Nathan Filliom gets it....

Nathan Filliom gets it....

I'm sure Nathan Fillion does too

The "m" stands for "anarchy".

I'm going to blame my fat fingers.

To obtain a special dialing wand, please mash the keypad with your palm now.

"M"! As in Mancy!

"I aim to misbehave"

He's got a very nice autograph!

I'm withholding my upvote until this is reposted with your title, six months from now.

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Did I win?

I really love how well he works with Meal Patrick Harris in Dr. Horrible

You of all people Ray.

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This man can do no wrong

Pumped for the voice acting shenanigans that will be present in Cayde-6 for Destiny 2.

Hes certainly had time to perfect it.

I feel like there's a class actors take to perfect their actor signature. I wonder if it's the same signature they use to sign their kids homework.

And what if I can't aslkadj the oiy?

Well then what good are you?


from the HALO series!!!

This man

That's Captiain Tightpants to you, mister!

But anarchy starts with a j

Cayde-6 is literally what Nathan Fillion would become.

Some one needs to take this photo and get it autographed and post a photo of it online.

!RemindMe 6 Months

Cayde-6 has never been one for following the rules


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I'm gonna go ahead and save everyone time and play out the conversation that happens 100% of the time reposts are mentioned

"more like 6 weeks!"

More like 6 days!

"More like 6 seconds!"

More like a portal into the past and repost before it's posted


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Hi, I'm a bot for linking direct images of albums with only 1 image

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I believe OP subscribed to Welsh facts...


I may have a man crush on Cayde-6... it might be due to the fact that I know I have a man crush on Nathan Fillion

He is yummy!

Except stupidly endorse Solar Freakin' Roadways.

"This is my serious face. Can't you tell?"

I'm pretty sure bots could replace 99% of the top subreddit's posts and no one would notice.

Captain Hammer also

Also Cayde-6 from destiny :)

The hammer is his penis.

Happy cake day

Nat_ F ~in" ~~~:honeybee:

One of my favorite actors, his presence in Halo was enjoyed.

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Good bot

Season 8 of Castle disagrees

his presence on this entire planet has been a true blessing.

It's nice to know that Autocorrect can help us interact with Cthulku when he inevitably takes over.

There's an opportunity for a bot to automate that response.

ITT: When the Infinity literally breaks apart and drifts off into blank space... see it?

Of course there are other things on the board, but I mean blank space relative to itself, like a good Einstein would postulate when thought-experimenting upon the nature of infinity.

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What a polite bot.

That's Nathan Fillions evil twin brother.

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Of course Mal gets it. He's an anarchist from outer space! The best kind.

I put that more on the writers than Nathan. I don't think its his fault they tried to change the show into a gritty conspiracy crapfest.

TL;DR likely your everyday 'Hollywood drama' bs, I wouldn't put too much stock in it

Rumored. Anonymous sources claimed the two hated each other, wouldn't talk until it was time to shoot a scene, and that he was incredibly mean to her and would often make her cry.

Stana's pr team and Nathan both wished each other the best at the end and never spoke of any issues, and everyone else as part of the cast/crew who didn't stay anonymous backed that everything was fine between them, so either everyone's keeping it professional or the rumors are bs. I'd bet on the latter, from my uninformed opinion Nathan Fillion seems like a genuinely good guy, but I could be wrong.

I was thinking the bug interrogator from Rick and Morty.

Its that actor guy from everything I love and hold dear!

Stana Katic probably would beg to differ.

"M" for Mancy

It's upside down! You need to set it to Wumbo

Malcolm Reynolds****


That's not Nathan fillion. It's just a guy that looks like him. He gets it all the time. He just wants to eat his lunch in peace.

I'm gonna blame your lack of proof-reading abilities.

Are you okay?

Just play it off as anarchy

No. Please try again.

He played Captain Mammer, right?

I read the username as "imgural bum bot".

I'm so very tired.