NCT U - BOSS (MV Teaser)

NCT U - BOSS (MV Teaser)

i know most people (including me) liked cherry bomb's outfits, but this teaser confirms that nct's era of shitty styling is officially OVER



NCT 2018 lets frickin GOOOOO

also happy birthday to my boy Jaehyun!!

e: I honesty feel like I held my breath the entire time watching this my god this is gonna be amazing. the choreo!!!! you just can’t deny, NCT is ridiculously up there when it comes to dance

Taeyong's jawline could cut through steel. Or break SM's resolve to add Mark to every unit lol

could cut through steel. Or break SM's resolve to add Mark to every unit lol









Or break SM's resolve to add Mark to every unit

That's just crazy talk.

Praise Heechul for taking it up with SM. Praise the stylists for getting some sense knocked into them. Praise everyone involved in making this decision.

I can see that everyone in this unit did very well in the official SM Class of Intense Staring. Clearly Taeyong ranked 1st in the class, but Winwin is coming for him.

the sad thing is that a lot of the people who constantly ask for nct u comebacks really just want ten lmao

yeah i also thought of vixx right away when i saw the outfits!

Yes finally some NCT U if only to get all those people yelling for an NCT U comeback to shut up.

And yoo does anyone else think they looked so much like Vixx for a second during those matching black outfits shot.

oh jesus christ the black outfits, the choreo!!! AAAAHHHH i didn't expect MV teasers so soon already!!!

taeyong step on my face

I am so ready for this. I am going to have this teaser on replay.

Found NCT 2019 

The first thing that comes to my mind when I saw their performing outfit is Mirotic. Yes, please step on me with Mirotic vibe.


The first thing that comes to my mind when I saw their performing outfit is Mirotic. Yes, please step on me with Mirotic vibe.

No I think the original NCT U was the best unit not because of Ten but because it was set up well. You had Taeyong and Mark who are very important members especially for the style of music they're doing and then you didn't have too many vocalists. It was very well balanced that way.

The unit just worked well and The 7th sense is still an amazing song to me. NCT 127 is not as well balanced imo and that's why you also have these problems with some people barely getting lines etc. They're doing mostly hip hop style music but then they have to put extra vocal lines in because otherwise there would be just a bunch of dancers on stage so I feel like they could set up the units better to utilize the members more and fully utilize their potential.

Even though I like NCT 127 and their songs I think the original NCT U is still the best unit from the synergy and the roles of the members. A lot of people disagree with me but that's just my view of the situation. I don't have anything against NCT 127 but I think they could set up the units better.

I'm guessing this is going to be rap heavy, since Doyoung and Jaehyun are the only vocalists (unless Jungwoo sings too). Also, this is a lot. I feel like we're getting lot of information, and I'm not keeping up at all lol.

NCT U’s rotational, anyone can be a part of it

Ten will be a part of the comeback (all 18 members), he just won’t be in this track in particular

Just when I thought I was safe, my phone buzzed with this lovely notification.

In other news, NCT has officially wrecked my week.

Also, happy birthday to Valentine Day Boy himself

Also also, Call Me Baby and Bassbot (!!!!) vibes are strong and I am pumped

Also 3x, while I’m thinking about EXO-NCT parallels, I really hope this is their Growl moment.

Taeyeong's jaw is just that powerful lol

jaehyun, lucas, mark, winwin, doyoung, taeyong, jungwoo. that's the order they appear in


Love NCT-slav over there on the NCT 2019 sidelines


e: wait no Ten? I know he’s in the comeback but he would’ve killed this song, he a muthafuckin bawss

yeah! their styling has been mostly great at all the events they've attended since cherry bomb and it only keeps getting better

Its fine for people to want Ten to come back but it got annoying really fast to see a bunch of people who only ever liked 7th sense to pretend every 127 or Dream comeback that they were outraged enough wasnt being doing with U.

The whole concept of NCT U still isnt very clear to me but I'd love if 127 and Dream were fixed units while NCT U are the unit SM will use to mix and match all 18 members depending on who fits concepts and songs the best.

fuck i choked on my meatballs

This is definitely not their title track since it doesn’t even consist half of NCT 2018. They’re coming with six MVs and different line ups. Hope you’ll find your cup of tea.

i agree. especially about "people who only ever liked the 7th sense", it's honestly astonishing how many people love to pretend that without u doesn't exist or don't even know about it. when tende was released by the same members who sang without u and was announced as "nct u" those people didn't care because to them nct u = the 7th sense.

I'd love if 127 and Dream were fixed units while NCT U are the unit SM will use to mix and match all 18 members depending on who fits concepts and songs the best.

me too, that's how i've always wanted it to be

100% in agreement. The 7th Sense unit was perfect in how compact and efficient it was. They consisted of just five members, but within those five members were two solid rappers, two solid vocalists, and two exceptional dancers. They were all decent all-rounders as well, so everyone could hold a tune and deliver their choreography. Each member had a clear role and served a clear purpose.

Whereas NCT 127 is the exact opposite. SM did a very poor job of putting together its line-up, especially considering that it's supposed to be the representative Korean unit. I can see why it's annoying for fans, but it's not surprising that people keep harping on about The 7th Sense unit.

my 2016 harmonizer heart is so warm

NCT's teasers always sound better than the actual release

you think so? limitless completely blew me away when it came out because i didn't expect the chorus to go so hard, and it wasn't in any of the teasers back then

i think jungwoo is a vocalist!

gutteral noises hhhgggnnngghhh fuck yes NCT

i agree with most of what you are saying, but 1) nct u isn't just the members who were in the 7th sense, it's also the ones in without u, and a lot of people tend to ignore that even when they say "nct u". and 2) nct u has been known to be rotational since 2016. i understand that many people did not know this until now, but when you know that it's rotational and keep telling everyone about it, it gets pretty tiring that so many people still kept asking for nct u even though it was almost certain that the next comeback wouldn't include the same members as in 2016.

i hope this doesn't come off as snarky or annoyed! i appreciate your explanation and i agree that the 7th sense had a great and very balanced member lineup.

Omg omg omg, It IS a new NCT U release! This song sounds epic just from that short teaser, and I know the choreo will be incredible. That moment when Taeyong kicked the camera and it switched to choreo made me gasp

Woe be the world should SM ever decide to use Sehun and Taeyong's jawlines for the forces of evil.

hoping for the choreo to involve some slav squatting

Don’t get me wrong I do love certain pieces from their previous comebacks pre-cherry bomb, but the overall aesthetic now is very much up my alley so to speak.

Of course, to each their own.

i’m just picturing those 4 boys doing the yearbook #1 video oh my god

Where is ten :(