Natus Vincere vs mousesports / DreamHack Masters Marseille 2018 - Quarter-Final / Post-Match Discussion

Natus Vincere vs mousesports / DreamHack Masters Marseille 2018 - Quarter-Final / Post-Match DiscussionNatus Vincere 2-0 mousesports

Mirage: 16-9 Inferno: 19-16 Train: 0-0  

Natus Vincere have advanced to the Semi-Final!

mousesports have been eliminated


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MAP 1: Mirage


Team CT T Total Na'Vi 12 4 16 T CT mouz 3 6 9


Na'Vi K A D Rating s1mple 27 6 15 1.65 electronic 28 4 14 1.65 flamie 24 5 13 1.51 Edward 14 7 16 0.93 Zeus 12 5 18 0.75 mouz ropz 20 4 22 1.01 chrisJ 14 2 22 0.79 oskar 15 2 21 0.77 suNny 14 2 22 0.73 STYKO 12 2 18 0.70 Mirage Detailed Stats



MAP 2: Inferno


Team T CT OT1CT:T Total Na'Vi 7 8 3:1 19 CT T OT1T:CT mouz 8 7 0:1 16


Na'Vi K A D Rating s1mple 42 8 22 1.73 flamie 28 3 20 1.24 electronic 23 6 22 1.09 Zeus 19 8 24 0.97 Edward 15 8 24 0.85 mouz oskar 30 7 25 1.28 ropz 28 6 27 1.06 chrisJ 23 6 29 0.92 suNny 19 4 20 0.90 STYKO 12 7 26 0.61 Inferno Detailed Stats


This thread was created by the Post-Match Team.

I want a s1mple flair.

S1mple is just fucking ridiculous ffs this isn't even fair.

200000000 IQ move from Navi CEO, allowing s1mple to stand in for mouz for the 2 games against VP so he could learn their strats and win today

expected from c0mplex "twofaced" toledo

Mr S1mple just removed his boxers and laid his dick down on the quarter finals table. No one dared to do anything with it as it would've been double gay to touch such a big dick.

Forever Navi is my everlasting home. I promise I don't have Stockholm syndrome.

They always feed me and make me babuschka. Zeus is a great leader, he say RUSH A.

Navi said: you don't wanna play with SK, they good no. When we play quarter they out and sit in front row.

Coldzera was best, but he good no long. Now he lose to Mouz and Chris J Bong.

You don't want play in Amerikanski with lag. We let you lose in finals with 100 frags.

I sign once and I stuck here for life. NO PLASE MANAGER DON'T SHOOT MY WIFE.

s1mple kills: lots


0 iq from chrisJ using strats vs virtus pro

dammit s1mple, i thought we were friends :(

it's a c0mplex relationship

My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

How can someone be this good at the game, it's actually unfair. There's just no competing against it.

Casually aces once or twice

lol wtf i just read

I know we all like to shit on Zeus here, but NaVi is looking better with each tournament they play, and he is really activating his stars... Yea its S1mple, Electronic and Flamie going nuts, but thats exactly the reason they have those superstars, to kill everyone. Zeus and Edward can be bots, if those 3 play like this, they have all the firepower they need to win tournaments.

Can't even blame you guys, when someone is going off like that what can you do?

zeus: "simple, electronic, flamie go kill"

new strat confirmed

Agreed. s1mple is such a prodigy, not even prime cold, olof, shox and GTR were that good game to game. The guy can do it all.

i am pretty sure he is already the most skilled csgo player

Zeus 200 iq sending s1mple to stand in for mouz so they know all their strats.

Zeus top 2 igl next to FNS?

A team lead by ChrisJ has a severe underperformance and off day the day after 4/20... :thinking:


I can’t believe how he made mouz look. Mouz is one of the best teams in the world and it looked like he was smurfing. Crazy good performance.

He is on a road to become best player ever in CS:GO... He just needs to keep this up, and get some big titles, and nobody would be able to denie him that spot.

You know it's going well when s1mple does something impressive and twitch chat spams EZ instead of PogChamp

Showing important secret tactics like shotguns and runboost on inferno, bad move by ChrisBrain

42 kills of s1mple. New fanfic about Mr S1mple, the big dick undertaker

Mousesports should really try to get that c0mplex guy back :/

gg nt

S1mple never stood in for mouz tho?

They had c0mplex.

Jeez guys get your facts right here

He used his time as standin to memorize their positions and strats.

tune into stream late last map first thing I hear is "S1mple is on 41 kills"

Seems about right. Gg Navi.

why highlight the whole comment instead of just replying?

good question

He had some great calls and rotations there on Inferno, you cant say he doesnt do shit.

Idk man. I think FNS holds all top 3 IGL spots. Brain too big to just be the number one spot!

mods please

Leaked HLTV Top 20 2018

Having s1mple on the roster should be considered cheating at this point.

i've never seen a player this good, in all situations he excels, no pressure gets to him and he can use any weapon. i'm a c9 fan but fuck that man deserves trophies and not just mvp ones

My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

i see you're a man of culture as well

why highlight the whole comment instead of just replying?

It's 20/4 in the Netherlands

make me babuschka

How do they make him a grandmother?

electronic & flamie on mirage: hey simple look we contributing today

electronic & flamie of inferno: simple we getting tired

simple: just chill out fam i got this shit on lockdown

TBH they just need to rename the na'vi flair the s1mple flair

He's been the best player for like 2 years now it's just that in that time SK absolutely dominated everyone and then the FaZe team came along and although they haven't won anything significant they're still top 2 team.

