Name a more infuriating sight. I dare you...

Name a more infuriating sight. I dare you...
This one, for many people

They are probably also going the speed limit and maintaining a 50 - 60 ft distance between themselves and the driver in front of them. Will also speed up if you try and pass them in the right lane.

NY and PA driver in left two lanes pacing each other. Not using left to pass. Had to get into right lane to go around which is inherently unsafe.

Rivaled only by this.

Rivaled only by .

Both going ~45, I'd bet.

Or this

With nobody in front of them for miles

Except I'm in the back seat. So try again

Born and raised in NJ, yet is a Cowboys fan. Sounds like a scumbag bandwagoner to me.

On 78

Some of them are assholes that think it's a race. Most of them are just "in the zone" and taking their traffic ques like speed from the surrounding vehicles. The middle lane is a much better "in the zone" lane.

I didn’t realize that, thanks for letting me know

I thought a couple flashes was a pretty polite reminder to move the fuck over.

I can live with that

But only if there is traffic ahead that would make passing this guy a null victory

A New Jersey plate driving properly adorning a Rangers sticker. Easy.

I dunno what you're taking about, I crack up every time I see this pic. It's hilarious.

Rules of the road:

"Drive right, pass left." ~New Jersey

"Drive middle, pass left." ~Pennsylvania

"Just make sure everyone is adequately pissed off." ~New York

This is where I draw the line. I already don't like the "GET OUT OF MY WAY" attitude from all New Jersey drivers, but I can live with it given that the left lane is literally called "the passing lane."

But the middle lane has always been called "the travel lane" for a reason. If you're not planning on exiting anytime soon, it's where you cruise for hours and hours. Calling it a second passing lane is entitlement beyond belief. Maybe accept that you can't go 80-100 MPH every where at all times?

I cruise in the middle lane all the time, typically a bit over the speed limit (70-80 MPH) and its ridiculous that I've got people tailgating me, flashing their lights and honking when the left lane is completely open for them to pass me. Even if it wasn't open -- what's safer overall? Me sitting in the right lane and passing 100+ cars that are slowing down to exit, or a few psychos acknowledging that they're going to have to slow down sometimes. Grow up.

You are correct. It's completely acceptable. It is honestly a good feeling to me... Giving someone one quick flash and them acknowledging it by moving over and letting me pass.

I said infuriating not sexy af.

Christy is one thicc bih

And my wife calls me the bad guy for high beaming in the left lane.

I’ve given up on expecting cars in the left lane to drive faster than the others. I hate it, but I am now that car weaving around into whatever lane there’s room. Driving the turnpike every day has hardened me as a person.

Always New York lol

You need the /s to get the sarcasm across here.

...I hope you’re being sarcastic.

The mother fucking Quebec people act like we don’t have laws in this state. I need to learn the French word for cunt.

It's not inherently unsafe.

It's just unexpected for people to pass on the right.

And traffic is more likely to go slow in the right lane.

And cars enter/exit the road from that lane.

But if you have clear vision you'll see times and places where it is very safe to rocket past 100 mph in the right lane.

Can't really blame them for blocking the lane if someone is in front of them, the guy at the front of the line is a problem if he isn't passing cars to his right. 50-60 ft following distance is a bit short for highway speeds though.

They’re both from out of state...explains a lot, don’t you think?

I thought that was the infuriating part.

what's going on? I'm not understanding

read his replies he’s in the back seat, guy

Dr. Robotnic

Because people are going slow in the left lanes!

Let me see that Chrussy

Is this a limo in the left lane?