Natus Vincere vs Quantum Bellator Fire / ELEAGUE Major Boston 2018 - The New Challengers: Round 1 / Post-Match Discussion

Natus Vincere vs Quantum Bellator Fire / ELEAGUE Major Boston 2018 - The New Challengers: Round 1 / Post-Match DiscussionNatus Vincere 1-0 Quantum Bellator Fire

Inferno: 16-8


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MAP 1: Inferno


Team T CT Total Na'Vi 8 8 16 CT T QBF 7 1 8


Na'Vi K A D Rating s1mple 29 1 12 1.75 flamie 21 3 9 1.49 electronic 18 4 13 1.32 Zeus 16 3 17 1.19 Edward 12 6 15 0.99 QBF jmqa 13 3 18 0.90 waterfaLLZ 14 10 20 0.88 Kvik 15 2 18 0.83 Boombl4 16 4 20 0.79 balblna 8 3 20 0.56 Inferno Detailed Stats


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upvote so people think qbf won

Zeus tac pauses:

s1mple, pls kill


Why are you scared when C9 didn't even play yet?

im scared for my 0-3

As a NaVi fan, I can say there was 50/50 chance

Wow, S1mple couldn't even drop a 30, god this kid is so overrated. - S1mple haters.

Waterfallz is insane, if he get a proper team to help him develop I can see him being a big name in the future.

Also, great game from Na'Vi, s1mple was insane and you can see that electronic is getting the team chemistry.

Edward doesn't want to hurt Bella


S1mple is just inhuman.

unpredictable like a lightning

I almost reported Edward for throwing

just shuffle all the low tier cis teams and get the talent onto one team pls pls, maybe flipsid3/AVANGAR/QBF shuffle

vega won’t shuffle, they’ve said this multiple times. (plus they’re still improving as a team)

-Edward +Steel

every single major, people forget how deep the CIS talent pool is and underestimate teams like vega, hr, f3, etc. This team showed some promise in the first half, a bit less on the T side, but what can you do against simple.

Anyone who picked this team or avangar instead of flash to go 0-3 is falling into the same trap as everyone does every major, underestimating low tier CIS teams and their upset potential in bo1

Don't be. If anything, be scared for Edwards continued tenure for na'vi. I mean seriously, how many times did Edward get first picked only for S1mple/Flamie/Electronic to bail Na'Vi out?

Adidas stripes, he went full slav

Mega oof

Edward is poo on Inferno but he frags fine on other maps, needs to step up his consistency

QBF up 6-5 before NaVi restores sanity to the world. s1mple outfragging everyone else in the server by a country mile.



You realize 99% of players played professionally for years or before making it on a top tier team right?

your flair... what’s Valeria?

GODSimp1e and GODElectronic

It's one of the ingame pins

and Vega

QBF looking somewhat impressive in the first half, I think they can edge out an upset win in one of the lower brackets.

Well I picked Vega to go 0-3 in Krakow and they did so.

I like him, but if I were a GM or org owner I wouldn't go running around after young unproven russian talent. It's really easy to see a no-namer go to literally ONE LAN and play ONE game OK and then everyone hypes thme up only for them to fall flat. And then people on HLTV will hype them and say this org or that org should go after them, but really I would just say don't go chasing waterfaLLZ, listen to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to.

Im not the one who claimed that, I'm just saying you're fucking dumb

Don't forget GODFlamie. Those deagle shots were nasty