My wife is ready to kick colon cancer out today!

My wife is ready to kick colon cancer out today!

"A Person in a T-Shirt"

You know, I recognize that cancer is a horrible thing to have to deal with, but this trend of uninteresting pictures with a story in the title are starting to irritate me. I have tons of filters to catch certain phrases and auto-hide them, but new ones keep popping up.

Yes, cancer sucks. Yes, OP and his wife are hopeful they can beat cancer.

But I don't think this is the place for "generic woman in comic book character shirt" pictures.

Unfortunately, the mod's stance of "We'll let the community decide what is and isn't worthy of being here" isn't working. If we hid the titles, this picture wouldn't be here. But people see "[X] has [illness/disability]" and the post takes off.

Some back story for everyone. In March my (then) gf (now) wife was diagnosed with stage 3 rectal/colon cancer. She has gone through 2 rounds of chemo and radiation this year. We also got married somewhere in the middle there! Haha. I wouldn't trade this woman for anyone else! Cancer or not!

The nurses gave her the nickname superwoman as she did fantastic! During treatments we had some genetic testing done and discovered that she has Li-Fraumeni Syndrome which increases her chances of having a bunch of other cancers substantially. So today she is not only having whats left of the tumor removed but a complete hysterectomy as well! She will have a temp bag for about 3 months then another surgery to reattach. Double mastectomy to come next year. Cancer sucks and we are fighting it with everything we have! Between us we have 6 kids and a lot to live for!! #fuckcancer #teamjody







There are more cancer related subs, and if nothing else, I hope you can find support and information on them.

Given that my comments seem negative, and the first one kind of turned more into a rant, I just want you to know I hope your wife kicks cancer's ass, and I hope things get better for the both of you.


you're essentially saying with this post that you(or her) just want some positive feedback. "i already got all the likes i could get on FB, better come here to get more."

Also post something more interesting...a generic pic of your wife isnt a worthy picture,

Thank you

Im not saying Im not hoping for good things for you guys. Im saying that you are karma hunting. Your previous comment assured that, whether or not you realize it.

A better picture would've been her, mid treatment, looking like shit and then saying how proud you are. As of now, its just a girl in a wonder woman shirt

It’s dumb that everyone’s picking on you for this post, but saying you don’t expect that from Reddit makes it sound like you’ve never been here before.