My wife met Chris Pratt....Anna Faris didn't approve

My wife met Chris Pratt....Anna Faris didn't approve

It must be hard being a celebrity couple and one spouse is way more successful and popular than the other. Chris' filmography is peanuts compared to the greatness of Anna's work on the Scary Movie films.

Could we share a rowboat, could a rowboat support you?

Not even close. I have been told I have a great personality though. xD

"Chris! Chris!! Chrii-iiis! CHRII-IIIS!!" "I'M BUSY!" "I'M BUSY, YOU STUPID DICK!!"

NO! ok no I cant fit in a rowboat! xD

For anyone not familiar with Anna. There's a 110% chance this is her doing a joke photobomb.

Your wife looks similar to Anna here. Question of the hour: do you look similar to Chris?

It bothers me that you're not answering that question.

....... xD

And the House Bunny. Oh, am I the only one who watched that one 4870 times?

I think it's more like 120% chance that she wasn't even aware of a photo being taken and is just zoned out


Why on earth would you not take a pic with both of them together?

I mean they're technically both in the picture...

Forgiveness is more than saying sorry

"Hey Chris! Hey Anna. Ohhh my god it's a pleasure finally meeting you guys"


"Can we take a quick photo please?"

"yeah why not?"

"Hey Anna, I have an idea! why don't you please stand in the back with a disgusted kinda sleazy look while my wife stands with Chris over here?"

"Ummm okay, that would work"

"Thank you so much!"

internally 'I'm gonna post this on reddit first thing today..'

Dammit Daniel I knew it!

I think it's more like a 130% chance that Anna Ferris is upset that OP's wife is blowing Burt Macklin's cover.

Soooo your wife... she single?

To be fair, your wife probably shouldn't be grabbing his ass.

Waiting is a goddamned classic and an anthem for anyone whose ever worked in a shitty resaurant.

Office references are the only references I understand on Reddit

It's on right now.

On the other hand Anna had the peak of her career about a decade before Chris. Even if he's become more successful I'm sure she was a really valuable source of advice and information. He probably wouldn't have been as successful without her.

So let's have a glass of wine

And have make up sex

Until the end of time time time

No she's clearly dating Chris Pratt

TIL that the Anna that is married to Chris Pratt is Anna Faris.

You've gone too far Chris Pratt, you're funny, good looking, talented, rich, compassionate, your wife is hot, and funny. How's a normal guy supposed to follow that kind of lead?

Anna is such a a babe:

Anna is such a a babe:

Is that Dr. Steve Brule?

What channel?

Pratt often talks about it the other way around.

He's only just gotten more popular, but when they met he was nearly a nobody and she was at the height of her career; he said in some interview it was always awkward for him because that was his first experience with paparazzi, and they'd always ignore him.

He's on a massive upswing, but she's still pretty well known. To say "way more successful" kind of implies she's like a nobody stage actor in some nowhere town, she's still pretty much an A-lister in terms of name recognition. I mean she's the star of a popular prime-time network show.

I'm sure they feel pretty equal, and I doubt it's "hard" for her. They're both famous.

I prefer the view from the other side of the window.



She saw the potential, invested in Chris Pratt and it paid off.

At one point, Chris was just a normal dude. Anna was more well known when they got married.

Haha best line in the movie. Just Friends, if anyone was wondering. Probably the funniest rom-com in existence.

He actually did attribute that to her in an interview. I can't remember which but he mentions how valuable her advice was when he started getting bigger

Ye i dont understand this. First, she is awesome and second it would just be considerate

I value your mom's advice when I start getting bigger

My guess she wasn't there when OP's wife asked for a photo.

I couldn't stop laughing in theaters at her BRILLIANT performance in that. So underrated. Every facial expression is bananas. Reminds me of her hilarious performance in Smiley Face, too.

The woman behind us during House Bunny was like, "Relax, it's not that funny." I just don't understand people who go to a comedy and then get annoyed at people enjoying it.


There's 140% chance of Chris was smacked he would get an erection... I don't think I'm doing this right

AKA Crisp Rat

Chris is only famous because of his name.

Chris Hemsworth Chris Pine Chris Evans Chris Pratt

Obviously the secret to fame.

Damn your logic. That face is a "Dammit every time I turn around he's taking another picture with another woman" face.

I grew up in a small suburb outside of Seattle and worked at the local Starbucks out of highschool. In 2010 Chris Pratt came in on Thanksgiving and I was the only one who recognized him from Parks and Rec.

