My small town car wash.

My small town car wash.

That's the car wash in my home town of London Kentucky.

Do not appear eager young grasshopper you have yet to rinse your sponge

That smothered burrito sounds delicious.

I hate to hear that, BigBlackLegs. Both my mother and grandmother died during the holiday season some years ago, so I definitely care and empathize.

Oh, in that case, go fuck yourself.

Can confirm, also live in London.

That's .05% of the town's population right there. How does that make you feel?

You have a Walgreens, a Taco Bell, car wash, and a bank? That my friend is not a small town.

It makes me feel like I need to live in a bigger city with more going on then talking about a car wash.....

Maybe if you took one minute to understand his question, you would know that he wasn't talking about London, England, but London, Kentucky. I agree with the statement that it should be an easy search, but don't be so hostile to someone you only know from fourteen words.