Nephew's Reaction at a Monster Truck Show

Good on you for protecting the child's ears!

Wait till he sees Truckasaurus

Some say he's had an erection ever since.

For real, my dad took me to a monster truck show when I was young and it was so loud we had to leave because my ears couldn't handle it

Same reaction I have when I go to the strip club

Nieces/Nephews are the best. You get to do all the fun stuff with them / spoil them and when they start crying / start smelling you just hand them back to mommy or daddy :)

How did the rest of your body handle it?

All we know is: He's called The Stig!

monster truck, the peak of humans' cultural achievements.

Is he still doing his thing?

I haven't been or seen anything monster truck related since I was like 9, but I was surprised to hear that the likes of Gravedigger are still big names. I assume it's just different trucks around the country with the same paint job/logos, but it's still kinda neat.

I've bought my nephew loud annoying toys out of revenge for my older sister beating me up and taping over my cartoon vhs tapes 20 years ago.

Think about it: we are so advanced and have so much excess metal, we can build giant heavy steel things powered by explosions to destroy other smaller steel things powered by explosions just for our amusement. Monster trucks are cool.

Kristal does, she told me so.

This guy trucks.

He's going to be chasing this high the rest of his life.



I bet strippers love you!

I went with a friend and his 3 daughters to see Judas Priest. We've been to plenty of concerts before without the girls (all under 10 y/o at the time), and I was laughing to myself at my buddy going full dad-mode with healthy snacks and water bottles he brought from home.

When the music started, he gave each of them earmuffs like the ones this boy had. My tinnitus is beginning to catch up with me, so I had massive respect for my friend watching out for his kids. The show ended up being a blast, watching them sing along to "breaking the law" was hilarious.

Ring ring?

Who is it?


That's great! Think you might have a gear-head for life!

That'll teach her.

all we know is, he's called The Stig


I wish I could be this happy

Pure joy.

I do believe that this is the best description of monster trucks I have ever read.

Her dad didn't though, that's why she's so good at it!

Big Foot was the greatest when I was a kid.

One day it's monster truck rallies the next day you're freebasing in a derelict project somewhere.

I must be old.

BTW, a gigantic semi trailer transforming into a car eatting metal dinosaur is something one could see at a monster truck show. It pre-dates the simpsons episode.

Of course Gravedigger is still around, it was the greatest monster truck then, and it's the greatest now. It's just the greatest of all time, and that's an actual fact- it wins all the time.

To be fair that episode of the Simpsons aired in 1990. That's 27 years ago.

You must be young.

I've never been, but if someone offered me tickets to the opera/theatre/musical or things traditionally considered the peak of human achievement, and tickets to a monster truck rally on the same day, I can confidently say that id immediately cut the sleeves off a tshirt and see some big ass trucks smashing into shit

Just to prove to you guys that I'm a weirdo let me tell you a story. First time I ever went to a strip club I took a bottle of hand sanitizer with me. No, it wasn't for me; it was for the strippers. So my cousins pay for my first lap dance. She gets up and is ready to go. Everyone's excited and toasting to my introduction to 'manhood.' in the midst of all that, before the girl could get started I yell out "hold up!" Take out my bottle of hand sanitizer and offer the girl some to clean her hands. She was very professional and abided. I don't know what I imagined a lap dance entailed that the girl would need hand sanitizer. My cousins and friends to this day will not let me live that down.

Bill Burr - Sheries Berries

Bill Burr -Lance Armstrong - Lance later went to a show of Burrs

Rotor Riot - Atlanta Diving

Louis C.K. Monologue - SNL


ROC Roadblock

Chris Hadfield - Space Oddity

And if you have not yet watched Rick and Morty - do so post-haste.

Keep Summer Safe - All inclusive non-spoiler self contained side narrative in Rick and Morty.

That's my attempt, those are my "go to" pieces of content to achieve happiness.

My family used to take me to the race track when i was a kid, i couldn't stand the noise, sadly people thought it was funny that i was desperately trying to cover my ears.

Gear head with head gear.

