My 7 y/o niece just dad joked me.

My 7 y/o niece just dad joked me.

Her: "Do you know any jokes?"

Me: "No."

Her: "I'll teach you one."

"Knock! Knock!"

Me: "Who's there?"

Her: "Ash."

"Now ask, Ash: who?"

Me: "Ash: who?"

Her: "Please cover your mouth when you sneeze."

Me: rekt

Her: Why did the chicken cross the road?

Me: Why?

Her: To get to the ugly guy's house.


Her: Knock knock

Me: Who's there?

Her: It's the chicken!

Bah God, that man has a family!

I had a good one when I worked at an amusement park.

At my park we were required to "pump up the guests" before we could send the ride. This means we had to yell something loudly like "ARE YOU READY TO RIIIIIIIIIDE!?!?!?!" and get them all screaming and cheering. Now, not everyone likes screaming and yelling (I know I don't) and sometimes you'd just get a lot of blank stares back. To keep it from being too awkward while also still doing my job, I started responding to the stares with:

Me: Knock, knock!

At least one rider: Who's there?

Me: Woo!

Them: Woo who?

Me: Now THAT'S the spirit! send the ride

She dad joked you while holding your hand through the joke.

double rekt

Me: Wanna hear a knock knock joke?

Person: Sure!

Me: Ok you start

Person: Knock Knock

Me: Who's there?

Person: (realises they've been bamboozled)

License and registration chicken fucker! Baaahccccawww!

You're a hero.

She's in a wheelchair you sick fuck.

So when's she signing your adoption papers?

And so begins her stand up comedian career.

I want a liter of cola!!!

That everyone needs

My 8 year old has one he recently liked a lot...

Knock knock

Who's there


Europe Who?

No, you're a poo!

Sir, we don't have Literacola

This is my favorite! Everyone falls for it!

Her: Why did Sally fall off of the swing set?

Me: Why?

Her: Becaise Sally has no arms

Her: Knock Knock

Me: Who's there?

Her: Not Sally...

Haha Its funny because Ash who sounds like the sound of a sneeze.

Am I the only one who is annoyed at everything being called a "dad" joke? I work with a buncha kids and these types of jokes are normal. They're just called jokes/corny jokes and everyone can make them.

That I don't deserve?? :'(

Savage. I think the punchline could be improved by doing a chicken impression though.

I don't want a large Farva, i want a god damn literacola

Does that look like spit to you? Ah fuck it.

I hate that shit so much; what an obnoxious policy! Just push the damn button and let me get on the ride I paid for... Clever way to get around that stupid policy.

I'm a little confused. It's not a dad joke, just a knock knock joke. So yeah she held his hand through it because that's how knock knock jokes work.

We have the technology.

Just like this

Just order a large Farva.

Do you explain how knock knock jokes work to everyone you tell one to?

Hey! You're not the Joke Explain Bot! What gives?

Me: knock knock

Her: who's there?

Me: I eat mop.

Her: I eat mop who?

Me: You eat your poo?! That's gross!!

Her: I do not eat my poo!

Me: sure you don't.

Her: I don't! (Might cry soon)

Mom (her grandma): slixem stop annoying your niece!

We'll build her legs

I actually had a similar experience yesterday with my friend. I had just told her a knock knock joke and she liked it so much she wanted me to tell it again so she could remember it.

Her: "So how does it start again?"

Me: "How do most knock knock jokes start?"

Me: rekt

Why add this?

Can confirm, got bamboozled just now.

Me: Knock Knock Her: Who's there? Me: A little old lady Her: A little old lady who? Me: I didn't know you could yodel

On his 18th birthday

that joke sent him back into his teens

Oh yeah. Some operators will take it to the extreme and not let the ride go until the people yell to their satisfaction. I HATE that shit when I go as a guest. I paid good money to have a fun day. I don't find screaming to be fun, unless it's during an actual drop on the ride and comes naturally.

Considering the wait I think we deserve it

First one to make me giggle. thankyou

Yea, it was told to me by a 5 year old:

Knock knock?

Who's there?

A broken pencil.

A broken pencil who?

I'd tell ya but it's pointless!

Has anyone in this family ever even seen a chicken?

Liter is French for give me some fucking cola before I rip off vous lips

Her: Why did Sally fall off the swing?

