we're hitting irony levels that shouldn't even be possible

next on neoliberal: the schism on whether it's okay to unironically celebrate sweatshops

Sweatshops aren't a guilty pleasure.

They are a sad reality for people who want a better life for themselves and their children. Lets not make light of how terrible working in a sweatshop is, and if not for the fact that the alternatives are so much worse, we would be completely against them.

This is either trolling or blithely tonedeaf.

Sweatshops are actually really shitty. We should be for employing people in conditions that are safe.

Completely backwards view. They're the symptom of a developing economy, of people being lifted out of extreme poverty.

A sweatshop isn't a root canal. It's a baby tooth. Sometimes painful and brings problems, often not very pretty, and we certainly don't want it to stick around forever, but it's an important and normal sign of development.

But I thought a major argument for trade agreements was to improve conditions for foreign workers making products we buy? That protectionists hate the global poor? If anything by that logic neoliberals want one fewer sweatshop and two more unionized and safe factories.

That implies the sweatshop is the symptom of something gone wrong.

It is the symptom of poverty, poverty that is often due to imperialism and the corruption and instability it bred.

The picadia image is usually used for a cheap strawman. Claiming that we just want trade agreements because we like sweatshops is said strawman and it is, as you said, untrue.

We should celebrate sweatshops in the same way we celebrate root canals.

"Just one more Prince_Kropotkin rant"

our expansionary period is running too long, meme quality is at an all time low. i call for contraction

We went through this half a year ago. It isn't.

I mean, it's worth noting that the TPP had higher workplace standards and I think a mechanism to enforce it too.

Being better than the alternatives does not mean its not shit.