NASA reinventing the wheel.

Looks like it would make a great noodle strainer too

Middle age technology that is now used in space.

Modern metallurgy and material sciences mixed with good old chainmail

how does it perform in loose terrain like sand

I imagine it does fine considering the surface area contacting the ground. I think the surface tension of sand would keep it from sinking in any way. Then again, the NASA engineers and scientists are far smarter than you or I, so I'm sure they've considered all terrains including ones not found on earth.

I hate it when noodles slip through my strainer and touch my sink.

The 2 billion dollar rover is still over 3 years past it's mission lifetime.

Are a version of these wheels going to be on the next Mars rover? The ones in this vid seem liked an engineering prototype, all those bolts.

I’m sure they haven’t thought of that. You should mail them.

Can I get some for my Nissan. Damn potholes and rocks are the worst.

Well la dee da, Mr Fatcat! Must be nice!