My 93 year old grandpa entered a funny story telling competition (The Moth) and won. I think you'll enjoy his story. The contest theme: Love Hurts

My 93 year old grandpa entered a funny story telling competition (The Moth) and won. I think you'll enjoy his story. The contest theme: Love Hurts

Haha your grandpa is hilarious. Thanks for posting.

Alright Reddit, let's find Jim Sweeny

This is fantastic! He's got a wonderful gift for story telling.

Also, that damn Jimmy Sweeney!

The Moth has been such a great platform. I've heard so many wonderful stories from them.

If I had two bullets and was in a room with hitler, stalin, and Jim Sweeny, I would give hitler the gun and wheel Sweeny into a busy intersection.

Damn his soul.

Your gramps seems freaking awesome.

Damn he looks fantastic for 92.


Absolutely, you can. Key points, have a good beginning and a solid ending in mind. The middle is variable. Make sure the story has some kind of stakes, something at risk that for some reason was important to you. Don't imitate accents. Do tell the story in your own style. Do describe your emotions and why you had them. Try to stay in the timeframe of the story. Ie: you know better now, but withhold that. At the time you thought xyz because of efg.

Listen to their stories, find some inspiration, and your stories will naturally improve.

Edit: The story can literally be about so long as there are stakes.

Sultry Patricia Gilbert ;) Brill! ..... An early maturer of majestic proportions - Just brill!

Awesome! Jack Lemmon couldn't have told it better. His timing is impeccable! Which city did he win it in? I won the Moth Love Hurts show in Houston.

Damn his soul

He reminds me of a younger Bob Newhart.

Oh my God, Gretchen. Stop trying to make "brill" happen. It's not going to happen.

Stop trying to make "the UK" happen. It's not going to happen.

Is there a subreddit exclusively for old people telling stories? I want it.

Because there is humor in the fact that the man is 93 years old and seems to be recalling this random, seemingly insignificant event from his childhood with startling accuracy. All because it was embarassing to him. I laughed when he kept going down the list of names too.

Agreed. I took a storytelling class in college from a man who is a regular at the Moth, and I can't get enough of the format. I've burned through every storytelling podcast I can find.

We'll find him like we found the Boston bomber! GO REDDIT!

For some reason people were dying just we he mentioned names...


It's like he channeling Bob Newhart.

Holy hell, I'm in tears.

Thank you so much for sharing this. Your grandpa has a real gift! I couldn't stop laughing through this, and it made me happy to hear that he won this Moth StorySlam. If you get the chance, sit him down with a mic/audio recorder and try to capture more stories like these, I'm sure you'll be happy you have them.

I almost can't believe he's that old, it's seriously amazing. He looks better than most people 20 years younger.

I didn't think it was even possible to learn how to tell stories. I suck at telling stories in day to day convos - genuine question, could listening to those podcasts help me with this?

Sharp as a whip, great story and delivered so well!

lmao too funny

His storytelling is amazing. I think part of it is his perfect pacing but a lot of it is that his perspective is so god damn refreshing. Not many stories about when someone was 10 take place in 1933.

"The Moth." A Norm MacDonald homage?

Holy shit, dude. That story was extremely unexpected and hilarious, thanks for that!

What a great story! I'm glad he won!

I'd like to know where that fountain of youth is that he's been drinking from. He looks 20 years younger than 93!

By ignoring everyone's fourth amendment rights against illegal search and seizure?

And please, please, please don't get hung up on unimportant details. If it doesn't matter whether the horse in the story was black, brown or grey, don't dither while describing it.

This is great! I'm putting this on facebook I have lots of friends in Milwaukee and we will find Jimmy and his wheelchair!

I feel ya I was still waiting for a punchline or something near the end. The story was just a regular story that people thought was funny because the guy telling it was 93. But if I told that story I feel like people would just look at me.

How high are these people? I mean he's funny but not exactly doing a comedy act.

I could be wrong but I think it's a bell to signal time stamps. You know a reference as to how much time is left to speak.

Damn Jimmy Sweeney! Your grandpa is awesome.Such a great storyteller and funny man.

my favourite if you fancy a cry


I loved this story, but whomever in the background is ringing the bell needs a cock punch.

Madison WI