My wife noticed a snow flake in a frozen pond.

My wife noticed a snow flake in a frozen pond.

That, my friend, is a drop zone marker for Santa Claus. In the dead of the night a covert sleigh drops the package and then elves in SCUBA pick up the contents and from there, no one knows what happens.

This is what happens when water gets on top of the ice.

This can happen a couple ways, one way is a warm day melting surface snow/ice or if you simply get rain and the water pools up on top of the ice.

Ice is more buoyant than water, so the water will want to get back below the ice.

When the water finds a weak spot it will start to flow through that spot and will quickly widen the hole as the warm surface water melts the ice as it flows through it.

Soon all the water in the surrounding area will start flowing towards the hole in the ice, cutting channels in the ice just like a the canyons you’d see in in the southwest.

This is a dramatic example of that effect with a nice clear black ice to highlight those channels.

Looks like a cold ass miniature lighting bolt struck right there


Icy the pic, but are you sure that's legit? Looks a bit flakey to me.

You should let it go

Imagine how big that puppy was

Well, you see, I hate my house - a lot. So I made a site for people to send me dollars, and I send them pieces of my house, so I can blow my house up.

Maybe a meteorite?

Lightning strike?

I don't see you though, are you under the ice?