NA LCS vs. CBLOL / All-Star Los Angeles 2017 - Group B / Post-Match Discussion

NA LCS vs. CBLOL / All-Star Los Angeles 2017 - Group B / Post-Match DiscussionALL-STAR 2017

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This thread was created by the Post-Match Team.

Zoe: a fun and balanced champion to play against

Poor Brazil they just can't escape the meme

zOe iS jUsT lIkE lUx

TSM Mike " I buy cinderhulk now " Yeung

Bjerg finished 7-1 with that death too lol

Zoe seems pretty balanced, just like Lux right?

I don't understand how Riot thought this champion would be a good idea when they had plenty of experience with old AP Nidalee.

"If Lux was released now people would still complain, just learn to dodge"

Some enlightened redditor

iF lUx WaS rEaLeAsEd RiGhT nOw EvErYoNe WoUlD sAy ShEs BrOkEn

I mean she's pretty strong but no where near as op as lux would be if she was released right now right???

bRonZe RedDiTorS JuSt lEarn to pLaY AgAinSt heR shE's lIkE VeIgar

What the fuck is Zoe...

Morello is not here anymore, the new balance team gives full freedom to certainlyT to destroy the balance with his designs

I can't wrap my mind around that she got neither banned or first picked.

"Syndra is worse cause she has waveclear"



This subreddit

It's already starting... He q then e'd to mess up his flag and drag once. TSM curse in full swing.

Gotta int for the memes


TL;DW: Zoe is cancer.

Zoe is disgusting but this cast was amazing. Deficio and Capt. Flowers were hilarious all game long

First and last Zoe game of the Tournament?

7-1 or Zoe's balance

what's the bigger joke

Bjerg flashed in and died so he could end 7-1

Even casters were constantly talking abouit how insanely stupid this champ is. And they are riot employees...


TSM Mike "I play for vision" Yeung


most certainlyT

Can't wait to read another shitty reddit thread about how Zoe is balanced because of Syndra's R

Actually it was very impressive that Aphro was able to be 1/2/0 in the middle of such a stomp.

I love how reliably this meme carries on.

Seriously one of the biggest cancer threads ever, especially how people circlejerked that "fact". Several thousands of upvotes, also. Lmfao.

Man even the casters thought that Zoe was retarded. They low-key called out every one of her abilities.

god i miss morello, the game might have been going through many balance shenanigans but i enjoyed S3 and S4 metagames so much more than juggernaufiora fiesta ft mordeplank, sivircomp kalista bugaloo and ardent cancer

pretty much. Morello was impartial to any playstyle. these guys not so much

Imagine if Lux instead of Zoe got released! Just use your mouse and dodge her stuff!

I cant stop laughing at that

The most surprising thing is that it reached frontpage

Well it is probably the most shocking sports event ever.

I almost threw up watching Zoe absolutely 1 shot everyone but Sejuani


TSM Mike "I must become the vision" Yeung

Yeah, no, ban Zoe.

Thanks dude! I've read a lot of positive stuff about the cast today and that's awesome to me because I had such a fun time with it myself :D

S 4 meta game was bad as fuck though, don't be revisionist.



Wait, you don't like a champion with a giant aoe sleep, can one shot squishys and can pick up TPs during the game?

The European ended 7-1 and BR toplaner ended 1-7..

Wait until Trinidad and Tobago fields a LoL team.

even sej got chunked to half with one q lol

You deserve to lose if you don't ban zoe... unless your mid has brain damage

He's a tahm kench, which is anti-engage so difficult to really do anything in such a stomp

even before runes reforged, j4 would get cinder but get thunderlords. idea is that amongst tanks j4 has the best early dmg and ur trying to amplify that strength.

Zoe's damage that game was NUTTY. And her sleep, god damn. Even if he miss the e,he still get the sleep off when it fell on the ground sometimes. I guess we can take it with a little grain of salt because Bjergson missed almost no skill shots it seems. Bjergson is really good so that might factor in a lot into how good Zoe it... But I feel like basically every mid at this tourney is good a skill shots. Probably going to be banned almost every game, she seems broken. At least in pro play.

Jesus I remember that thread getting around 1k upvotes too. "Reddit Challengers" LUL

2000 damage on 5 seconds ability

"if lux were a new champion git gud lel noobs"

Which is also the most balanced part of her kit because it can go wrong in so many ways.

The rest of the spells tho? Fuck that.

My fucking god that was one of the most delusional posters I’ve ever seen on this subreddit. So much so that I tagged that fool to take heir defenses with a grain mountain of salt

At least his comments in that thread were heavily downvoted but god damn how did that reach the frontpage? Did the voters not play a single game against her?

fuck Zoe

Some enlightened woke redditor



said a silver redditor who got to play with 0/10 zoes in his quality ranked games


And that's ladies and gentlemen how does Zoe works. Now say goodbye to her until the end of All-Stars

Top of frontpage*

No wonder Turkey didn't want to scrim this LUL

I think anyone who watches or plays against her can see how insanely frustrating it is. So much damage with such low cooldowns, but hey she can't really escape, unless she picks up a second flash.


The purest form of bm

There's some amazing mental gymnastics going on when even Faker is calling her OP... and some Bronze V scrub makes a post comparing her to Lux.

Lux doesn't get free teleports/flashes... but ya I guess other than that same thing /s

But they would need 2 teams. 1 for Trinidad and the other for Tobago


that bird didn't make a whole country cry.

Tbh one of the happiest days of my life was watching Germany smash Brazil, both because I cheer for the Germans and how much meme value I knew that game would give

Most certainly

yeah sejuani needed 2 shots

zoe is a fucking disgusting champion.

riot really fucked up this release.



Let's not forget that Brazil had an incredibly lucky run with piss poor opponents before and very biased refereeing in group stage. They definitively had a poor showing before this match, this was just pure Karma of fighting a real opponent.

The sleep that stays on the ground is a useless gimmick no?

But you have to hit an ability for the boost! ... which is incredibly forgiving in that regard woops.

CertainlyT still being allowed to design champs LUL    

Rioter: Hey CertainlyT, I th-th-think this champion design might be a bit too overpowered.
Rioter:N-N-Never mind. I think it's fine.

CertainlyT still being allowed to design champs LUL

Rioter: Hey CertainlyT, I th-th-think this champion design might be a bit too overpowered. Rioter:N-N-Never mind. I think it's fine.

signed, someone who just got to Gold 5

Aphro's kill participation LOL

I wouldn't know. When I saw her teaser I decided to never play against her and I've kept that up to this day.

CertainlyT still being allowed to design champs LUL

Where is the original thread this came from?


The man. The Myth. The Legend. The face of this sub's stupidity. I love it :')

Riot released Zoe to distract from their fuck up of overbuffing Ornn. They had to go all out.


Well more than a billion people watched the 7-1 so yeh..

I don't think it was about playing a single game against her, I think it was about not playing a single game with a brain.


ZoE iS bAlAnCeD

The only ability imo that is balanced on its own.

Have fun

The worst part is looking at our pros from CS:GO actually being humble in victory, while BR LoL players besides some like BrTT act as if they are fucking CR7