My stepmom in a nutshell.....

My stepmom in a nutshell.....

One of my best friends from 10 years ago (at the time I was 25), would come over every 2 days or so, and we had a huge driveway, we could fit 5-6 cars in it and still get around each other.

Well my stepmother one day (after about 4 years of him driving or so) says "Yeah, can you start paying for your parking spot? $20/month." Literally out of the blue one day, it was weird for everyone involved after that.

TLDR: She's crazy.

Nope, he was basically a brother to everyone. He's been on 15+ family vacations with my family.

Tell me more

That's bizarre. Are your friends inconsiderate guests?

You mean, ENHANCE?!

Well my stepmom came home one day and told my cousin (who has lived there a couple of years) they took her cat and gave it away. We never saw the cat again. Cousin broke down for like 5 days after that.

TLDR: She really crazy

Already done broski.

Ugh that sucks. I hope I don't turn crazy in my old age

Oh, we all know bro, we all know.

Well my stepmom sacrificed a cat after this happened. So there's that!

(I wish I was joking)

Get your own place.

Next time you see her tell her I said she can go fuck herself. That's a shit thing to do.

We all know why your dad is with her


Unfortunately no, I remember one time she asked my cousin (cousin lived there too cause of reasons) and our friend what cereal they wanted from the store and she'd get it for them. So she got the cereal then got mad when they ate it a week later.

She's got problems, I've never had a good relationship with her in 20+ years.

Next step: The Goat massacre.

Well, you need to pass the age of misery, that is before you go crazy.

are you sure it wasn't a joke

That link gave me a low level panic attack and I'm 28.

yeaah my parents told me they'd give my cat to an acquaintance for 2 weeks, as long as we were on vacation. they never got my cat back. of course it was all planned but I can't really trust them anymore

He should have paid the $20 then put a shed or structure that takes up at least half the driveway (aka more than one car). lol

Sounds like she may not like your friends parking in the driveway.

is she wicked smaht?

I'd just tell her no and park on the street. Fuck that

Recent college graduates on average stay at their parents house for a year or more to get a good base of savings for renting as well as finding a big kid job

I think he was being an asshole.

"Hey stepmom I barely bother communicating with anymore, this guy on the internet really wanted me to tell you..." oh wait that will never happen.

Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

Is she from Boston?

She has a fantastic cock?

Out of all his dad's options at the time, she had the best tits and ass

Good for you, that's people you know. Most people don't get that.


Lol my dad did that with my cat I had for 12+ years. He couldn't fathom how what he was doing was evil. Crazy people never can.

Fuck, man, that one doesn't even make sense. Is that like the one reddit joke you know and you just have to shoehorn it in every time you see the word "mom?"

She's a fantastic cook?

Sometimes people settle and don't want to go through losing half again.

I have a crazy step mom. My old man just doesn't want to go through another divorce, doesn't want to be alone, doesn't want to date again. Shit, she was the first and only woman he dated after my mom.

Try to spot the red flags early fellas.

I'm going to assume your step mom is really hot for your dad to still be with her. He must be good at blocking out the craziness.

This is why you try not to live with your parents when you're 25

Was it a good space? Should have paid the money, then sublet it out on Craigslist for $30 a month.


This is illegal in some place and in others neighborhood associations threaten to tow people that do this, although I'm not sure how legal that is.

Like does he have a car?

It's my understanding that "Stacy" will DMCA that well known photo of her you see people use of her. OP may have known this already and used Steve instead.

Damn man, how long do your friends stay over?