My 4 year old wanted to "played the games Daddy played when he was a little kid". I gave her a choice of hundreds... and it was beautiful.

My 4 year old wanted to "played the games Daddy played when he was a little kid". I gave her a choice of hundreds... and it was beautiful.
My 4 year old wanted to "played the games Daddy played when he was a little kid". I gave her a ch...

Girl: Daddy, how do I save?

Dad: hahahaha! sniff

Cool thing is... the NES Classic actually lets you save game points... a feature I definitely didn't have back in the late 80s - early 90s. Kids these days are even spoiled when playing the classics!

From the thumbnail, I thought she was playing solitaire.

Really? Is it like a PC emulator where you can save at any point or did they create check points?

You back out to the main menu and you'll have an option to press up to cancel your progress or down to choose a save file. Haven't really used the feature much, but it's definitely there. Planning to use it when I start Zelda soon.

That's awesome! I need to do this with my daughter. She's 3-1/2 and is perfectly able to play. Although games from my childhood are a little later than NES.

You should... it's really interesting. It's like looking in the past. I can't get her to stop... I think we're on #34 in the past hour? Yeah... the attention span isn't there yet, but it's a start! lol

"Dad there is no solution."

'Oh yeah that happens in about 10% of games assuming you knew from the start where all the cards were.'

"Dad your games suck."

'I know sweetie, I know.'

"Hold this thing honey, I need some karma"

You have a very cozy battlestation and Im glad you can share these times with your daughter!

I remember when I was younger not having a memory card for the Playstation. All the games I had to beat basically in 1 sitting and start over whenever I wanted to play it again. The spiderman game was the best cause you got costumes for beating the game multiple times so in order to see them all I had to beat the game multiple times in one sitting.

Do you have to use it on Zelda though? Zelda had an internal save feature on its own.

Pretty much...

That sounds awful 😧

I can see the benefits for the second one, to not lose experience.

Ever notice how the NES is basically perfect for little kids? It's the simplest controller of its lineage. A d-pad and a/b. start and select are pause and random, respectively.

It's clearly dark souls.

My daughter is 3; she asked to play with my usb xbox controller, so i fired up Mario 64 and let her run Mario round the gardens.

It took 3 minutes for her to get him in the water and she refused to get him out.

Me: "He'll get sick" Her: "Good. I want him to be sick"

He died, and she wanted to do it again, and again...

Oh man when I first discovered emulators and learned I could download every game I had as a kid, every game I wanted as a kid, every game I even looked at as a kid, I went crazy. Downloaded literally hundreds, maybe even thousands of games for several systems... and basically only played Final Fantasy and Sonic.

Now I look at my bloated Steam library and realize that I am not a man who learns from his mistakes.

Indeed... just added the PC and the desk just naturally felt like a good place for the NES Classic. The Xbox One went back to the living room. Thanks, I'm enjoying our game nights & hope it continues onward!

Mickey's Safari in Letterland I believe...

That's so sweet! My dad and I play "each other's" games. He loves TF2, is planning on getting Overwatch.

Here play this game and let me take a picture

"But Dad, these games are old I don't want to"

Shut up, daddy needs karma to pay for your college education

Nice! she has the enthusiasm at least. Just wait till she finds one she really likes, then she'll keep coming back. Thing is, those games weren't designed to keep the attention of a 4 year old. A lot of them were fairly complex or the goal was a little above where they could understand. Some, to be fair, were pretty simple.

My daughter loves all of her learning games on the kindle fire. She surprises me sometimes with how quick she is to solve a problem, etc. I ought to let her play or "help" her play some simpler games. Hmmm. Thanks for suggesting!

This may be the best thing I've ever seen on this SubReddit.

The makings of a sociopath. /s

They're fantastic additions to your setup. 10/10

Similar for me just a bit different.. I grew up in Denmark, so no hotlines to call, no magazines to look up how to do stuff for the most part, no internet etc... Basically i trial and error'ed my way through games for the entirety of my childhood lol. Everything from gameboy, N64, PS1 , PS2 etc etc. How i had the patience, i don't know.. if i really like a game ill give it an hour tops and give up, come back later.. but the grind was real as a kid haha.

What game is that?

Pff the only save you needed in Zelda was the hand drawn map!

Jokes aside that's one thing i don't miss from gaming as a kid lol.

The adventures of Putt Putt and Pajama Sam!

that happens in about 10% of games

It's funny seeing how different people react to this information. My wife used to play solitaire a lot while she was watching tv, and she would win at least 70% of the time. One day she got particularly frustrated with it saying that it didn't seem to be possible, so I pointed out that some times it isn't based on the starting position of the cards. Suddenly her games started lasting half as long and she was winning less than 50% of the time, usually quitting within 10 or 15 moves, then she eventually stopped playing all together.

I'm downloading TF2 myself now... any good? I've been a consoler my whole life and just finished building my VR rig.

I had a PS2 and never played online. Even with Star Wars Battlefront OG

As i kid i didnt even know online gaming existed until the ps3 came out

my grandparents made maps for the original Zelda, that is how I beat it when I was six. 30 years later grandma still has the maps and I am fighting like 20 cousins for them.

Guess you could say medic's syringe gun deals a...... surprising amount of damage

The fact that i never realized this as a child shakes me to my core. I just left the thing running.

My boy wasn't impressed when I fired up the Pong emulator.

I dunno about the Nintendo classic, but the virtual console on the WiiU supported save states. Though I don't know if they called it that. My brother used to use them when he was playing original Zelda. I assume that feature will be extended to the Switch when the virtual console arrives.

This sounds a lot like my little brother when he found out that you could punch people in Assassin's Creed.

"I have several hundred, but we can only play one."

Very true

That when you start getting codes. Ex... 007 373 5963


If go to court for grandma's zelda maps.

Oh it's wonderful! Even on console it's fun. I played it on 360 for the longest time. Really cool community. I main the Medic personally, partially because all teams need support! The syringe gun is also surprisingly effective. Dad mains soldier, he's really good at it.

When I was 12 I had a PlayStation with final fantasy 7 and no memory card. I made to the train graveyard every day after school.

This is like the only reason i would ever want kids xD

No point worrying about it now. They are discontinued

In Zelda, can you still use the second controller to save, like the original?

Edit: you can save when you die. When you start again there will be a number next to your name to show how many times you died. There is a hidden save feature. You go to your item inventory with the first cont. On the second controller you can press up and a or up and start ( can't remember which). This will save the game without dieing and with no number.

"Okay, just give daddy like half an hour to clean his desk so I can take pictures for karma"

“Daddy, I wanna play GTA!” “Listen here, you little shit. Put on your pretty pink dress and glue some confetti to your hair. Once you’re done, take a seat in my chair and pretend that you’re playing some retro games.” “But daaaad…” “DADDY NEEDS THE KARMA!”

LOL it started that way... she played quite a few than her Mom made her go to bed. :(

My son loved that game when he was 4. Now at 5 he's "too big" for it and plays Super Mario Brothers.

Given the size of the console and the controller cables, NES mini does feel like it was meant to be a PC companion.