I gawked over him a ton and told him what a huge fan I was, and then asked well why the hell are you here in Edmonds? He was a complete gentlemen and said "well, my beautiful wife here is from Edmonds and we're having the holiday at her parents house" and puts his arm around ANNA FARIS.

I honestly didn't even see her walk in. She gave me a polite enough glare as I tried to recover like OHHHHHHHHHH of course!

Whatever I had a big fat crush and that was when he still had a big gut.

slightly off topic but congrats on the super hot wife

I worked at a TGI Fridays when that movie came out. Really the only thing they got wrong was way too many white guys in the kitchen.

Edit: special shoutout to The Slammin' Salmon


What ham did you slap? Not the ham I just bought.

She's mega-famous with a different, non-Reddit demographic. She's the star of a CBS sitcom, so anyone over 60 probably treats her like Matlock or 60 Minutes.

Just Friends is her greatest work of art.


No. No way man


Anna is awesome. Check out her podcast! F-you Sim! :)

Worked in a restaurant at the time the movie came out. How much of it was spot on was impressive.

That took a lot of guts to say. We're all very proud.

180? You're being borderline obtuse.

Chris Cornell

Only all Bono-ey

Her career is at least active.

I'm quite a fan of her current show Mom. But I'm biased because I love Allison Janney and due to being a child of drug counselors I like seeing a show like that on the air.

But she definitely ain't in blockbuster movies.

She was also in the Smiley Face movie

Chris was once best known as the fat guy from Parks and rec. Then Marvel did a magic and now he's block buster actor of the future

Incredibly underrated movie

They're all you need.

Ya gotta do it for your health ya DINGUS

Mall people they come and go. Small people they just don't know.

For anyone familiar with Anna, there's a 110% chance I'll never get a blowjob from her.

Dude I think Anna is still doing pretty well. She's in a pretty popular broadcast show, has a really popular podcast, just wrote a book and has a kid!

This movie is fucking hysterical and criminally slept on. In fact I totally forgot about it. I got rid of it with my DVDs but I'm going to look for a cheap Blu-ray.

There's a 180 chance he would turn halfway around if he got an erection.

Daamn Daniel! Back at it again with the misleading information!

Motherfucker is 37 and a movie star. His hairline has done its time and wants to retire in peace.

You didn't get your pic with Anna Farris.... your loss

May he rest in peace. Edit: forgot a word

Now now, Chris worked that fat off on his own to get that part. That was Marvel's requirement.

Then they both looked at the end result and decided to add a shirtless scene.


I love that the brothers routinely beat each other up as part of normal interactions

Reddit is gonna hate me, but I've never seen anything Chris Pratt has been in. I didn't even know who he was until Reddit. On the other hand, I love most of the Scary Movie films and Hot Chick, so I know Anna Farris way more and would be more excited to meet her instead lol

No Michael, OP can't fit in a rowboat.

Chris let's go. There's pee on the floor. HISS!

The messing with guest's food thing is definitely waaaaay exagerated, but everything else was pretty spot on

Forgiveness is the way.

Forgiveness every dayyy

I loved it too, Anna is one of my favorite female comedians. I also like borats wife

That's not even close to being a cute joke.

I am not. I know my username is misleading. It's from a crazy dream I had one time about video games because I'm super cool.

Edit: Okay so I had this dream I was fighting this crazy boss called Storybook Nelson. I had been playing a lot of Fable at the time so I could throw fire and lightning. It was vivid and awesome. Right after I defeated him, I woke up for a second, fell back to sleep, and it was as if the game didn't save after the fight and reloaded from just before, so I had to kick his butt again. Inconsequential really, but it's a unique name I've been using on the internet since.

It's always really funny to me how people who have never worked in a restaurant think anything in it is less than documentary-level accuracy. If anything they toned it down.

I feel like I'm one of the few people that legitimately enjoyed that movie. "I ain't gonna lie to you, Ronnie. This shits fucked up."

And and and the awesomely cuckoo bananas Observe and Report


looks at camera with a confused look/smirk and shrugs

I'm not. Bake him away toys.

Waiting came out so long ago, even though Chris is more recognizable and popular I feel like I have known Anna longer.

Interesting. I'm off to do more research on the topic.

Stop stuffing your face and start working out?

For anyone familiar with DenzelWashingtonTum, there's 120% chance he'll never get a blowjob from anyone.

To be honest, Chris doesn't look too thrilled either.

If you're stoned enough, it's hilarious

Some ladies are into that! I mean obviously. You're married. Me too btw so no PMs, but, yeah. Some ladies are into that ;)