[NBA on ESPN] Celebrity game rosters released

[NBA on ESPN] Celebrity game rosters released

I like to think I'm pretty current with pop culture but who the fuck are 75% of these people

You knew all this and no clue who queen rachel is?

Team Clippers

Miles Brown - child actor from Black*ish

Brandon Armstrong - retired NBA player NBA impressions guy (corrected by /u/PairedFoot08)

dascha polanco - actor from orange is the new black (hot latina girl who gets knocked up by porn stache war vet guard dude with the amputated leg)

Anthony Anderson - actor from Black*ish

Andre De Grasse - Canadian sprinter

Jamie Foxx - actor/comedian/guy your mom secretly fantasies about

Bubba Watson - Golfer who's name only make's him sound like a professional wrestler

Common - rapper/bad ass

Jason Williams - retired NBA player

Stefanie Dolson - WNBA player

Win Butler - in the band Arcade Fire/last year's (rightful) celebrity game MVP

Team Lakers

Caleb Mclaughlin - Lucas from Stranger Things

Jerry Ferrara - Turtle from Entourage

Rachel Demita - YouTube star? I'm not really sure...

Nick Cannon - Actor, Rapper, Comedian, married/divorced Mariah Carey

Drew Scott - one of the guys from Property Brothers

Chris Wu - Chinese Canadian actor/singer/model/guy I don't know

Sterling Brim - co-host of MTV's Ridiculousnes (despite his name, he is not a character from Harry Potter)

Terence Crawford - Pro Boxer

Tracy McGrady - retired NBA player

Nate Robinson - retired NBA player

Candace Parker - WNBA player

Marc Lasry - Professional Rich Guy/owner of the Bucks

She's the NBA 2K TV girl. AKA every 13 year old's wet dream

Rachel Demita is the hot 2k girl

A bit disappointed that Montell Jordan isn't anywhere to be found

lmfao these are tragically bad

I mean, I’m almost 30 now....

I looked up almost all of these.

I wanna eat caviar out of rachel Demitas bum

Same with Obama tbh

Da babe Rachel is back 😍

At least Rachel is in it 😍

Glad to see Nate finally got that roster spot.


Rachel 😍

Paul Pierce

For those clueless on many of these celebrities:

Former NBA Players:

Jason Williams (played for 5 NBA teams from 1999-2001, most notably for the Kings/Grizzlies/Heat)

Tracy McGrady

Nate Robinson

Current WNBA Players:

Stefanie Dolson (a 6'-5" Center for the Chicago Sky - was traded from the Washington Mystics to the Sky last off-season for former WNBA MVP Elena Delle Donne)

Candace Parker (a former 2-time MVP who has played 9 seasons with the Los Angeles Sparks)


Miles Brown (12 year old African American kid that has made appearances on Ellen and America's Got Talent)

Dascha Polanco (a 35-year old Dominican-American actress who has starred as Dayanara "Daya" Diaz on the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black)

Anthony Anderson (47-year old African-American actor who is most well-known for playing Andre Johnson - no, not the former Texans NFL player - on the ABC show Blackish)

Jamie Foxx

Common (a 45-year old African-American rapper/actor who has on multiple Grammy Awards and a Golden Globe award)

Win Butler (musician for the band Arcade Fire)

Caleb McLaughlin (16-year old African American kid actor who portrays Lucas Sinclair in the Netflix series Stranger Things)

Jerry Ferrara (38-year old American actor most well-known for playing Turtle on HBO's Entourage)

Nick Cannon (37-year old African American actor known for being the host of America's Got Talent, as well as marrying, then divorcing Mariah Carey)

Drew Scott (39-year old Canadian actor who is the co-host of the TV Show Property Brothers)

Kris Wu (27-year old Chinese-Canadian singer/actor/model who was a member of South Korean-Chinese boy band EXO)

Sterling Brim (29-year old African-American actor/host of MTV's Ridiculousness)

Other Athletes:

Andre De Grasse (I had no clue who he is - turns out, he's a Canadian sprinter)

Bubba Watson (39-year old American golfer)

Terence Crawford (30-year old professional boxer)


Marc Lasry (58 year-old billionaire Moroccan-born American hedge fund manager; co-owns the Milwaukee Bucks)

Rachel Demita (host of the TV program 2KTV in the current/past video game editions of NBA 2K)

Brandon Armstrong (the NBA player impersonator, a.k.a. BdotAdot5)

I don't play yer damned vidya games!

Where the fuck is Obama

Arne Duncan was the celebrity game GOAT.

Hahah Bubba fucking Watson I’m even a golfer and I’m over here laughing

Rachel demita 😍

I didn’t make it, again. Seriously?

Nah she doesn’t speak parseltongue

Bruh I’m 20 it hasn’t changed


dont disrespect rachel like that

honestly i would eat shit out of her bum

Imagine how hard it would be to orchestrate though. Secret service all up in the court protecting Obama, making screens and fighting people.

he's gonna use it as a try-out for a 2 way contract

username checks out

Idk why they don't invite Nick Kyrgios. He wants to play in it and can actually ball.

yeah but it's fucking hilarious not obnoxious.

