My steam store just glitched in the best way

My steam store just glitched in the best way

What a crossover. One by one Dwarves are getting picked off in the most hideous of ways en route to the mountain. Also there's lego.

getting picked off by stepping on lego of a serial hobbit

Instead of manically chasing the hobbits down and killing them Jason teams up with golum and leaves small lego pieces on the paths the hobbits take. Causing minor discomfort along the way.

Doctor: I'm sorry, he's gone

Minor? Thats an adventure ending injury there.

Lego the Hobbit: Friday the 13th: The Game

Heh iron defibrillator.

I would play the shit outta that game.

That warms my heart

One ring to rule them all

JSON to find them

Edit - Popular demand.

What lego does to your wallet

Only if you take one to the knee

with knuckles

12 years I've been waiting for this stop sign to turn green!

Thanks for the waking nightmares of kneeling squarely on a LEGO brick.


Dad? Why didn't you come home?

I'm still at the store buying smokes, you wouldn't believe the traffic!

Tell me more about the 90's, grandpa.

Only if there's a Freddy vs Jason lego level at the end.

Kids these days getting electric cars and iPads and such. I was scared to ask my parents for a small box of lego costing €5! Didn't even dare to dream about a box costing more then €200.

And Knuckles

JSON to find them

Dude wtf did you just make that? It's awesome

Imagine a gory lego game? I might actually play that.

The 1%

They are so expensive.


And knuckles

5/5 - Would dismember plastic Hobbitses again

On my eleventh birthday I woke up and had camp starting that day, so I went down stairs to get some things packed. Unfortunately for me, I fell down the stairs into a laundry basket of Legos and blocks. That hurt so badly.

And then a Mexican armada shows up and they shoot to-tomatoe guns.

The sequel is always better

It’s against LEGO’s guiding principles, but I’d love to see some horror/thriller licenses remade in brick. I’d buy all the sets my wallet would allow.

Alien xenomorphs Freddy/Jason/Leatherface Etc etc

I guess there’ll just have to be MOCs to fill that niche.

What would be your insta-buys?

Imagine falling down a giant stairway made out of those sharp lego bricks.

Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry Series

If that were true, how would you still be here to tell the tale?

I call shenanigans.

$3.50 atleast

Who has two irons in their house?

I would pay extremely solid money for this

Alien xenomorphs Freddy/Jason/Leatherface

Now I want a Mortal Kombat Lego game.

403 Forbidden

Not sure about green, but there's a neat trick to make it blue.

Whoa look an Scrooge McDuck here and his diamond crusted iPhone X Apple Pay

I'd play this


It's called: two brothers!

Lego: Friday The 13th Build your own horror movie kids!

We had GULDEN!!

That is how you slow down Jason when he is after you! You have to sacrifice one of your limbs and leave it on the ground and Jason steps on it gets "stunned" and has to stop there and hop on one foot while cussing.

I hope those irons were off for this.

And you better bet your bottom dollar that these two brothers know how to handle business.

Sigh I used to be an adventurer ike you...

And they're both the same irons so you know he bought two at once

Hobbits got them T H I C C feet man, I don't think Lego's gonna do anything.

Steam: "Time for a Lego Steam Sale!"

"No Steam No!"

Steam: "Time for a Lego Steam Sale!"

This JANuary, its time to Michael down your Vincents

Ironically, Vine can't be brought back to life with those.

You just won the Photoshop contest that now exists.

I need to know.

Basically Roblox, right?

I mean, a very specificically designed Roblox game. It already has the whole decapitation and severing of limbs, all you would need to add is the gore. A spooky setting, horrifying sounds and blood effects that actually interact with the models. Then you label it alpha early access, stick $20 price on it and you're good to go. If PewDiePie picks it up then $40.

Game where you play as a time-travelling Sauron who's just suffered the destruction of the Ring and is trying to prevent the whole chain of events that lead to that.

You're a shadow, barely cohesive, weak, confused---the graphics are very chaotic at first and if you step into the light it goes white until you stumble your way back into darkness---but you have found the goblins' lair under the mountains and you know there are dwarves and a hobbit coming this way.

Your goal is to kill Bilbo Baggins, but in your present state you cannot tell which of them is him. The Ring is here somewhere, but your ability to sense it properly has been destroyed by the shock of being severed from it by its destruction in the other timeline. Occasionally you get a flicker of direction.

You can move things, trip people, distract them or direct their attention weakly. Orcs are slightly more susceptible to this. You can see them reasonably clearly. Your quarry on the other hand . . .

Your objective is to kill fourteen small dominion-wrecking nuisances, by whatever horror-movie-esque means come to hand. Luckily this is an orc cave, and there is no shortage of lethal objects and useful tools.

You get stronger and more coherent with every kill; the graphics get clearer and your stats go up, but they gain the ability to sense you as you become more presence than shadow.

Oh, and if any of them escape into the forest you'll have spiders and elves to deal with, and if they get to the Lonely Mountain you'll have Lake-men and a dragon to take into account.

Also, if anybody else kills any of them, you don't get any power from that, and someone else may inherit the ring, either one of the group, or the other killer.

Ring 0 to rule them all And in the DNS BIND them

an extra piece of beard

an extra piece of beard

You don't take advantage of iron BOGOs? Sometimes I'll leave mine out overnight and it spoils so it's always good to have a backup.

What are you, an amateur? He died and got better later.

two identical irons were purchased for this vine. so much dedication. RIP Vine.

Our phones were on the wall, and you could only take them as far as the twistiest, tangliest cord you can imagine would let you. We had five channels on television and none of them had reliable nudity.

I like to imagine a rendition where Sauron was actually Golem. It would be slightly more terrifying and also hilarious


Buttermilk fried chicken sandwich with jalapeno coleslaw on a computer and there are better methods, but its cute nonetheless

Dual-wield irons offer pretty decent DPS at a reasonable price, with much faster attack speed than the slower, two handed ironing board.

But they don't just break apart, a good swing of the axe gets lodged in their head, cracking the plastic and letting out a bunch of single red-colored Legos.

>pull enemy's arm off

>cute animation where they plop it back in

"Omae wa mou shindeiru"

why BOGO iron when you can just mine the ore and smelt it in Edgeville?

With amazing death sounds, oof

Potentially stepping on it with his other foot and falling down.

How long till an iPhone x is in a blender?


What is like being a ghost on reddit?

in Alien Invasion Tomato Monster Mexican Armada Brothers, Who Are Just Regular Brothers, Running In a Van From an Asteroid and All Sorts of Things...The Movie.

But hold on, there's more...


When you're fighting, think about blue stop signs!

Statistically speaking you're more likely to have an actual defibrillator in your house than two clothing irons.

With a mask

Legos. Hurting your wallet worse than your feet.

and featuring Dante from the devil may cry series?

You're the MVP, /u/segosegosego


That reads like a /sub/subredditsimulator title.

Go home Wilders

They'll be like : "NANI?"

Lego Hobbit: Friday the 13th: The Game. Never wanted to play a game so much in my life. Could you imagine ripping lego Bilbo Baggins jaw off in game? It would be spectacular.

Hobbit: Friday the 13th: The Game with Knuckles and Dante from the Devil May Cry Series 2 - Twin Snakes

Old ladies are in the movie, and they are coming after the brothers.

Don't breathe this


That's what really killed him.

How is this not a game :)