National Symbols of Spain

National Symbols of Spain

87 million euros of public money lost each year? Amateurs.

Fascist past, bull fighting, huge unemployment, crippling debt and corrupt political class... Man, you shame the whole peninsula, hermanos.

For those missing the joke, the exact same went down/is going on in Portugal. :)

At least Mariano Rajoy is clean. If we just found out who M. Rajoy is in the biggest corruption case we could arrest that unknown guy.

Sorry, I typed it wrong. It should be 87.000 Millions.

I was actually very happy looking at all the answers saying how that number is actually very low. Then went to take a second look... yeah, there goes the little feeling of national pride that I got for a second.

i just realized that i've probably never seen a map of Spain that didn't also feature Portugal, and that empty space on the left is making me uncomfortable

Yup, the data seems correct though maybe they are using a wide definition of "lost".

For another metric, each day 7 people are arrested under corruption charges in Spain.

I prefer to look at this as auto-critique rather than an attack on my country.

Come on, don't be so harsh with Andalusia /s

wait a fucking second 87 billion? That would be equivalent to Finlands yearly GDP. Surely thats not possible?

Yes but there are croquetas.

Relevant Elmundotoday

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Kudos to your police forces. If you ask the police in Germany, there is no corruption at all (haha)

you forgot about our africans /s

I'd rather people be overly critical of the faults of their country and downplay their strengths than promote their strengths and ignore their faults, like many people in my country tend to do.

Clearly they should give us Galicia to make it prettier

hopefully spain will ban bullfighting in the future, just like italy did with circus animals

More accurate than I would like to admit.

This is the very few things I hate about my country. We are probably one of the very few people in history that openly bashes its own image. Every country has its own damn problems, but we prefer complaining and pity-whoring than showing the other countries the good things we have too.

We are world leaders in organ transplants, we are considered the most gay-friendly country in the world (50 years ago coming out of the closet implied social and familiar suicide). We have one of the highest qualities of life in the world, incredible history and gastronomy.

But no, lets just bash ourselves in public. I know this is satire but god its starting to be a bit overused. We should have a little bit more of pride damn it.

Sorry for the ranting, but comparing other countries attitudes towards their problems I find it easy to relate our problems to our people. How can you fight to improve something you dont love? You don't, you just take as much as you can from it that is it. In the end we may deserve the problems we have.

Several regions have already tried bans at the regional level. The Canary Islands banned bullfights in 1991. That was easy since it never took off there (last one happened in the early 80s and were mostly intended towards tourists)

Catalonia banned bullfights in 2011. However that ban was later overturned and found unconstitutional. Still, no bullfights have happened, I think that regulations make them basically impossible

Finally, the Balearic Islands banned all "violent" bullfights this year. In other words they are still legal, you just can't hurt the animal.


I didn't know Spain had african-americans

Anything is possible when you can hide behind nationalism. If you can get your voters hard just by waving a Spanish flag, you might as well keep stealing.

As much as I try. I'm unable to figure out who this mysterious man could be.

You need to go to more restaurants.

The entire cost of political corruption can't be just 87m per year? That's probably one of the lowest in the world.

Turns out croqueta is a french dish...

Can I at least say that we perfected the recipe?

Finally, the Balearic Islands banned all "violent" bullfights this year. In other words they are still legal, you just can't hurt the animal.

Also overturned by the Constitutional Court.

Leg up your salaries and we can begin the negotiations.

I think we are quite a bit richer than that.

Because they made it a protected cultural heritage. In 2012. Yeah, it was retroactively unconstitutional.

It shows you how Spanish laws work.

You are actually right. I forgot three 0s in there.

87.000 Millions

I'm already flinching in advance for the UK version. Going to be painful.

You are also a bit misinformed if you see Canarias anywhere in my post.


Diversas fuentes del Partido Popular han señalado que los 7,5 millones de ciudadanos catalanes que existen podrían haber escogido el apodo “M. Rajoy” a fin de lucrarse con sobresueldos financiados por la trama de corrupción. El Gobierno, teniendo en cuenta estos datos (aún sin demostrar), ya ha activado el artículo 155 en la región.

Too real

Thing is, none of those two options are correct. If you ignore your faults and promote your strenths only you are bound to be victim of those faults eventually. But here we are just wallowing in our faults. I would understand this in a Spanish humour site or something like that but this is Europe. People from many countries watch us so why are we attacking our image in the world?

Everyone is showing pridefully the symbols of their countries. We instead mock ourselves in front of Europe. This, the day our Constitution was founded. One of the very few days everyone should at least be a little bit proud of transitioning from a 40 year old dictatorship. Again sorry for the ranting. I am the only spaniard in my uni class and it takes effort to make people stop believing we are some kind of cultureless banana republic. Only to see ourselves do this to us later. I know its humour but it still is damn frustrating.

yeah, because they have no money, you know...

Well it's their fault since they could had been free in the past and have a great social economic present if they took us as an example..

Well, you would be surprised by the amount of money Italy lose every year because of corruption ( Spoiler: around 150-200 billions of euros).

Remnant of spanish rule? Or did we steal it from you?

Edit: Wikipedia say that its a french dish... Cant we have anything nice?

M. Rajoy is clearly MCarlesPuigdemont Rajoy


Not only the big politicians are corrupt, also the mayors of the small towns and villages.

You see all those posts on the frontpage about how great Finland is? Think about what Spain could be if that money was not lost in the hands of those old bastards.

Really sad.

You forgot the favourite pasttime. No, not football, self-deprecation.

True, virtue stands in the middle I guess.

Well , you compensate with amazing food and pastries , kickass accents and an awesome culture

I actually appreciated the self deprecation, it's very common in Australia.

But I understand in an international context, the nuance of self criticism and not taking yourself too seriously, is often lost.