Here's a piece from a Rolling Stone article about him playing random pick-up games:

By the second game, the other team starts double-teaming him, but Butler keeps attacking, ignoring an open man and driving into the paint for another bucket. Then they begin triple-teaming, and Butler gets frustrated. "Come on, guys – we gotta box out better!" he shouts. "They're killing us on the rebounds!" Still, thanks to some strong post play, his team ekes out another victory.

The next game Butler sits. Then, back in for game four, he opens with another three-pointer. But pretty soon the frustration is back. On one early possession, his team turns it over and the other team scores. Butler punches a blue mat on the wall, hard. A few minutes later, he tussles for a loose ball and jams his finger. "Motherfucker!" he screams, coming to the sideline to tape it up. "Ow! Fuck! I need this thing for work!"

When Butler goes back in, he's full-on pissed. "Grab that fucking ball!" he shouts as his team loses another rebound. "How many are they gonna fucking get? Fuck!" A minute later it happens again, and the other team drives down and scores. Butler screams again. "That's six in a row! It's fucking pathetic!" "Dude, calm down," one of his teammates says finally. "Everyone's on the same team."

"But they're getting every fucking rebound!" protests Butler.

Lavar got robbed man

Hart is a ball hog and a chucker, Arne was a triple double Cadillac.

Nate Rob gonna win MVP

Former gf of Durant too.

Always trips me out to see Win Butler of all people doing the celeb ASG

I'm almost 30 but still look at RAD like I'm a 13 year old when I play 2k.

But who's Paul pierce?

Just googled her, omg.

of all things to get offended by you choose this

Only Demita matters anyways.

Thanks to Kevin Hart retiring.

u/atyndall with the celebrity game snub smh

Pumped about a Property Brother

Put someone from The Starters in or we riot

Dude pro golfers are probably more fit than 99% of actors/musicians lol

he pulled out of a tournament last year thinking he'd get an invite and didnt. lmfao

I think they still kinda talk

you wouldn't be able to breathe near him without getting a foul call

im so confused right now, stop playing mind games lavar

Dude wore Red October Yeezys one game. He should always be in the Celebrity Games.

Dude wore one game. He should always be in the Celebrity Games.

If I were on the other team, I’d let her post me up every chance I get 😅

Not really sure, to tell you the truth.

You would be playing with a red dot on your forehead lol.

TMAC and Nate Robinson? Lakers squad stacked.

precision weapon that is Arne Duncan

These kids out here with their loud-mouthed newcomers don't understand the .

dascha polanco - actor from orange is the new black (hot latina girl who gets knocked up by porn stache)

Not that it matters, but she was actually knocked up by another guard named John Bennett. They then faked it to be porn stache instead so he would be the father and get in the trouble.

KD already did probably

lol seriously

Bonus 1v1 game

#44 Barrack Obama


#45 Donald Trump

Full court, 12 minute quarters

Winner gets to be president

He actually chose to not do a tournament last year during that week just for the celeb game, but didn't get the invite. Ridiculous

Team clippers are who I'm going for but definitely rooting for Caleb Mclaughlin too

It’s called having some meat on them bones

Just looked her up turns out shes the one I beat off to during 2k loadscreens

Paul Pierce used to play in the NBA

sick athlete

The most polarizing tennis player and a

"Ow! Fuck! I need this thing for work!"

Fucking gold.

Nick Cannon can't stay away can he?

Only person's ass I would eat

Is this thing on?

Quavo said he wants some beef with me

Quavo got robbed

My boy Kris Wu, former Exo member from china/vancouver and now artist.

my boi Win Butler back again to sauce on em

I would actually watch the game just to see him ball tbh.

That’s the thing about high school girls man. I get older, they stay the saaame age.

She played in the game last year too

Put some respeck on Win's name

Judging by the All-Star game, you still have a few chances to get in as a reserve.

Tennis player.

Bubba Watson is an autistic golfer

Sad but true

Not Kobe, that's for sure

Ehhh my boy Andre De Grasse

Good. I hope it was his son.

Nah, their window passed when they didn't make the Toronto game.

those celebrities bring no excitement. i would've preferred to see someone like Chance or Drake, maybe throw in some actors or something.

I usually don’t like skinny girls but she is fine. The basketball skills probably help.

Man I only recognized like 3 people lol.

At least there’s no fuckin Kevin Hart this time

U know that there's other body types than fat and skinny, right?

This guy is still an elite athlete by normal people's standards, he's gonna go off.

Chris wu was in the new triple x movie with Vin diesel, he also caused a girl to commit suicide when he left his boy band.

Win was the 2016 MVP, he deserved it last year again but got robbed.

Is it confirmed Armstrong is the former nets player and not the NBA impressions guy that was in it last year? I assumed it was him again

Jamie Foxx?