn't a "social issue". You just hate them and want other people to hate them.

Parody is often satirical, but other times (like this video) there is no malice, ill-will, or attempt to say the subject is bad. So you are right that it isn't satire, but you are right for the wrong reason. The point of parody is to be humorous. The point of satire is to be critical. 9 times out of 10 a parody is satirical, but this is that other 1 in 10.

this scene

It's a major problem with Marvel productions in general. Marvel has this style of cuts where no one is ever actually hit. They throw the punch and immediately make a cut to the next scene where the person falls back. Most battles with any kind of action are CGI.

When you look at John Wick, John Woo, Batman v Superman, and even Jackie Chan you are looking at movies with long shots and good solid hits. There is some CGI being used but far more modest amounts. All of the hits are solid. They stay on scene and show hims and give the appropriate solid hit sound effect to let you know it's a hit.

It isn't a style that is expensive to do. All it requires you to do is choreography and long camera runs. We know why Marvel won't do this. They're Disney.

Edit: "John Wick" style combat scenes are not without their weaknesses. Along with the choreography you have to deal with the fact that you're not dealing with professional actors. These are stuntmen and martial artists. So what is the guy doing in ? He gets hit in the throat with a gun and grabs his throat while sliding down. They make a cut here because they don't want to show his face. Once the cut is made he magically gains his wind back and goes in for a punch to get shot by the reloaded John Wick. Most of John Wick's victims tend to do this really weird wiggle motion when they're in the open, make odd facial expressions when Wick is holding them in some super long headlock hold while shooting other people and sometimes they just lie down and wait to be triggered to stand up so they can die.

But I do think the action is superior to that of Marvel.

here's a 4v1 fight scene in a RocketJump short

Wow you're so right about this. For instance and here's one from Iron Fist.

Absolutely no comparison. Maybe Marvel should hire Freddie Wong.

Kid has a lucky mom. My mom wouldn't even let me have/hold a water pistol till I was 13....

I was really impressed with how closely the movements matched the way Keanu moved, even the way the guns were gripped.

56 cuts in less than a minute?? What is this, cheap seats at a Raiders game?

Corridor digital are fantastic and should be credited in the title. Check out their other videos if you haven't.

Corridor Digital

Especially all the "bip! BIP! .. bip!" sound effects.


Yes they are that bad.

Booba Yaga

Since Super Soakers got screwed, Nerf guns are the last true bastion of 90's fake weaponry.

Here's a picture that shows the difference

I hope you find it again.

Papa bless.

I lost it when he caught the nerf dart and rammed it into the guy's head.


On the real tho, he's right.

You're right that this video is more specifically a parody, but your definitions are incomplete/incorrect. Source: google "parody vs satire" and pick any result

To be fair he was given that one by Larry Fishburne when he was otherwise gunless

They've had magazines, rails and all kinds of cool accessories for almost 10 years now.

Jackie Chan - How to Do Action Comedy

Made me think of this video

It's always a good day when one of our vids goes viral.

Mods should flair you guys.

I think there's a video by Every Frame A Painting about this with Jackie Chan. Fights look a lot better when the hits don't coincide with the cuts.

EDIT: Here -


Thank you for saying magazine and not clip

I haven't watched John Wick 2 yet, but this is some great execution and action sequences.

The rubooty.

They don't charge like they used to, IE, when you pump it they shoot water from the mechanical pressure of the pump. That's lame.

Wheras before when you pumped them, you were pumping air into the water tank that would release water out when you pulled the trigger. That's what made the old super-soakers special. You could get someone across a 20ft lot with real authority. It also made it so they could give people black eyes.

Look how none of the water guns have triggers (if it has a trigger, it shoots a dart). The lawyers won.

"John was once an associate of ours. They call him Baba Yaga."

"The boogeyman?"

"Well, John wasn't exactly the boogeyman. He was the one you sent to kill the fucking boogeyman!"

Ha, I would like to be

I knew a kid who's mom wouldn't let him read Harry Potter because it was "satanic"

Haha, thanks!

Daredevil also doesn't kill, this show has no excuses to be mediocre. Wasn't even just the fight scenes, plot and dialogue were eh.

That stuff looked so true to the original I wanna know if you guys are gonna be in John Wick 3.

No, I don't think less good action content on YouTube would be a help to us

I think he's referring to the cat Keanu from that key and Peele movie.

Hi I love you too

Nah, they just frigging love nerf guns.

The reason that I feel like it is a step down is that in Daredevil, In a one take you see the punches land and they look like it hits hard. In iron fist, at every punch landed there is a cut and feels disjointed and more of the Bourne Ultimated fight scenes. I wanted more one takes, less jump cuts.

So the super soaker got nerfed ?

Especially considering Wick mostly used an H&K P30 and the bad guys were using Glocks.

That's mostly for the first movie though. In the second he switches to a Glock 34, which uses the same magazine as a Glock 17 (one of the primary antagonist-fodder sidearms).

We put a tiny gimbal on Obie and mounted it on him!

He's also a Buddhist pacifist who tries his best not to harm when he can, even though his duty is to defeat the Hand.


It's not as bad as people are claiming, some of the scenes are downright amazing. It's leagues above the action we got in Jessica Jones and Luke Cage so I don't understand why people are complaining about it.

Yeah but most his fights were slapping and flicking people. It only wasn't until the final fight of the series he had to throw some techniques but even then it was just a street brawl. Don't get me wrong, I love the Marvel Netflix series, the fighting in DareDevil was great but when I saw promo clips for Iron Fist (and a spoiler fight when I was at a friend's house) my first impression really was "is that it?" I'll watch it for myself soon enough but as of right now, Netflix hasn't shown a good job promoting the martial arts a lot of people were hoping for.

It's like watching that Taken clip all over again.

Would you rather fight: one horse-sized duck, or 100 duck-sized horses?

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I could watch a 6 hour long video of this.

I thought it was nerf like he's op

I mostly dislike it because the main character who supposedly grew up as a monk has zero wisdom in any of the decisions he makes. Sure he's a good person, but for all his monk sayings he recites to himself he's terrible at thinking through consequences or planning out his end game goals.

Silly Rabbit, movies are for humans. What would a little Kitty Kat be doing watching a Key and Peele movie?

watch as ice frog nerfs him to the point where he's unusable and some obscure stupid character gets incredibly OP in the process.