My son won a Nintendo Switch. Best day of his life, he says.

My son won a Nintendo Switch. Best day of his life, he says.

haha. Yep kid, it’s all downhill from here.

Take it away and give him the worst. No reason to stop creating personal records.

Congrats little dude, don't get him skyrim! Get him something less addictive, like drugs


What was the contest?

So..he won a Switch for not getting braces?

The contest was at the orthodontist

God I once had an uncle who offered my 9 year old self 4 twenties for my hundred dollar bill after I complained my local corner store wouldn't change it. I took the deal and my immediately told my parents how he helped solve my problem and they told me he ripped me off. I went back and he just said "life lesson: A deals a deal". And that's how my asshole uncle earned a quick 20 bucks.

Kids aren't able to comprehend this sort of thing as well as adults and it has nothing to do with life lessons or knoweldge but simple brain development.

Your uncle was just a pure asshole, kick him in the gnads for me.

“Now stand right there for daddy so he can get his Reddit karma.”

He's just a kid, let him play Mario. He'll have the rest of his life to rage post about F2P games and be 'F2P BTW'.

like taking money from a baby

Offer him 60 dollars in singles for it.

lucky little shit. i'm positively green right now.

Wait till you tell him that the games cost $60 and he's on his own.

Seriously though, congrats to him. :)

So far.

Aww, it’s just how he’s holding the box. His arms are normal sized.

All I got was crooked teeth

Ok Yoda