Ndamukong Suh on going against Brady: “My job is to piss him off and have him yelling at his offensive linemen for not blocking me, his coach and everybody on the sideline. That’s my job.”

Ndamukong Suh on going against Brady: “My job is to piss him off and have him yelling at his offensive linemen for not blocking me, his coach and everybody on the sideline. That’s my job.”
Ndamukong Suh on going against Brady: “My job is to piss him off and have him yelling at his offe...

Ndamukong Suh on going against Brady: my job is to give Odell Beckham stuff to add to his montage

Nothing pisses a player off more than stepping on their sensitive bits with your full weight while they're lying helpless on the ground!

He should probably add "stop the run" to his job description because Brady was hit a lot and pissed but it didn't matter because Dion Lewis ran all over him for like 8 ypa

He may just be planning on wrenching him down in the backfield by nothing but his facemask again considering he wasn't called.

I see you are not yet a man of culture. It's like art, it's wonderful if done right

Brady actually doesn’t get mad at his lineman for allowing a sack, he’s said he knows it’s a tough position and they try their best but sometimes your best isn’t enough.

Edit: Here’s him talking about the hits he took against Miami the other day. Somewhere around the 2min mark.

Yeah our schedule is weird this year, we haven't even played the Bills yet. We played the Jets twice already, and then we played the Patriots a couple weeks back and now we play them again.

we play 5 of our 6 divisional games in our last 6 weeks of this season...

we haven't even played the Bills yet

What? Lol. That's mega weird.

I don't know if you're being sarcastic or not, but if not, it was an extremely obvious facemask but not called and we have no idea

Well yeah, look at who they're playing

Yeah you

It was nuts. You saw Dions head snap back and he fell down for no gain.

I don't know man, there's something about Kaitlin Olsen

I like this as a former linemen.

Ya I don't ever recall him ever yelling at a lineman during a game or calling them out after the game for a sack. The times Brady gets most mad are at himself, or for stupid penalties / not knowing where to line-up. Even when a receiver drops a pass or runs the wrong route leading in a pick I don't really remember him getting pissed at them, he just stops throwing to them for weeks at a time haha.

In the backfield and not called! How?

Seems like Suh’s job is to jump offsides at every opportunity

"Im going to choke him until he calls me daddy' -suh prolly

I have a feeling he's going to be yelling " After the whistle he stepped on my goddamn head twice already".

Whoa. Didn't these teams just play the other day?

It was extremely obvious live, there aren't really any other ways you can be swung to the ground by your face.

Suh is such a douchebag.

Man, I hate Brady but I played right guard in high school and now, I don't hate him as much.

That's usually when the Patriots are playing their best.

Pats have 5 divisional games in the last 6 games of the season.

"If that doesn't work, I'll step on him!"

Have fun with John Fox :)

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Suh is suh a douchebag.

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Why is this controversial? His job is to get after QBs and get them off their game. Brady is a QB. His job for 1/8th of the season is to piss off Brady...this shouldn't be controversial.

Especially on 3rd and short.

Really obvious live

Except for the most part, his job isn't to stop the run. His job is to tie up linemen allowing the next level (LBs) to stop the run. Our LBs are...not very good.

Was this, by chance, a QB who also couldn't keep his fucking cool in the divisional round that same year?

Who, uh, who is she?

Never seen it. He can sure as shit sound angry but everytime we hear him mic'd up he's saying something positive to them. I recall a certain QB in recent Super Bowl who was cracking under pressure and looked around angrily yelling "Did you fucking hold?!" To the OL around him after they got flagged.

As long as he doesn't pull any dirty shit, he's right. But seeing as it's Suh, he's gonna pull some dirty shit.

There's nothing easy to miss about someone being pulled around by the head. The refs are taught to respond to jerk motion s of the head to call penalties

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Bout as obvious as a facemask can get

I call it a push. Suh regularly tried to break ankles while Gronk tried to break 1 neck.

Think he's talking about Matt Ryan in Superbowl 51 when it was a 3rd and 8 or something in the 4th quarter when Pats had the momentum and his receiver caught the ball on a pass play but it was called back due to a OPI to 3rd and 18 or something. It was a holding call on one of the offensive lineman. Then they had to punt in the next play. This helped New England tie the game instead of Atlanta field goal.

Why are the Saints still allowed to play after Bountygate?

Pretty sure Suh's job description and work output don't necessarily align.