Me: Why?

Her: Because she has no arms!

Her: Knock! Knock!

Me: Whos there?

Her: Not Sally!

You're asking the person if they want to hear a knock knock joke, but you make them start. They realise that they don't have a knock knock joke set up, so they get confused and realised they were tricked.

Why is this a dad joke? This is the format every knock knock joke follows.

I was gonna say, that's a knock knock joke, not a dad joke.

That killed him! As god is my witness he is broken in half!!

Bless your soul, fellow redditor. This was the sole reason I scrolled down when I saw the "Chicken Fucker" Super Troopers reference. You have my upvote!

My friend's 4 year old:

Him: "Knock! Knock!"

Me: "Who's there?"

Him: "Smell mop."

Me: "Smell mop who?"

Me: *facepalm

I don't like sand. It's course,rough,irritating,and gets everywhere. Not like rides.

This got me sniggering; I'm 20 years older but I think this is a corker.

Normally it's supposed to be the chicken who's roasted.

Why add this?

Me: rekt

Sally knocks with her forehead.

Ah You even got me...

I don't see the point of that unless I'm missing something

And to think I have this golf just sitting here, ready to give away... I'll save it for someone else I suppose!

But isn't this the reason younger family members exist? Who else should you tease?

I dont like rides, they scare me.

Say car ramrod! Say car ramrod!

why not subtract this?

Chotchy chotchy chotchy

Why did the pervert cross the road?

His dick was stuck in a chicken.

Can confirm, just did it to my mom and sister. Bamboozles guaranteed.

Are you gonna tell us the joke?

Omg I can't wait to pick up my kids from school to tell them this


Her: Hey dad you smell Me: Like what? Her: Like updog Me: what's updog??? Her: what's up? Me: TF?

Nah i was trying to play dumb and see what she said. Turns out i'm actually dumb.

Me: Want to hear a joke? Friend: Ok. Me: Knock knock. Friend: ...What? Me: What?

We dont have knock knock jokes in my country... :|

Is it a GTI or GTE?

This is my favorite, though I've run out of people to use it on, my friends have all already been bamboozled!

You call him Cigarette because every morning you take him out for a drag.

Best way to defuse a knock knock joke

"Knock knock"

"Come on in, the door's unlocked"

I've seen this one extended like so...

Why did Sally fall off the swing? Because she had no arms.

Why didn't she get back on? Because she had no legs.

Why didn't anyone help her up? Because she had no friends.

Knock, knock.

Who's there?

Not Sally.

Double-baco cheeseburger, it's for a cop.

Knock knock

Who's there?


Who, who?

Are you an owl?

I think kids at 7 develop a weird sense of humour, not as bizarre as a 4 year olds though.

Ahh, I forgot....

You're asking the person if they want to hear a knock knock joke, but you make them start. They realise that they don't have a knock knock joke set up, so they get confused and realised they were tricked.

What do you call a dog with no legs?

You don't call the poor thing, you go get it!

Because reddit is obsessed with dad jokes, so to get more upvotes and sound more relatable it's a dad joke

I say, "Knock knock."

You say, "Who's there?"

I say, "Control freak."

And now you say, "Control freak who?"

"TipToe Through Chernobyl."

Coming this fall.

A doodle doodle dooo

To shreds you say?

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Why not exponentiate it?

You threw it.

Wow, what a great audience!

These replies are only confusing me even more lol

Why not multiply it?

Bwaaak bok bok bok

Want me to punchasize your face? For free?

But what if we tried more powers?

With gun feet?

You hold peoples hands during a knock knock joke??

I just said that so he makes it really special

I like you.

"ya mean shenanigans?!?!"

Because the context is someone (or at least something, not just a noise) knocking on your door.

It comes with a free side order of matter baby dough

My daughters first joke at 3 yrs old:

Her: Why did the elephant sit on the man's head?

Me: I don't know why?


Just here to make the world a better place. No need to thank me or give me Reddit gold ;)

With each step being powered by tiny nuclear explosions.

Chickens don't clap!!!

Its funny because he made a typo and u now mention types of GOLFS but he meant GOLD

But Ash is a name which is why asking, "Ash who?" makes sense, ach is just nonsense