NCT U - BOSS (Image Teaser)

NCT U - BOSS (Image Teaser)

Finally we'll get to see TEN.

Edit: Just found out TEN is not apart of this comeback and will continue to wait for him. SM just unleash TEN man.

i'm so ready for this thanks nct for my life!!!

thanks nct for my life!!!

regarding your edit, the comeback is an album with all 18 members. ten will be there, just not in this particular song by nct u

oohh we have a new U line up :D that's definitely Lucas on the top and the red head is probably Taeyong? The one with brown hair next to him looks like Taeil but i'm not sure. Light blonde on the other side is probably Mark and black hair is most likely Doyoung. Is this just the old NCT U + Lucas then? The other two don't look like Jaehyun or Ten though?

it's most likely the guys who were in ukraine (and in the nctmentary yesterday), which is taeyong, doyoung, jaehyun, mark, winwin, lucas and jungwoo

Nct U is rotational. Anyone can be a part of NCT U

tell me about it... i'm so happy about all the content but i still haven't watched any of the vlives from this past week except the one with ten & taeyong. i want to watch them all but i get stressed just thinking about the fact that they're all like 40 minutes long lol

wow i feel like a filthy casual i can't believe i've reached the point where i can't keep up with nct anymore

this isn't the same nct u as the one in 2016, the members of nct u can change

yeah but he arrived later than everyone else. since he wasn't in the nctmentary and there are only 7 people in the pic, he's probably not there