To be fair you have to have a very high IQ to choose Natsuki.

The thing is, Nats still kinda confesses her love after all these mild insults, and this contrast is what drives me to her instead of the other dokis who are mostly in love with the MC/player from the get-go. Like, her love feels more EARNED rather than taken for granted.

Not to mention she's really cute

Don't tell her I said it

Being told that you're a gross pervert and that your opinions are wrong is the highest form of flattery

Why are we like this?!

I know but it still hurts.

By the way with your username you should post "I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favourite girl on the Citadel" under every Natsuki picture.

Gotta love Natsuki. I mean just look at her beautiful face when she smiles....

Tsundere best dere

Thanks for the compliment, never saw myself as the smarter one of the pack, just reading manga here with my cookies and cream shake.

reverse psychology?

True that

agree to disagree?

So you don't like Natsuki then?

No, I just can't agree about the Monika one...

I love them both...

I'm a tsundere lover, and I love Monika's kamidere & undere qualities :D

Still wishing for real tsundere exist...

Yeah but look at how cute she is