NCTmentary EP2. Switch

NCTmentary EP2. Switch

watch this be pathcode 2.0 and the title track MV is just them dancing in an empty warehouse

are you dreaming?

no I’m confused as hell

.....but boy am I on board lol all of this is just so damn cool

so what’s/when’s the NCT? and by NCT, I mean Next Confusing Teaser

and remember when the first letter of all the places each member were at formed “Call Me Baby”

so far we have Dream Lab and Switch

so the letters DLS



e: I’m only joking btw aha

Only missing the final M to fulfill SM's true goal all along.

Doyoung's voice is so soft I could hear him speak all day! These videos are only making me even more confused.

I was listening to Switch like two days ago??? What is this sorcery?

On another note, I really love the use of all the different languages throughout the video. (Also, Jaehyun reading Poe tickles my Jaehyun-biased/English major heart. Thanks, SM)

Taeyong and Ten's vlive had BDS on the title and they said it was a hint... some people pointed out those could be...

Boss Dream (Lab) Switch

why is this the coolest thing i've ever seen???

maybe each unit will get their own episode like this and this is the nct u (boss) unit?

This must have been some of the bits they filmed in Ukraine! Love the colour palette, these nct teasers have all been top level visuals.

Nice link to Dream in a Dream too..