That's the problem you can't really be the best if your team isn't constantly performing even if you are.

It's not fucking fair that s1mple can have 4 people playing ON THE SAME TEAM as him, much less with electroNic and flamie firing on all cylinders and Zeus and Edward not even losing 100% of their fights. Ah well, ggs.

204 blaze it

I reckon it was the bandanas that cost Mouz that game. It might be the hat theory or the number of fat guys per team again.

It took me some time but today I became s1mple fan, he's in god mode.

Been my favourite player for at least 2 years, even when he wasn't so consistent and balanced as a player, his playstyle and absolutely no respect towards any team made me fell in love with him as a player. Seeing him becoming an absolute god feels so fucking good

It's part of the circlejerk, we can't act like Zeus and Edward contribute to the team in ways we don't see

S1mple is the definition of nuts. You look at players like Cold and Niko being more consistent contenders for the best player in the world and pushing their teams to victory, but S1mple is the only player that you look at the stats and see NaVi lose 16-10 while S1mple has 30+ frags, and you just laugh and think “that’s S1mple for you”

Olof>>>Cold in their prime

S1mple go kill is officially one of the best strats ever. Good thing it's proprietary to Navi.

2 aces. 42 kills. Wow.

FaZe team came along and although they haven't won anything significant

I wouldn't call majors the only significant tournaments in CS:GO. They've won quite a few tier 1 tournaments, just not recently.

zeus: s1mple go kill

s1mple: ok

Especially most of the time you can't even say he's baiting.

tbf this quarter was awful by sunny

This is S1mple's year.

Nah he means Styko

What the hell, spat my drink all over my keyboard.

I want to agree but I want to see Navi win a tournament i.e. s1mple to carry them to win

-styko +c0mplex? :/


what did I just read?

Mouz looked awful on mirage. On the other hand they lost both pistol rounds and s1mple was going insane, so 16:9 is the expected result. Especially with s1mple going ballistic.

Its hard to win anyway when you play 4v5 every match. Styko is such a useless bot, the amount of gunfights this guy loses is unreal. Best example that all the mouthbreathers who go on and on about support players don't know what they talk about.

By fucking

s1mple: "Cmon mouz, just one little Z U C C"

Lol. Give my team s1mple and I'll look like an ok IGL.

Can't do much when NaVi's Big Three all turn up to a match.

why highlight the whole comment instead of just replying?

good question

why highlight the whole comment instead of just replying?

"lots" lmao

I feel bad for ChrisJ :( he's on the verge of tears, getting destroyed by Navi

seized got both s1mple and guardian yet navi looks shit except for ESL NY 2016 and Eleague major 2017 group stage. Give zeus a break ffs

Exactly, he's getting so many entries and survives afterwards to get 1 or 2 more.

Well, in the game at least


Big titles

Pick one

Good comment. Sucks to see Zeus get so much hate to be honest.

I get your reference.

why highlight the whole comment instead of just replying?

good question

why highlight the whole comment instead of just replying?

good question

you know its a good game for navi when zeus fucking out-awped chrisj

Same, especially because imo u can plug s1mple in any team and he will do his thing, go on a rampage and perform. Be it on Hellraisers, Flipside, Liquid or Na'Vi.

was only a joke man, fragging can only take you so far

To be fair, it’s not like he didn’t earn his rep.

For months he (Zeus) brought absolutely nothing to Navi. Sure they’re doing better now but we’ll see if they actually maintain it.

When your default setting is "wreck everything" I don't think there's much need to adapt.

Funny thing he likes to stand-in for teams in online matches, like it was with NiP and Mouz, and even there he went nuts every time. He doesn't need to adapt to a team, fit in their set-up or anything

It's gotten to the point where I'm mad when s1mple loses a duel. I'm expecting him to win everything lmao. We are spoiled to have him play for us! Thank Mr. s1mple!

Yeah it was pretty s1mple



He already does have one. It's the other 4 members of Navi.

Right now simple seems like he can do anything so I disagree but Zeus is finally realizing it, letting him solo sites and using him right generally

200418 blaze it

ropz was insane. oskar and chrisJ were decent but no where near their usual level. STYKO and sunny were just bots in this series.

Really would like to see STYKO replaced. He loses so many gunfights in scenarios where he absolutely has to get at least one kill.

tell what you want, i am czech and i love seeing CZ SK scene on top, but styko is not up to it, yes he plays B sites and he is support or what not, but on both maps you saw so many whiffs and bad decisions, he is just not a player you want in top 3 team. He is great player into tier 2 teams like Hellraisers etc. He is not even like unexperienced youngster that could turn into a beast after sometime. I think mouz is one lineup change from being stable top 1 team.

It's good to know no one can be above FNS 80D chess

Mous lost cause they didn't have Simple

If Mouz want to be the best team in the world they need to replace Styko.

Ignoring the stats which you could forgive given his role/spots he plays, there's just way too many crucial moments where he just needs to get a single kill to secure the round, but he just can't do it. This happens every tournament.

Get Kioshima, he's back in top tier form, speaks great english and stuck in Envy. Rubino could also work. Styko is just not good enough.