Nerd and Jock Ep 14 | Credit:

Nerd and Jock Ep 14 | Credit:

I copied from a nerd one time and we both failed.

Lesson: believe in yourself. And when in doubt it's 'C' or 'D. All of the above'. If everything else doesn't make sense, eenie-minie-mo.... for the other test formats and math, just believe.

I copied off my teacher once and somehow he said my answers were wrong lmao

Once I guy asked me to help him on a test. It was an essay, so I suggested him what to write and how. He got a better grade than me.

Some bitch who never showed up to class asked for my answers in the middle of a final exam and you bet your ass I gave her all the wrong answers.

And that, grandkids, is how I made my first enemy in the ninth grade.

How on earth

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