Oh, we do the same with to my uncle, aunt, en their 4 children. Their 3rd child wanted a wood working pack, like hammers, screwdrivers, drills, etc etc, but he never got it from his parents (especially not from his mom.. bitch), because "he would ruin everything". Well, on his birthday, my mother and my other aunt gave him a big toolbox, with everything he wanted, and you could see my aunt getting a bit pissed, as she tried to hide it. It was the best birthday I ever had there.

just got tinnitus. not fun.

Yeah, I felt like big foot was like hulk hogan and grave digger was undertaker or something. Not necessarily #1, but way more badass

I was going to say exactly the same thing. As well as.

I am going through losing my hearing. In the last year I have lost a lot. I just got a new hearing test on Thursday and my doctor is strongly recommending that I get hearing aids. I been in tears on and off this weekend. Last year this time I had wonderful hearing. Now I have trouble understanding people.

Hearing is something that you should be protecting as much as possible. It's something that you don't miss til it's gone. And then you try every thing to get it back but it's not the same as it was.

Protect your hearing.

What did you do on Sunday, SUNDAY ,SUNDAY afternoons as a kid?

Bitch I just want the ringing to stop


Parents got ripped off , they paid for the whole seat and he just needed the edge .

My dad always mocked me for finding his workshop too loud. Now he's finding out he has significant hearing loss from working in mills and realized why I've been wanting to protect my ears when he didn't notice.


You joke but:

The next thing you know, there's money missing off the dresser, and your daughter's knocked up. I seen it a hundred times.

So, uh, about that description on the picture.... Like I don't even mind how random the picture itself is, but whoever wrote the description had a very serious medical event right there

Like everyone is saying, you will get used to it.

Remember that nobody goes to tinnitus forums or Reddit to say "I'm feeling peachy today and can't hear my tinnitus!" It's mostly just negative thoughts / feelings and that is not conducive to easing your tinnitus. Take a step back and focus on what's good in life, and keep yourself busy.

In the mean time, sleep with a white noise source (and keep one running often) if that helps. Furthermore, work on protecting what's left of your hearing. It can be hard if you go to a lot of shows to start decreasing your "sound intake," but get some good earplugs.

Some days will be easier than others, but don't let it get to you. The one thing that made me step back and start thinking about tinnitus was that anti-anxiety medications like Xanax are effective at treating tinnitus. This was the real first piece of evidence to me that it's all in your head. There are weeks where I won't hear my tinnitus at all until I think about it and I'm like, "oh hey. There it is." Tune it out, and it'll keep itself at bay. It's possible, I promise.

I've had it so long I didn't know people weren't supposed to have it until I was an adult. I've always had ear problems, and assumed everyone had it to a degree. Hearing tests are especially tricky for me because I can't always tell if what I heard was a real beep or my tinnitus lol.

It's amazing how much they grow up to be like their mothers 😅😂

We are just little apes, aren't we?

He is the exact same character in Silicon Valley. I think he changed his name and moved from Scranton.

I have a vivid memory of going to a monster truck show when i was really young. When the truck would rev its engine to the maximum and gun it off the platform all sound would cut out until a few seconds after it landed and the crowd chilled out. Probably a very very bad thing.


I'm a professor of English literature. I love the opera, the theater, the ballet, all that shit. But you're right — give me motherfucking Monster Jam any day of the week. My wife and I can't wait until our daughter is old enough to go. (Side note: there are lots of badass women in monster trucks!)

You know, I'm sure opera has withstood the test of time for 4-5 hundred years for a reason, and the physical skill required/the time they put in is truly remarkable. That being said, I know for a fact that "high art" is not my cup of tea and I'd be right there with the rubes eating nachos and drinking Miller lite if I had my choice

While adults should protect their ears much more than is currently the norm, it's is actually more of a risk for children.

Children's ears are much more sensitive, and there is no recovering, whether you're young or old. Once the hairs in your ears that send vibrations throughout the system are damaged by excessively loud sounds, they never grow back.

He starts out as a very similar character as Gabe but eventually he becomes a lot more fun. He's the best character on the show now.

He has a solid future in air guitaring

Be a man, they say

have you ever been rocked so hard your whole body turns into an air guitar

Overwhelming excitement.

It's sometimes too loud for me now and I am hard of hearing.

