My son would only sit still when Husky is casting Starcraft

My son would only sit still when Husky is casting Starcraft

First Foreign SC2 Bonjwa right there. Bored unless SC2 is on and is casted at 300wpm.

I'm almost 30 and I barely understand this shit.

Me neither. I enjoy his videos. He has a lot of love for the game, good humor and he doesn't take himself too seriously.

i don't get the hatred for Husky...

Honestly I hardly ever see Husky hate. People love his youtube stuff, they just don't want Husky scoring a spot that might have got to Nathanias for example.

In decades to come your son will ask you about this photo, "dad" he'll say, "what was that game I was watching" he'll ask, you'll reply "that was starcraft 2 son, way back I saw some amazing things, I saw IdrA beat Boxer, I saw Kiwikaki do crazy things with motherships, I saw mvp dominate wings of liberty, I even remember that one time Combatex almost beat PartinG, I'd spend all day browsing team liquid and reddit, discussing strategy and drama, it was a beautiful time, sure koreans dominated hard but we had our foreign hopes, in their prime IdrA, Stephano and Naniwa could've taken on any korean" you wipe away a single tear for your beloved ded gaem

and your son looks blankly at you before checking you in to an old peoples home because that made little to no fucking sense to him, he then hoverboards into the sunset

directed by M. night Shyamalan!

Perfect, he'll be ready just in time for Starcraft III

Being 7 months old my kid can't tell the difference between pro games and bronze league heroes yet :) He does recognize Husky's unique voice and is curious about the SC2 animation.

So we have to wait for let's say 12 years?

I wonder at how many days old a kid has to be when he finally figures out what he is looking at. When he starts to understand it.

He's a great play-by-play, but he lacks the in-depth knowledge for the analytical stuff.

Put him on with someone who maybe is less entertaining but very knowledgeable and you've got yourself the perfect casters.

Meanwhile Maru was 14 and understood perfectly.

Just people want to pick apart anyone they deem as casual and the fact that if he misses a fight or thing on the map there are 10 thousand sets of eyes that caught it. I mean the guy deserves credit for being accessible and easy to follow which is not something a lot of the caster gods possess. I love some artosis but he expects you to know a lot of things coming into a cast and it is admittedly hard to stay up to date on all the happenings in Korea while having a demanding work schedule and relationships. Not to say folks don't but its a noticeable difference from college and out in the working world.

I miss HD for many the same reasons.

This is awesome!

He's almost 7 months old. Obviously making him watch tv constantly is bad... But occasionally, especially when both me and wife are tired, we sin and let the tv watch our kid :) Also, SC2 specifically happens when I am with him and my wife is getting a rare chance to sleep. So she can't technically tell me anything about it :)

No, that would be you.


Technical alpha for part I of V of SCIII maybe...

well, you seem to fit into his demographic too

I'd like to see TB do proper tournament casting. He's got the voice for it.

how old is he? I have 4 months son and he likes to watch sc2 but my wife shout at me that i should not do this:(

Husky's casting and vods are what got me into watching SC2 :)

"Why I cant I do what my parents do?"

Adults doing stuff that kids can't isn't an unusual concept.

Husky is the doorstep into SC2 for many people. He maintains a focus on fun and that he is very good at. Bronze league heroes and imba league is indeed good fun. And imo tournament organisers could learn a thing or two by him.

Where is the 2v2 leagues? 3v3? Off race pro gamer tournaments? How about one base king and fastest map possible tournaments? Basetrade!!!gief! One day if i get the contacts im paying for a tournament like that.

In 12 years he'll be making a heroic yet disappointing transition to sc3

he's 4 months old, this isn't some case of "Omg hitler parents" that you need to reddit-diagnose bro.

So glad he's back,