Nazi + Meth = 3/4 of a swastika.

Nazi + Meth = 3/4 of a swastika.

Tom Brady really took the superbowl loss hard.

He looks proud to be arrested.

It's probably going to mean a shower and a couple of bologna sandwiches.

typical meth face:

sporadic acne, dirty, random tattoos, retarded facial expression

It's almost like a lot of problems would be solved by helping those in need with basic necessities instead of keeping them down with the prison industrial complex.

“Mexicans are the reason nobody will hire me.”

As an eagles fan your comment made my morning

Three hots and a cot.

It's the closest people like him come to an achievement.

You know something isn't right when prison can actually be a good thing for some people because they at least get food and shelter.

A combination of noxious chemicals seeping out through the pores, poor or zero nutritional needs met and an incredibly chaotic skincare regimen would be my bet.

"skincare regimen"

Yes, surely this dipshit isn't exfoliating with La Prairie cream just prior to applying the Shishedo lotion.

But then how we would maintain our modern day slavery?

Lol it’s not acne. It’s bits of his face he’s picked off

Seize control of information and slowly degrade living conditions.

What causes the Acne?

Pretty sure that swastika is the white trash version of a customer loyalty card. You end up in jail high on meth 4 times and on your fifth you get to join a white only gang for free!

Damn, Willem Dafoe what happened to you man?

Well you know what they say about prison: you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

I believe they are called meth mites, where they obsessively pick at and itch their skin thinking there are bugs underneath. Also made worse by poor hygiene.

“Shit! I scratched the racism right off my face!”

There’s a guy in my town that does that. When the weather gets cold, he grabs a bottle of booze from a liquor store, opens it, and sits on the curb in front of the liquor store drinking it and waiting to be arrested. He doesn’t try to run or offer any resistance or argument.

The guy above you isn’t wrong though. They start out as sores and then spread because they can’t stop picking at them.

This guy dystopias^

This guy looks like the love child of Willem Defoe and Kevin Bacon.

Part of it got punched off

Fun fact : The word "swastika" (called சுவஸ்திகாவை "Suvastikaavai" in my native language) is a compound of the Sanskrit-origin words "su" meaning good or more accurately auspicious, and "asti" meaning "existence", roughly translating to "well-being".

Fuck the Nazis for poisoning it, in addition to being genocidal fascist cunts.

where they obsessively pick at and itch their skin

That probably explains the part of the swastika that is heavily faded/missing.

Uh I would be careful saying with 100% certainty. It's known that foods can cause inflammation in the stomach and gut. Poor gut health can lead to an Inbalanced gut bacteria and can lead to more inflammation in addition to a myriad of problems. Food is a huge trigger for alot of people so I wouldnt just throw that out there with such authority.

You don't really excrete toxins through your skin like that. The other stuff though, yeah. Poor hygiene, poor sleep, poor nutrition and compulsive skin picking

What you’re thinking of is delusional parasitosis and that can actually happen for a number of reasons but that’s usually seen in severely sleep deprived meth users.

The acne is actually caused by vascular construction which happens with all stimulants and the picking habits seen in meth users has nothing to do with them thinking its bugs and everything to do with it being a fidgeting habit. Stimulants make you want to get up and move and go but when you also haven’t slept in a week that’s hard to do so they tend to pick at themselves to have something to do with their hands.

Since its 3 out of 4 I'd call it a swasti

I mean duh /s

I did. 1.3 years clean.

That’s interesting, I’ve never heard that meth use causes your skin to break out. Only ever that it makes you think your skin needs to be picked.

He’s probably got a bunch of friends locked up too so they’re gonna shave their head for him and fight all the black prisoners.

Would it be called a swast or a stika?

Too bad they got interrupted.

TIL the song Hotel California is not about prison, but something else.

This guy Americas

Alternate time-line Tom Brady.

This looks like if you liked sound cloud rappers but liked fucking your cousin more