When I was little I once saw gravedigger gun it off a ramp, get probably 50ft of elevation, then land so hard a wheel came off, a rim fucking bent, and a tire blew. AND, the suspension was totally trashed. Gravedigger goes hard every single time and that's why it's viewed as better than Bigfoot I think.

I've never been to a monster truck show but when I went to the opera it really blew me away, it was a lot better than I expected and I'd go again given the chance, not sure that the monster trucks could compete!

Sheer fun.

Your daughter has been knocked up 100 times?

My man (Denzel voice)

Not to be a smart ass, but it's not actually. It's your brain.

That's actually not a bad idea.

I couldnt even handle movie theaters when i was a kid

I don't know your circumstances. Maybe you're just experiencing the ennui of adulthood, maybe you just harmlessly miss the genuine unrestrained happiness of childhood, maybe something makes you truly unhappy.

In any event just remember that you can choose at any moment to let go of the lessons we're all taught as we grow up that make us lose our ability to enjoy life for its mere existence. Laugh with joy at a silly cat or dog, grin at a child playing with their shadow, of just smile at all the life around you next time you're in Starbucks buying a coffee.

I heard this in the voice of Jim Ross.

I'm sorry senpoo!!!!

No kidding. I mean I get that they want it to be immersive, but not "going deaf from an artillery shell landing too close" immersive.

I actually really like having noisy toys for my kids. Let's me know exactly what they are doing every second when they are playing. It's kinda helpful to let them have fun and do some work on a computer screen. When they are quit you have to watch them with your eyes, when they are noisy you can use your ears.

Then again... My first child had really... really... REALLY bad colic, so I guess the annoying repetitive sound thing doesn't really work on me now.

They recently mapped tinnitus

There are two types of tinnitus

Not gonna lie..... was expecting "Hell in a cell"

Cause we have you as an example, and he's nothing like you.

"Life requires balance"- Kurt "Gravedigger" Vonnegut Jr.

Watched antiques roadshow with grandparents.

"Had this vase have been in mint condition it would have today been worth £500,000 at auction. But because in 1980 you sellotaped the lid closed, today it is worth around £40"

Things with 1500 hp tend to be quite cool.

Indoor monster trucks... How is everyone's ears not bleeding even with ear muffs?







Take him to see Slayer or you're a terrible Uncle.

Have you tried punching your penis? Seemed to work for that kid.

Americans? What human doesn't enjoy on some level the sight of an impractical machine built purely for mayhem who's horsepower vibrates your very bones? It's like a gladiator match where the blood has been replaced with high octane fuel and the broken bodies with crushed steel. It's metal. It's spectacle purely for the sake of spectacle and refreshingly has no pretensions at being anything different.

I enjoy opera, fine dining, art gallery exhibitions and many other supposedly "sophisticated" pursuits. Sometimes though you just need to watch a gigantic truck, so large it can only be referred to as a monster, unleash complete automotive carnage on its smaller hapless brethren.



Steel Justice (1992)

Very real, still used at Monster Truck shows.

In the 90s they had a film on TV that was a failed pilot for a show based around Robosaurus.

mawp mawp

But is he Michael Scott fun?

-Michael Scott


-Michael Scott

Call me prejudiced but I thought the girl's hair was the kids mullet for a second. edit: "woman's" might be more accurate after a second viewing.

Excellent sight

Been obsessed as a kid, also always wore ear plugs as they gave them out for free. Grave digger brings back nostsligia lol

Just saw a play called Tribes. One of the protagonists is slowly going deaf. Profound experience, and the play made me appreciate hearing loss in a new way. Sorry for your troubles.

Edit: spelling

Stick it out and you'll learn to ignore it. It takes a while so be patient. I know it's driving you crazy now and I'm not trying to minimize that, but eventually there will come a day when you realize you haven't noticed it all day. I'm where I really only notice mine if I get sick or hit one of my triggers and it changes, or if I read or hear the word tinnitus. I think looking for cures and hanging out on tinnitus forums are the worst things you can do because it really is in your brain, and your only real defense is going about your life and studiously ignoring it.

Meh, you get used to it. Mine suddenly started about two years ago. It was hell at first but now I mostly don't care.